I love Target

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I think I've mentioned my love for Target before. I made 2 recent purchases there that I love and want to share.

The first is a Rubbermaid cereal container. The reason this thing is awesome is that the lid is a measuring cup. This will make measuring out my Kashi Go Lean Crunch so much easier.

The second thing are my new running socks. Most of my socks are ankle height (I cannot remember what the term is for that - crew? They aren't anklets) because most of my running has been during the summer, and I hate getting sock tanlines. These socks are not good for winter because they are too short. Quarter socks are better because I can pull them over my tights and they help keep the ends of the tights from creeping up (exposing skin). I have a few pairs of quarter socks, but it's been a pain trying to find them in my drawer. Since I'll probably be wearing tights through March, if not April, I decided I should get some more. I found a 6 pack of CoolMax ProSpirit socks for $7.99. I think that's a pretty good deal, especially considering the Nike socks I love are $3.99/pair. Anyway, I've worn these socks the last 2 days and they are really nice. Very comfortable, and my tights have been staying put.

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