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Back down to 116.2. I ate more this week (every day was over 1800, a few were over 1900) and my mileage increased. I think at this point I don't need to count calories, but I probably still will. There is something about using FitDay that I really like. I do like tracking things - in addition to writing about exercise here, I also keep a paper running log, an excel running/exercise log, and a weight-lifting log. So it's not that surprising to me that I'd find logging food interesting, too. One good thing about logging is that it forces me to make sure I get enough protein. The books I've read have said that I need to have a higher protein intake than the RDA (or is it RDI?) because of running, and as marathon training progresses it will become even more important. Tracking my protein intake has led me to pay more attention to labels and such and from that I've made some small changes that have really added up.

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