Winter Heat Wave

The "heat wave" continues! It's currently 21 degrees, and the weather channel claims it might even get up to 25. I still cannot get over what temperatures I now consider to be warm. I am the biggest wuss about cold (our house temperature is set at 73 because I get too cold otherwise), so it feels foreign to consider temperatures below freezing "warm." I talked to my mom the other night about the temperatures, and I think she was amused by this, too.

I am not going outside, today, however. I have decided to use today as a cross-training day so I can sleep in on one of the weekend days. I'm hoping to do my long run tomorrow morning, since the forecast indicates it will be nicer than Sunday. But it is snowing a little today, so I guess I'll have to see how much sticks. I'm planning on running a combination of roads, trail and bike path. It took them a day or two to get the bike paths cleared off last time, so if we get a lot of snow today I doubt that the paths will be clear tomorrow. I never did call Parks & Rec, but from driving around town I think I've figured out the bike path/snow removal situation. It appears that the "official" bike paths are what gets cleared; the paths I am considering to be official are the ones that have mile markers on them. The bike path that I had been doing my long runs on doesn't have mile markers, so I guess that it is not a part of the city's official bike path system.

Time to head downstairs to workout. I need to figure out if I want to do an interval/hill program or just the regular HR Cardio program. If I do the cardio, I can watch TiVo. If I do the interval/hill ones, I can't watch TiVo because I have too pay close attention to the display. The hill and interval programs change your heart rate target, but since the machine doesn't beep at you when they change, you have to pay pretty close attention to notice it.