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Monthly Report: January 2005

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Running: 148.33 miles | 22:35:22
Walking: 1.29 miles | 0:22:14
Elliptical: 2.06 miles | 0:30:00

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Training Week: January 24 - 30, 2005

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Running: 22.33 miles | 3:24:48


I'm a dumbass. Since the ITB pains had lessened last week, I made the foolish choice to slack on the stretching, rolling and icing this week. I learned my lesson yesterday during my long run. Around 4.5 miles, I started getting pains in my right leg. I stopped at 5 miles to stretch, hoping that would help. I started back up again, but the pains were still there. I stopped after running 1/4 mile, because I'm pretty sure that if I kept going my leg would lock up and I'd have to stop anyway. I made the decision that I was better off cutting the run short than running and aggravating my leg more. Kind of disappointing, but a good reminder that I need to stay on top of things.

Not a whole lot else to report. I ran 4 at 5 on Thursday, because I wanted to go out after work with my work friends. I actually won a few games of trivia at BW3, which was a nice surprise. On an unrelated note, the owie toe issue has been resolved by my losing most of the nail. I still have the gift certificate for a spa pedicure that the Engineer gave me for my b-day, but I think my feet are way too ugly to subject someone to right now. I've never had problems with toenails on both feet before, so that's exciting and new.

treadmill | 4 miles | 36:48 | 9:12/mi.

treadmill | 5.25 miles | 49:12 | 9:22/mi.

Easy 8

Ran 8 on the 'mill after work. Nothing really exciting ... got a chance to catch up on some TV. I'm kind of "blah" right now; work was kind of crappy today and I'm kind of angry about some stuff that is going on. I think I might start looking for another job, one that will pay me what I'm worth.


The temperature got above freezing today, and a lot of the snow and ice started melting. The parking lot at work is turning into a puddle. As I was driving home, my car said it was 43 degrees. With the sun shining (and not due to set until after 5), how could I not go outside?

I haven't been outside (to run) for almost a month, and it was good to get back out there. I didn't like the wind, but the temps weren't too bad. I ran along the roads, as the bike paths are still a little snowy (the state trail is also used for snowmobiling, so I knew it would still be a mess). They were clear enough that I didn't have any footing problems, which was my main worry about going outside. I did have one spot of muck, but it was short and not so terrible. My favorite part of the run was seeing that my easy, not looking at the watch pace hadn't changed too much. Since I've been running slower on the treadmill (partly as a concession to the ITBs and partly because my treadmill's paces seem fast), I was worried that I would be slow when going back outside. This helps me feel better about racing, as I felt like I could've run much farther and much faster today.

Tomorrow, however, I'll be back on the treadmill as it'll get dark before my run would end. While the roads are in decent condition, I don't want to try running at dusk.

38 degrees | felt like 28 | 21 MPH

1 | 8:42
2 | 8:47 | 17:30
3 | 8:40 | 26:11
4 | 9:03 | 35:14 (wind)
5 | 8:51 |44:05
5.08 miles | 44:43 | 8:48/mi.

Last long run

I have the best husband. We ended up getting close to 9" of snow on Friday; that plus drifts caused our driveway to be completely blocked. Weather Channel had a blizzard warning because of the wind. Unfortunately, I'd run out of apples, so we needed to go get groceries. The Engineer went outside to start shoveling, and I followed a little while later. I was going to help, but got a little worried about how heavy the snow was. My friend B thought that my cramping on Wednesday was from my short shoveling stint. I was concerned about hurting my back or pulling something the day before my last long run. The Engineer agreed it might be a bad idea, and cleared the whole driveway and the walkway, which took close to 2 hours. And then he drove me to Target to buy my apples.

It turns out I already had an article on how to use the foam roller in my bookmarks. I think I got it from Jon a few months ago. I think my roller might be a little bit bigger, but I am using it correctly. I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but I really do think it's helping. My leg feels so much better after being rolled.

So today was my last long run, and kind of a dress rehearsal. It wasn't a true one, as I didn't eat my pre-race meal and didn't use the same race morning timing. But I did wear the clothes and socks I want to run in, and wore my Gu pocket attached to my shorts. I also changed my gel strategy, based on the information I'd read in the Freescale race info packet. I'd been taking gels every 5 miles, but that doesn't match up with the water stops. So I decided I'd take the first one at 4 miles, and then every 5 miles after that.

