HRM Run #2

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Forgot to post yesterday, because it ended up being a pretty busy day. I continued on my quest to get up earlier, and got up at 7 and went downstairs to weight lift. I had decided not to run or use the elliptical so as to give my legs a rest. I think it helped because my calf was noticeably less sore yesterday and fine today. I then headed up to the Twin Cities/suburbs to run some errands, which ended up taking almost the entire day (at least it felt like it did).

The first order of business was a trip to the running store. I was hoping that a new pair of shoes would help alleviate some of the problems I've been having. While my shoes don't have a lot of miles on them (not even 200), I thought it was possible that I had worn them down in weird places. That's not such an odd concept ... In 2002, I was wearing Structure Triaxes and they were working well for me. But during/after the Chicago Marathon, something weird happened and I started wearing out the outer heel on my right foot and having a lot of back heel pain. We don't know if I just got a bad shoe, or if my wear pattern changed or what. But I got put in a new shoe model and everything was all good.

Before looking at the shoes, though, I wanted to look at the clothing section. I tried on maybe 10 different sports bras, before deciding on two. I got this Sugoi, and this Brooks, both in blue. I also picked up a new pair of shorts. I then headed over to the shoe section.

Ugh. I am not pleased with my shoe shopping experience yesterday. The guy that normally helps me wasn't there yesterday, so I had a different guy. And while he seemed perfectly nice, I don't know that he had much experience. He didn't really ask me any questions (like how much mileage I do, what I'm training for), and didn't really look at my old shoes until I specifically asked a question. I tried on a bunch of different shoes, but most were too big in the heel. I don't have a narrow foot, but my heel is on the narrow side. One reason I've ended up with so many Nikes is because they have narrower heels. The guy tried to put me in a narrow Nike, but it was so uncomfortable just putting it on that it wasn't an option. I finally ended up just going with another pair of Pegasus, hoping that it isn't the shoes that are the problem. I think the new colors are pretty ugly, however. The picture doesn't show it very well, but there is a lot of SHINY silver on the new shoe. I'll be looking forward to this pair dying so I can replace them with something hopefully less shiny.

After finishing at the running store, I then attempted to take care of an exchange at the mall. The Mall of America was the closest mall that I knew of, so I went there. They didn't have what I wanted, so I headed to another mall. That mall also didn't have what I wanted, so I was kind of annoyed. I was also really hungry, because I stupidly didn't bring a snack with me and had no cash to buy something. So I was driving home, kind of frustrated when I spotted the REI store. I've never been to a REI, but I've heard they are pretty cool. I decided to stop there, because I had a feeling they would sell Balance Bars/Power Bars, and I also wanted to look for a splash guard for my water bottle. I ended up getting some Clif Z Bars (chocolate brownie), which were kind of decent. I also found the splash guards, although they don't fit my bottle.

I'm running out of time, so I'll move onto this morning. I got up even earlier than yesterday, because I have an appointment at 9. I decided to strap on the HRM and run the 3ish mile route in the neighborhood. I have to say that I liked the early morning temperatures. I noticed that my heart rate stayed in the low 150s (even getting down to 146 at one point) when I was running on flat surfaces or downhill. But on the uphills, where I increased my effort, it climbed into the 160s and 170s. Of course, this is a completely inaccurate reporting, since my HRM has a low/no-frills watch. Basically, it has a stopwatch and it displays the heart rate. There aren't any lap/split buttons, nor can it recall my heart rate or display the max or average. So for me to actually know what my heart rate is doing during my run, I have to basically stare at my watch. Not always the easiest thing to do.

I did do a little bit of reading about heart rate zones, and found some interesting links that I'll have to come back to post. I did find something interesting on Marathon Guide - it said that the formula for women is (226-age) not (220-age). So using that formula puts my theoretical max at 201. And if I use some formulas that take resting heart rate into account, I think I found that my easy pace can be in the 150 bpm range. I'll have to re-read those articles, though.

weight lifting | upper body | 29:00


3 miles | 27:49 | 9:16/mi.

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Thu 7/15/2004 2:19 PM

I love shopping :)

I need new shoes too.

Thu 7/15/2004 4:13 PM

Formula's are hooey! Here's how I advise you establish your mhr.

1)Warm up run for 20 minutes with a gradual build up of speed.
2)Approach LONG hill with great anticipation/fear.
3)Run hard and build speed up hill for 400 meters.
4)Run full out 100% until almost puking and hold for 50 to 100 meters or as long as you can till you reach a point where the bloody monitor simply not climb another beat.
5) Before puking and or suffering cardiac arrest, make sure to note heart rate.
6) Fall down on ground.

Or you could go to a testing facility where they will charge $100 to make you do roughly the same thing under "controlled conditions"!!!


Have fun with it Marisa!

Fri 7/16/2004 10:36 AM

And actually, I've seen more than one who knows which one is most accurate. Believe it or not, Mark is right on with his suggestion to test yourself for your MHR. And please be sure to "Fall down on ground." If you skip that step, the test results will not be accurate.