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Not much to write about today. I finally moved all the archives over from Blogger, and just need to fix a few old posts where the picture links were broken. I had to create titles for the old posts, and most of them are pretty lame. I'm not very good at coming up with titles anyway, much less for posts almost 6 months old. One thing I really like about the setup here so far is that I get my comments e-mailed to me. Aside from it being nice to be notified of new comments, it makes replying via e-mail a lot easier if I want to reply that way.

My run this morning was decent again, although I didn't run negative. I can't really explain the increased pace of this week, but I know it didn't feel at all hard today. My breathing was relaxed for the whole run. The return trip was slightly harder, but that's because it's uphill. It still felt mostly easy, though. I turned the auto-lap feature back on, since I knew I wouldn't have any stops and there wouldn't be any mis-measurements since I ran under completely open sky. The balls of my feet felt a little sore today. I think I need new shoes, and should probably look into getting some inserts with metatarsal pads.

55 degrees | wind 13 MPH | 88% humidity
1.0 | 8:53
2.0 | 9:02 | 17:56
3.0 | 8:54 | 26:51
3.05 miles | 27:15 | 8:56/mi.

weights | upper body | 30:00

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