Since I was on the treadmill (btw, someday when I crack up, you all can point to things like this as reasons why), I don't have much in the way of exciting details. I accidentally dropped the remote around 4.5 miles, which was terrible. I was watching a soap that I usually end up fast-forwarding 1/4 of, since I hate some of the characters/storylines. I thought I could maybe make it through the episode, but they are currently airing an extremely offensive storyline and it was just awful. I tried to call for the Engineer to come down to rescue the remote, but he couldn't hear me over the TV. Luckily, I was nearing the end of a mile, so I hit stop and got the remote. (I have to re-set the treadmill when I restart so I like my stopping point to be at an even mile).

Other than that, my first 11 miles were pretty un-eventful. The Engineer eventually came down to workout, which meant I didn't have to bother with the remote for awhile. (I did learn that trying to watch "I love the 90's Part Deux" while running was kind of hard, as some of the segments were pretty funny). I took a quick break at 11 to stretch and take some ibuprofen. My legs weren't hurting, exactly, just kind of irritating. I figured the stretching and vitamin I would help. And it seems like they did because I didn't take any other stretching breaks.

My plan was to run 20, but somewhere towards the end I decided I wanted to run a little more than that. I settled on stopping at 21, but I really think I could've kept going. I did pick up the pace for the last half-mile by raising it to 7.3MPH and a little more for the last little bit of that. The funniest thing about doing that is that the pace felt a lot better after running 20.5 miles than it did on Thursday. Kind of weird, but kind of encouraging. I walked a 5 minute cool down and then stretched. Interesting note: I drank a boat-load of water while running, yet still lost close to 2 pounds during the run.

I've felt pretty good today, which makes it hard to believe I actually ran 21 miles this morning. What hurts the most is my back, actually. Last month, I discovered that I can wear my Gu pocket (without it pulling my shorts down) if I attach it to the back of my shorts. Last time, I got chafed from the clip spots so I made sure to put Body Glide there today. But even though it felt comfortable while running, it now feels like I've got two bruised spots on the small of my back.

So as I posted earlier, I've decided I am going to run Freescale next month. I think if I keep up the stretching and the foam rolling (I'm going to have to look into Annalisa's tennis ball idea since I don't think I want to fly to TX with my roller), I should be able to finish okay. I've decided that if I have ITB issues during the race, they are going to probably happen regardless of what pace I run. So therefore, I think I'm going to probably shoot high. I still have 3 weeks to figure out what that means exactly though. But I'm in taper now!

treadmill | 21 miles | 3:15:50 | 9:20/mi.
walk CD | 0.26 miles | 5:00

Training Week: January 17 - 23, 2005

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Running: 41 miles | 6:12:12
Walking: 0.26 miles | 0:05:00


I'll be back with details later, but my run this morning went well. I actually ran 21 miles, my farthest (furthest?) training run, and my ITB didn't really bug. I even ran my last half mile at MP, and the pace felt good. So I've decided I'm going to run the marathon, and I just finished registering.

Of marathons, shoes and ITBs

Just when I thought I might be able to see my driveway again, it started to snow today. We've had at least 5 inches come down, and I think it's still going. My snow tires worked really well, so my drive home wasn't too bad. I'm kind of disappointed in the weather, even though it's not really a surprise. This weekend is my last long run and I was holding out a small grain of hope that I'd be able to run it outside. I doubted it would happen, since the sidewalks and bike paths are still icy, but there was a chance. Now I know it won't happen since it's the weekend and I'm thinking that bike path snow removal is very low priority.

I had a dream about the marathon last night. In my dream, we got all the way to Texas when I realized I didn't have my shoes. Obviously I was freaked out. I tried to come up with a way I could get my shoes, but nothing was going to work. I tried to console myself with the thought of being able to check out Run-Tex, but was still pissed at myself for not bringing my shoes and having to run a marathon in shoes that weren't broken in. I'm not sure what the dream means, but I'm not worried about it becoming reality. Whenever I travel and am going to run on my trip, I always make sure I have my shoes. And whenever I've flown for a race, I make sure to pack my running clothes and shoes in my carry-on. That way if the airline loses my luggage, at least I'm not totally screwed.

I keep saying I'm going to wait until after my 20 on Sunday to make up my mind as to if I'm actually running the marathon. But I'm not really sure if it's going to tell me anything, unless it goes really bad or something. Because even if it does go well, there is no guarantee that the marathon will, too - I got through Med-City training without any problems, only to have ITB issues during the race day. I don't know. I'm probably always going to have that kind of haunting me (the fear of an unknown injury popping up during the race). Knowing me, I'm probably going to go for it unless Sunday is a disaster. I'm still holding off on registering, though.

