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Monthly Report: September

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Running: 111.37 miles | 16:14:00
President's Challenge points: 10372 | 134297 total

Lazy lazy

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I am so freaking lazy lately. I have been running (check the training log summary from the sidebar if you want to see the details), but have been too lazy to blog. (Last week, I was also too lazy to run 5 days, which is why I only did 4). Thank you everyone for the comments and compliments. I may not be posting a lot lately, but I do always appreciate the responses. I'll try to post a better update over the weekend.

Training Week: September 20 - 26, 2004

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Running: 26.28 miles | 3:52:33
President's Challenge: 2386 points | 133230 points total


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I neglected to mention something fairly important that happened last week: During the cross country race, I passed the 1000 mile mark for the year. I haven't crossed that mark since 1996, so it's kind of exciting.

Training Week: September 13 - 19, 2004

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Running: 3:10:03 | 23.89 miles
President's Challenge: 2301 points | 130844 points total

New Shoes!

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I went out for my long run/recovery run this morning. It was kind of a decent day, weather-wise. My legs felt a little better, but my right foot was still a little sore. I went out to the bike paths with the goal of running 5-10 miles, depending on how I felt. I almost went for the full 10, but decided to end at 9 because I was feeling kind of tired (go figure). Not much of interest happened during the run, aside from the mud. I think I mentioned that we had a lot of rain last week which resulted in some flooding. The bike paths I run along follow the river, and I think it flooded over some parts of the path because there were a lot of spots with dried mud.

Stride For Fitness 10K

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The streak continues ...

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I'll type up a real report later, but my hardware collecting streak continued at today's 10K. I was the 4th woman, and won my age group (the 2nd place woman was also in my group, but this race didn't allow "double-dipping"). I was still kind of sore from Thursday, so it was a tough run for me. I had a moron moment at mile 1 I hit the stop button instead of hitting the lap button. I re-started my watch at mile 2, and I should be able to figure out my splits. Official time was 47:09. (Side note for Richard: on Thursday, I think I finished ahead of the guy that walked part of the hill. However, he showed up today, too, and beat me by 2:13, so maybe he was just being smart and saving some for this race). I'm kind of ambivalent about the race. I wanted to run faster, but my legs were just too tired from Thursday. I do think that 47:09 is pretty decent under those conditions, and I think I might have a chance to PR at the race on 10/30, since I won't have raced 2 days prior and might mini-taper. I'll write more later.

Mayo Cross Country 5K

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Today I ran the open race of the Mayo Cross Country Invitational. There was no entry fee, and the only prize was track club Grand Prix points. I wanted to run a cross country race since I loved xc in high school, and needed the points since I missed so many races due to my dumb leg. I got there a little late, so I only saw a bit of the varsity boys race. (On a side note, apparently in MN the girls don't race the same distance as the boys. I think that's stupid).

I got registered, and had a chance to talk with the man in charge about the Grand Prix points. I've been checking the stats for the past couple of months, and I have yet to show up on the list. And with my 2 age group placements in GP races, I should be on the list. He made a note to himself to fix that, which was great since it saved me from having to send an e-mail. I'm pretty sure what happened is that I joined the track club last year under my maiden name, and didn't renew with my married name until June. So when I raced in April and May, I wasn't listed on the track club membership list.

Anyway. I ran about a mile warmup, and then pinned my number on while stretching. A man was there with his son (maybe 8-10 years old?) and they asked me if you had to register for the race. I said that you were supposed to, but then clarified for them that there wasn't an entry fee or anything. The dad had asked someone about the open race, but they didn't know anything. He said his son wouldn't be in anyone's way, he just wanted to run. I said I doubted that they'd remove him from the race, especially since he just wanted a chance to run. I just couldn't see the track club turning away someone who wanted to run. I hoped I'd have a chance to point out the RD to them, but I didn't. But the son lined up, and I saw him at the end, so I think I was right that it was okay he wasn't registered. (I bet they'd be able to add him to the list at the end anyway).

While waiting at the start, I also talked with a girl that appeared to be around my age. She's also doing the Stride for Fitness race, and I found out she's doing Twin Cities. Interestingly enough, she has had my exact same weird leg pain! The difference is that she went to the Clinic, and was told that it was ... oh, crap, I can't remember the word ... but basically she had ITB and the pain was showing up there instead. That kind of fits with something I read in one of my books, as my pain was kind of in the tibial area. It was just kind of nice to hear someone else had that problem, too.

Onto the race ... well, I executed some very piss poor race strategy. I took off way, way too fast. My Forerunner pace display (which isn't always totally accurate) showed 5:20 at one point. I was passed my several guys fairly quickly, since I had taken off too fast. And I started really regretting that about a half a mile into the race, as my breathing was too quick, too soon. The course was also hillier than I expected, which made things hard. Also hard was the surface. The ground wasn't too mushy considering all the rain, but it was really uneven. After the race, it was my feet that hurt the most, actually. I tried to push things, but I really faded during the second mile. My throat felt really dry, and I almost wished for a water stop. The last mile featured a long hill, which kind of sucked. A guy in front of me walked a portion of the hill, actually. Once we got off the hill, I knew there was a little over a half mile left so I tried to pick it up a little. I tried lengthening my stride, but it was really hard with the terrain. I felt like my feet and ankles were rolling all over the place. I passed two guys, but then they blew by me right before the finish (not because I was fading).

