Long Run

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Running report: 10.1 miles (94:32). 16 degrees, felt like 0, 17 mph wind, sunny. The sun has been out the last couple of days, which is helping the snow melt/evaporate. The trail still has a snow covering, but it's pretty packed down, and the pavement peeked through in several spots. The shoulders of the roads were mostly clear, too. I did have a 2 mile sidewalk section, though, and there were some icy portions where I had to be pretty careful. Run went ok ... stomach was kind of sloshy during the first two miles and I felt kind of hungry during the last mile. I think that means I drank too much water before running, and that I didn't eat enough beforehand. I guess it's time to switch my pre-long run breakfast from balance bar to oatmeal.

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