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I went out to run on the bike path today. The annoying thing was that I had to stop at the gas station first - my car was pretty close to empty and one of my tires was really low on air. I would've stopped at the gas station after work last night, but I didn't have my credit cards with me or my phone so I could call the Engineer. So I had to go this morning, which added a bunch of time to my trip out to the park. The bad thing about that was that it was then close to 10 AM when I actually got running.

My legs felt fine, and I didn't have any pain problems (or warnings that it was going to happen again). I ran on the right side of the bike path, so my right leg was the "lower leg" in the areas where the path is slanted. The odd thing is that I felt like I was running much faster than I actually was. Not that it was hard, just that my pace should've been faster than what it actually was. I don't know if that's because it was my first run in 8 days, or because of the heat/humidity (I've been working out in the air conditioned basement, so I haven't been dealing with outside conditions lately). Not a huge deal, and not something I'm worried about, just something I noticed and thought was kind of weird.

low 70s | wind 12 MPH | ~80% humidity
3.05 miles | 28:40 | 9:24/mi.

weights | upper body | 30:00

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