6 miles

Running report: 6 miles (55:34). 14 degrees, felt like 0, 12 mph wind, sunny. Same route as Tuesday, except I ran the 2 miles on the trail at the beginning instead of the end. There has been some drift on the trail, but most of the snow has been packed down in weird patterns. So the footing wasn't that great, and it kind of tired my legs. I felt kind of sluggish and tired. Part of me wants to take tomorrow off, run long on Sat and XT on Sunday. But the Engineer's parents might be coming up this weekend, and they might be staying with us. That would make exercising on Sunday kind of hard (the basement serves as our "guest room" and that's where the elliptical is). Another part of me wants to run long tomorrow, so that the Engineer and I can go out to dinner and I can eat whatever I want without worrying about it affecting my run the next day. We don't really plan to do anything special for Valentines, since I think it's a stupid holiday. Going out to eat would be nice, though, since we never go out to eat. We thought Friday would be a better night, since everything will be packed on Saturday night.