Cross-training day

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I decided to go downstairs and cross-train on the elliptical today, as I don't think running 4 days in a row is a good idea right now. I used the random program, and it was a pretty decent workout. My heart rate stayed above 140 for most of the workout, which was good. On some of the higher intervals, however, my heart climbed to 176 and I had to slow down so that it would go back down. I didn't mean to work quite that hard. Also, it turns out that the random program doesn't have a built-in cool down, but pushes you into the 5 minute cool down once your time is up. I need to remember which programs do that so I can get my timing right.

elliptical | 30:00 random level 16/5:00 CD | 2.24 miles | 523 cal.

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