Busy Busy Week

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This week has been so busy, what with the two jobs and all. I worked at job #2 on Tuesday from 9-5:30 and Thursday and Friday from 7-3:30. I worked at job #1 Monday, Wednesday (11:30-5) and Thursday (5:30-10). I have to work there this afternoon/night, too. I'm not completely sure that I'll be working there again. I talked with my manager on Wednesday to make sure she didn't think I misled them when I applied, and she said she didn't think that at all. But I'm still not sure if they want to keep me around for Saturdays.

My running this week has been pretty crappy. I'm hoping it's just because I've been really tired all week. My pace has been slower, but I didn't feel like I was running slower. I've been kind of frustrated with a lot of things related to running, and the slower pace of Tuesday and Wednesday doesn't help things at all. There's more to write about on that subject, but it will have to wait.

68 degrees | wind 5 MPH | 100% humidity | very foggy
3.05 miles | 29:01 | 9:30/mi.

69 degrees | wind 10 MPH | 93% humidity
4.06 miles | 38:44 | 9:33/mi.

weight lifting | upper body | 28:00

Thursday and Friday
inactive rest. Thursday there wasn't enough time to exercise, unless I wanted to get up at 5 AM. Friday, I took the day off to rest for today.

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