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I promise I will STOP worrying!

Thank you for all of your encouraging comments! I am not going to worry about it too much anymore. I had a successful week of training so far, now for a 3.5 to 4 hour run this weekend and then I am off to my sister's wedding!
Although there is a distinct possibility that my family will drive me insane while I am at home, I am looking forward to the break, and definitely to the big day! I should not have a problem continuing training, although I will not be able to fit in a long run next weekend, (its an off week anyway so that's fine). I plan on exploring some local trails too which should be fun!
Other than that there is not much to report except Ernesto has given us a break from the heat so my long run should be fairly pleasant tomorrow.
I would love to explore new trails, I was looking at a great website www.sctrails.net , and found a couple of good ones within an our or 2 away. I may try them after the wedding, I just won't have time on the weekends till then.
Now time to get some actual work done, Happy Running!


If your family starts to drive you insane, put on your running gear and go! There's no better excuse to get away! Have fun!

You've changed page? Haven't been here awhile...
Yep, stop worrying and think positive. Get excited. Taper feels good just about now - for me too!

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