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2004 Report, Part 1

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1465.97 miles*
9 days 5 hours, 39 minutes, 10 seconds
9:04/mi average

Highest Week: 44.01 miles, April 19 - 25
Lowest Week: 6.10 miles**, June 28 - July 4
Highest Month: 172.19 miles, April
Lowest Month: 67 miles, June

Average Weekly Mileage: 28.04
Average Monthly Mileage: 121.83

9 Races
69.45 miles | 9:53:52 | 8:33/mi. average***
1 new age group PR (5K)
1 new PR (10K)
6 age group awards
2 overall awards

*yearly mileage PR
**first year with a non-zero week
***7:28/mi without the marathon PW

Monthly Report: December 2004

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Running: 160.70 miles | 24:19:54
Walking: 2.07 miles | 0:36:59
President's Challenge points: 16343 points

Brief Note

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Holy crap I've neglected this a long time. The combination of working full-time and training for a marathon has been kicking my ass. This weekend I am going to attempt to get caught up with all the stuff that has been falling to the wayside lately. (Richard- I really owe you an e-mail!). I'm still around, and in the midst of compiling my EOY stats. My year looks pretty good on paper!

Running is going decent. I've updated my training log through yesterday if you want to see the specifics. I had a rough week a few weeks ago, where I only ran 3 days (one of which was 19.5 miles on the treadmill which truly kicked my ass and made my left leg angry). I've made some adjustments to my schedule which I think will help.

I saw a sports medicine doctor at the Clinic a couple of weeks ago. He identified my Med-City injury (which has been bothering me some over the last month) as a combination of ITB and runner's knee. I've got some stretches to do, and I've added ibuprofen to my long run regime. I think after the marathon I'm going to look into orthotics, too.

I'm still looking at the February marathon. I do have some doubts about my possible target pace, since I'm doing so much treadmill running. I don't believe that just because I can run x pace for y miles on the treadmill that I can replicate that outside. I did have a good outdoor run on Tuesday; the interesting thing is that I can run at a faster pace, easier, outside and at the gym treadmill than I can on my own treadmill. I don't know what that means.

I need to get ready to go to dinner, but I'm going to post some quick EOY stats. I'll be back tomorrow with more EOY wrap-up, and some goals for 2005. I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do next year.