Feeling a little more "back" today ...

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Once again, I got a late start to my morning. I slept about an hour and a half later than I had expected, but that's probably because I also stayed up later than planned. I headed for bed at a decent time last night, but the process of getting ready for bed caused me to not feel very sleepy. So I decided to watch the last half hour of Thursday's soap. I should've gone to bed after that, but I decided to watch Friday's episode, too. So I slept a little long today. My morning also started late because I noticed that the Engineer's laundry basket was overflowing, so I decided to start doing laundry.

While sorting the laundry, I started thinking about how old my sports bras are (of the ones I like, the newest is 2 years old). I had some slight discomfort while running on Friday, which was probably from the sports bras (although I guess it could've been hormonal, but I don't place a lot of stock in that). A lot of magazines say to replace them every year (or 9 months, something like that) because they lose their elasticity. I don't know about replacing them every year, but I do think a lot of mine have lost some elasticity so the magazines may be onto something. Add my slightly smaller chest to the mix and I've got some ill-fitting sports bras. I guess finding new ones will be my mission for the rest of the year. When I next go to the running store (sometime later this month), I'll have to spend more time looking at them. I wasn't overly impressed the last time I was there, though. An annoying thing is that I see some in the Altheta or Title 9 catalogs that look like they could be decent - but I don't like ordering stuff online without having a chance to try it on in person first. I don't normally have a problem returning stuff, but when it involves shipping it becomes a big pain.


I finally got out the door around 10:30. Luckily, it's overcast today so it wasn't that hot. It did feel kind of muggy, though. But I had a decent 3 mile trek through the neighborhood. My legs felt okay, aside from some slight acheyness in the right knee. I am not worried about that, though, because I've always had times where the right knee feels achy. I think it's because I run pretty much only on pavement, and that makes knees grouchy sometimes. But anyway, I ran negative splits, with the last two miles being well below 9 mpm. And it didn't feel too hard, so that's a really good sign. So I'm feeling more on the road back to where I was before the marathon, although I honestly have no idea what to do about training for TCM. I was planning on using Pfitzinger's 12 week plan starting next week, but considering it starts at 35 miles/week with a 13 mile long run, it's out of the question. I'll have to poke around Higdon's site and see if I can modify one of his plans.

68 degrees | wind 12 MPH | humidity 84%
3.01 miles | 26:26 | 8:46/mi.

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