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An surprising "marathon" report

I apologize for my long unexpected absence. My different "marathon" report is....
I found out as my marathon training peaked and was beginning my taper! I started feeling really sick, of course missed my period, and two home pregnancy tests and a doctor's visit later = I'm expecting!
Unfortunately, this did NOT allow me to run my marathon. Although running is safe for pregnancy, the morning sickness was really getting me down. I am so tired and nauseaus I just couldn't fuel or rest properly. My doctor and I decided it was best to forgo the marathon untiil after the baby since it would be stressful for a first pregnancy and I couldn't expect a very good performance anyway with how I was feeling.
So although it is very unexpected and unplanned my husband and I are thrilled and couldn't be happier! I am due May 7th and people are already betting on birthdays and the gender (we should find out in december!)
I am still keeping up a fitness program of course but am doing a bit more cross training and less intense. Again, the nauseau and fatigue are getting me down right now but I am still managing to work out at least 4 days a week. I have been doing light running, walking with weights and some cardio (bike and ellipitcal).
I have also been told that my marathon training has made me nice and strong for pregnancy and should help me have increased stamina for what I plan to be a natrual childbirth! Yay for running!
Anyways, there is the big news and why I have not been around so much. I wanted to wait to tell people but know the minute I got online I would not be able to contain myself! I will still be following everybody's blog and running - more on that later on what will hopefully be a more regularly updated blog!


Congratulations Turnip, sounds like you are enjoying a lot this stage, (despite nauseau and fatigue, nothing you will not handle)
Great you continue with your traning. Fortunately there are many marathons close to you ahead!

Congratulations to you and your husband! You understand, don't you, that you haven't just embarked on a different "marathon"? You've begun an "ULTRA"!


Wow! Congratulations! Little did you know your marathon training was to get in shape for your pregnancy :)

Woo Hoo, yea, Congratulations. How exciting. Hope you do feel better though. Take care of yourself! Have a bowl of ice cream to celebrate!!!

OMG, you are pregnant!!! Congratulations to you! Marathons will not go anywhere, take care of yourself!!!
I went into RDL100 thinking I might be pregnant (though not feeling any of ill effects) - it turned out I hit menopause:) Your cause is much more wonderful!

That's awesome!!!! And that's great that you are continuing with what feels right.

The marathons will be there waiting for you, and now you will have one more fan to cheer you on!!!

greetings again from the HILLS of snowy Montana...

Congrats, congrats ultra mom!! THe true ultra begins...

happy trails

greetings again from the HILLS of snowy Montana...

Congrats, congrats ultra mom!! THe true ultra begins...

happy trails

Congrats on the Little One!!!!!!

I was wondering how you were doing! Glad your absence was for a happy reason. Congrats!

Congratulations. What a great reason for missing the marathon! Can't wait to hear pregnancy and running updates.

This is awesome news! You can start your own consulting business - marathon training for benefits of a safe and happy pregnancy! All you need is a doctor to endorse it!

Seriously, congrats. Awesome news.


You must keep blogging through the upcoming months.

Hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months!!

Congratulations - how exciting for you! I'm interested to know how the pregnant running goes :)

Best wishes and keep us posted!

Congratulations . . . boy am I behind on my lurking!!!!

Umm, I had accidental natural child birth . . . and let me just say that I love drugs.


Congrats! That's exciting news!


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That's wonderful news. Congratulations!

Congratulations! My pregnancy ended my marathon training too (I went back to training 6 weeks post-partum). I don't regret that decision one bit.

Congratulations again and I hope your morning sickness subsides soon!

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