New Shoes!

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I went out for my long run/recovery run this morning. It was kind of a decent day, weather-wise. My legs felt a little better, but my right foot was still a little sore. I went out to the bike paths with the goal of running 5-10 miles, depending on how I felt. I almost went for the full 10, but decided to end at 9 because I was feeling kind of tired (go figure). Not much of interest happened during the run, aside from the mud. I think I mentioned that we had a lot of rain last week which resulted in some flooding. The bike paths I run along follow the river, and I think it flooded over some parts of the path because there were a lot of spots with dried mud.

65-73 degrees | 15 MPH
1 | 9:10
2 | 9:06 | 18:16
3 | 9:00 | 27:17
4 | 9:01 | 36:18
5 | 8:50 | 45:09
6 | 8:56 | 54:05
7 | 8:59 | 63:05
8 | 8:58 | 72:04
9 | 8:59 | 81:03

So I finally got around to going to the running store today. I found a shirt I liked, but they didn't have my size. I then found some socks, while waiting for help with shoes. We started out looking at shoes other than my Pegasus (I'm on my 4th pair of the year), but it didn't seem to be going well because of my narrow heel. And then success!

It's not that I didn't like the Pegasus, but I'm looking forward to having something new to wear. Oh, and look what else followed me home:

I've been thinking about race flats for awhile, and decided after Thursday that I really wanted a new pair (my shoes felt really heavy and clunky). I still have my old flats (the DS Racer III, I think), but my feet are a half a size bigger now. I felt so speedy running down the sidewalk outside the store. Now I must find a race to test them out.

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