Upon finishing, I was dying for some water. But since this was a no fee race, there wasn't anything at the finish line. I asked a few people if they knew about a water fountain, but was told there either wasn't one or people didn't know. So I started my cooldown, heading back to my car to get my water bottle. I think I might have drank half the bottle before resuming my cooldown.

Note: they told us that the course had been cut a little short because of the rain. I'm still calling this a 5K, because I felt like I ran full one. (GPS called it 3.08, which is pretty close anyway).

In conclusion, cross country races are hard.

1 | 6:45
2 | 7:20 | 14:05
3 | 7:18 | 21:24
5K | 21:55

wu: 1 mile | 9:17
cd: 1 mile | 9:45

Weather Woes

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The weather for the past two days was kind of crappy. It rained all day on Tuesday, but had kind of slowed by the time I got home from work. I got dressed to run, and was about to head out when I heard thunder. The last time I tried to run in a thunderstorm was a disaster, so I figured I'd eat a snack and see if the weather got better. It didn't, as it actually rained more. A lot of places around here flooded, actually - several schools in the area closed because of that.

Yesterday, it again rained for most of the day. It wasn't raining when I went to work; I did get to drive through a gigantic puddle where the road in front of work dipped kind of low. Some guy's car died right in front of work after he drove through the water. Anyway, by the time I left work, we were under a tornado watch and it was pretty gusty. I decided to go out for a short run anyway. The clouds didn't look too threatening, and I wasn't planning on going far enough that I wouldn't be able to get back home on the very off chance that a tornado formed. The wind made for a crappy run, though. The first mile, I had the wind on my back, so it pushed me too hard (and I got a cramp). Then I got to run into it, and it sucked. So I cut the run short because it was tiring me out. And since I planned on racing today, I didn't want to get too tired; I mainly just wanted to stretch my legs a little after resting for two days.

69 degrees | 21 MPH w/ gusts to 32 MPH

1 | 8:31
2 | 8:47 | 17:19
2.52 miles | 21:51 | 8:41/mi.

Training Week: September 6 - 12, 2004

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Running: 26.10 miles | 3:51:28
President's Challenge: 2436 points | 128543 points total

Real brief update

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Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted. I've been pretty unmotivated in the blogging area lately; don't really know why. Not much to share right now, but I did finally update my training log summary, so you can see what I've been up to, running-wise. There were a couple of really nasty (for MN) hot days, and I had 2 days at the end of last week where my legs didn't really want to go. I took an extra rest day this week, and I think it helped some.

My run yesterday was a giant comedy of dumbness. I'd intended to do my long run yesterday, but took awhile to get out of the house. Then I drove out to the lake and saw there was some gigantic walkathon going on (hundreds of people on the narrow paths), but I figured I'd just run away from the lake to avoid it. Then I turned on my watch and discovered that not only had I not charged it, but it had no battery life left. Since I was near the (marked) bike paths, I wasn't too concerned about not being able to measure the distance, but the lack of time measurement bothered me. So I drove back home to get my normal running watch. I then headed over to the bike paths about 2 miles away from the lake. I started running, and just really didn't feel it. It was also 11:30 by this point (I think it was probably 10:30 when I left originally), and I didn't really want to run for close to 2 hours in the hot midday sun. So I decided to bag it early to do my long run today.

Today went much better. I ended up running from the same spot as yesterday, but headed in a different direction. I ended up running over a lot of the first half of the marathon course; I haven't been out there since then. It was warm, but not too bad. There were a lot of people out, which always makes me feel better when I run in the woods. I picked it up towards the end, but then the last mile just sucked. My legs just all of a sudden felt real heavy and kind of crampy. They had been okay up until that point (I did have some odd stomach cramping in the middle, though). I was pretty thirsty once I got back to my car. I downed almost my entire liter of water, along with my RRS. I also stopped at the Big K across the street to get some Powerade before driving home. I think the people at Big K were confused by my super sweaty appearance (I did put a shirt on before going into the store) and red face, and probably by my taking the shirt off and changing my running shoes for flip flops in the parking lot before going home. I really didn't care.

Okay, so that wasn't as brief as I thought. I'll try to be better about updating, even if it's just a report about what I ran. I'm 90% positive I'm running a cross country 5K on Thursday, but I'm trying to decide if it would be a bad idea to also run a 10K on Saturday. I'm leaning towards it being a bad idea, if I'm going to attempt to race the 5K and would also want to race the 10K. That seems like a lot to ask my legs to do.

Running: 28.11 miles | 4:05:58
President's Challenge: 2537 points