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In my post this morning, I said I'd wanted to rest yesterday for today but didn't say what today was. Today was the Women's Race 4 Mile Run, which I'd been thinking about running. Aside from being too busy to post this week, I didn't make a big deal of running my first race-post injury because I wasn't sure how serious I'd be able to take the race. I've been feeling kind of down in the dumps lately, as I feel like my hard-earned endurance and speed are both shot. So a short race seemed like a good way to either make myself feel a lot better or prove myself right.

I need to type a real report, but here's the details for now:

Women's Race
4 Mile Run
July 24, 2004

1.0 | 7:06
2.0 | 7:29 | 14:36
3.0 | 6:39 | 21:15
4.0 | 7:32 | 28:48

Watch Time: 28:48
Official Time: 28:50

6th place Overall
1st place 25-29 age group

I think miles 3 and 4 are off a little, because 1) I doubt that I ran a 6:40 3rd mile and 2) I honestly feel like I ran the 4th mile harder than the 3rd, especially towards the end.

I spent most of the last mile mentally composing a post about my triumphant return to racing, as I knew I was going to come close to my 7 year old 4 mile PR (28:36). Unfortunately, I missed breaking it by 12 seconds.

And because it doesn't seem like I can have something good without something bad ... there is a chance that running a race (even such a short one) post-injury was a bad idea. I felt fine during the race, aside from the normal leg heaviness that comes from working hard. But once I started to do my cooldown, I started getting those twinges and pains from the injury. I cut my cooldown short, and got one of the nice volunteers to give me a makeshift ice bag. I sat with ice on it while waiting for the awards. Stupid leg! If it still hurts tomorrow when I go for a run, I'm going to have to look into getting an actual real specialist (maybe even one from the Clinic) to look at it, because I doubt my doctor will find/do anything.

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Sun 7/25/2004 7:37 AM

Injury aside, you were smokin'! Those splits are amazing to me. Great job!

Now let's just hope your leg was just complaining from the exertion and everything is ok!

Sun 7/25/2004 9:41 AM

Wow, what a comeback. I hope those twinges were just complaints, too, as Dianna said. Great job.

Sun 7/25/2004 10:12 PM

Ya. You really were SMOKIN' Marisa!!! Hopefully, the pain is not for long.