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Lazy Blogger, Tired Runner

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Argh ... I've let another week go by without posting. I don't know why I'm having so many issues keeping this blog updated. I am sad to see that whatever it is, it seems to be going around the RBF. I need to get better about this.

Training Week: November 1 - 7

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Running: 4:47:38 | 32.05 miles
Walking: 0:09:04 | 0.50 miles
President's Challenge: 3143 points | 147344 points total

Ugh ....

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Thanks, Dianna! While cleaning yesterday, I found an article that describes the race better and I think I'll probably edit my race report to include the article's description. I'm now not racing again until February at the earliest, and that makes me a little sad. I might be able to find something on a weekend when I'm visiting my parents, but I haven't seen anything yet.

My title today is in reference to yesterday's run. I intended to get back here to type about it, but I was seriously wiped out. I had a 13 mile run planned, but I was feeling too wussy to go outside where it was cold and windy. So I decided to just run on my treadmill. I didn't think it would be too bad - I'd have my water bottle and could make a dent in my backlog of soaps. I also dragged a second fan over to help with keeping me cool. I ended up pausing the 'mill at 6 miles, however, because it was still too hot. I opened up 2 windows, and having the 40 degree wind blow through helped a lot. But I still had a little over an hour more to go, and it sucked. I thought about stopping around 9.5 miles, when I paused again to re-fill my water bottle. I decided to just drop the speed a little and see if I felt better. My chest had started getting tight; I temporarily put the heart rate strap on and saw my heart rate wasn't too high, but the strap felt really constricting.

I was pretty happy when I finally reached the end, but I did make sure to walk a quarter-mile cool down. Even though I really wanted to just sit down, I thought it would be a bad idea to go from running to sitting. While stretching, I started getting really cold. I added a sweatshirt, but my legs were still cold. I also started feeling really crappy, so I decided to lay down on the floor and finish watching my show. I started to feel better maybe an hour later, after drinking water and eating. I was probably dehydrated, even though I had water, maybe?

It'll be a long winter .... I'm hoping that the treadmilling will get easier as I do more of it. I know I've run either 10 or 11 miles on a treadmill before, and I don't remember it being as hard as this run was. The difference was that I was doing more treadmill running back then, and I'm just getting used to it again.

I had my first 30+ mpw since May, which I'm feeling pretty good about.

treadmill | 13 miles | 2:01 | 9:18/mi.

Bear Creek 5 Mile

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Race report posted.

Short story: I went with 36:30, and finished 19 seconds off of my prediction (36:49). A decent effort.


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More treadmilling this week, as I didn't feel like going outside. I ran 3 miles on both Wednesday and Thursday and had today off. I'm doing the time prediction run tomorrow; I'll have to go early since I never got around to mailing in my registration form. Hopefully they'll have the size shirt I want. My failure to mail in the form was partly because I forgot about it, but also because I still haven't settled on my prediction. I had been deciding between 37:00 and 37:30 (you have to round to the nearest 30 seconds), but last weekend I hit 5 miles in 36:40. I don't want to predict a time slower than I'll run, as that results in a DQ. But I also don't want to predict one that is too fast. I don't have a great sense of pace, and I don't know if there will be mile markers (there are no watches or splits). I also don't know how well I'll do with this race format - they start the slowest runners first, and then every 30 seconds another group goes. It'll be interesting, though!

I'm glad this week is over. It's been kind of blah, and in some ways kind of sad. Other bloggers have said things more eloquently than I could, so I'll just leave it at that.

Wednesday: treadmill | 3 miles | 27:36 | 9:12/mi.
Thursday: treadmill | 3 miles | 27:28 | 9:09/mi.

6 on the 'mill

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Thanks again for the compliments, everyone! I'm still pretty pleased with Saturday's performance. The results were posted in the paper today, and it turns out I was the 2nd woman; kind of cool.

It was rainy and cold, so I stayed inside and used my treadmill today. I'm still building up my treadmill endurance, but I mostly enjoyed my workout today. I started off reading TV (muted w/ closed captioning), but then shut off the TV to just listen to my headphones. I never wear headphones outside, so I'm enjoying the newness of music. I used my walkman instead of my MP3 player, and listened to a tape I made when I used to treadmill daily. Fun blast from the past. I did have some stitches again, but working on my breathing helped some. I do need to get around to buying an industrial size/strength fan because it gets really hot down there. I've been told that you should dress as though it is 20 degrees warmer than it is because that's the amount of heat you build up. If that's true then I'm running in 90 degree temperatures - something I'm definitely not used to!

treadmill | 6 miles | 55:48 | 9:18/mi.

I Voted... Did You?

I went to vote for the first time in MN, my second time voting overall. The polling places didn't open until 7AM, which I was kind of annoyed about. (My parents have always voted at places that opened at 6). It wasn't going to be a problem if I was late to work, but I still wanted to limit the lateness. I got there about 6:45, and there was already a line. Once the polls actually opened, the line went pretty fast. (I was at work by 7:20). I was very surprised/disappointed that I was not asked for ID. I registered by mail, and my voter card said that I would be asked since this was my first time. I didn't really like the set-up, either. We used the optical scan ballots, where you had to draw a line between the arrows of the candidates you wanted. The weird part is that they were letting people vote sitting at tables next to each other (no privacy). There were booths available (but without curtains), and luckily one was available when it was my turn. I probably would've waited for one, because voting at the table creeped me out. I did get a sticker, but it was kind of plain and started to fall off by the end of the day.