Even though I haven't looked up actual instructions, I think my foam roller is helping. My ITB didn't bother me that much during yesterday's run. It did get a little tight after the run, which was annoying when I was trying to sleep. So I got up and used the roller. It felt better afterwards, so at the very least it's helping psychologically. It was also okay today. I think the stretching I've been doing before running (as well as during the day and after running), and the icing 20-30 minutes a day is also helping

Actually, I had a thought about my dream. I bet some of it comes from my having just bought new shoes to break in for the marathon. I wore them today, but they kind of annoyed me. It felt like they were �slapping� the treadmill belt, and they felt a little stiff. I ended up stopping halfway through my run to change back to the old ones, which felt a lot better. It looks like my break-in period might take longer than I expected; I think I'm going to wear only my older shoes on Sunday, to hopefully avoid issues. My feet also felt really hot, which probably added to my annoyance. I was wearing my new Wigwam Triathlete socks, and I'm not sure I liked them. I don't usually have such sweaty feet from a 5 mile run.

treadmill | 5 miles | 46:06 | 9:13/mi.

Busy day

Busy busy day today. Had a full day of work, and then came home to run. It snowed today, and I would've liked to clear some of the snow/slush from the driveway but lacked the time. (We finally located salt over the weekend and I spread a ton of it on the driveway and our walkway and it did a good job shrinking the amount of ice covering those surfaces). I ran 10 miles on the 'mill, with 8 at MP and 1/2 mile slightly faster than MP. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that the president was going to preempt daytime TV so I ran out of shows with 2.5 miles to go. I started watching Point Pleasant, but wasn't quite up to following a brand new show.

I had to rush around after running because the Engineer had a broomball game at 7 and he wanted me to go with him. He's been having heart issues at the games, and thought I should come to this early game so that if he had one we could go to the hospital. Not that the hospital would do much, but we'd at least be able to get an EKG to show the cardiologist. But of course my being at the game meant he was fine. That's not a good fix, considering most of the games are at 8 or 9, and 9ish is my bed time.

And this post is shorter than intended because it is bed time.

1.0 mi | 6.4 MPH
8.0 mi | 7.3 MPH
0.5 mi | 7.4-7.8 MPH
0.5 mi | 6.5 MPH
treadmill | 10 miles | 83:41

Toe socks

I've gotten a little off schedule the last two days. I took Monday off as planned, which was nice. Yesterday, I planned on running 5 miles after work. But when I got home, the power blinked once or twice. It had finally gotten above zero, but there were 40 MPH winds that helped keep it nice and chilly. I think those strong winds had something to do with the power blinking. Anyway, I decided against running because I was afraid of the power going out while I was on the treadmill. Having a treadmill suddenly stop on you is not pleasant. Also, I cover the display so if the power went I wouldn't know how long/far I'd gone. Maybe those are stupid reasons, but I didn't feel too bad about it.

Today, I took my comp time from the weekend and only worked this morning. I came home intending to run 10 miles. Unfortunately, that wasn't meant to be either. I had awful cramping (the bottom of my ribcage; normally I get cramping along my lower abdomen) at the very beginning of my run and it didn't really fade. I managed to get to 5 and decided to call it quits. Obviously something wasn't working right today, and I don't see the point in forcing myself to run when it completely sucks. Maybe things will be better tomorrow.

I wore my new toe socks today. I've never worn any kind of toe socks before, so it was kind of an odd feeling. My feet felt a little warm, but otherwise the socks felt okay. (Other than the weirdness). I'll have to try them again before deciding if I like them or not.

My foam roller came on Monday. I've played with a little bit, but not enough to know whether it's going to help or not. It is a little tender to roll out my ITB, which is probably a sign that I should be using it, right?

treadmill | 5 miles | 46:35 | 9:19/mi.

Working on the weekend

Been pretty busy with work stuff the last couple of days. We had our reviews on Friday; mine didn't start until close to 3:30 (aka my normal "quitting time"), and then I stuck around until close to 5 to return a form to my boss (I thought I'd be able to catch him between reviews, but kept missing the opening). Overall, it went well, as my performance was rated well and I received some praise for some of the things I've taken on over the last few months. I'm not sure what kind of raise I'll be getting though.

We have this new weekend coverage thing going on. We have one person who works on Saturday and Sunday, and they are responsible for running 2 labs and performing chemistry stuff along with their own job functions. It is a lot of work for one person. Also on weekends, someone has to be "on call;" this year, the on call person is also going to be on-site for a couple of hours each weekend day to help with some of the work. We have a 7 week rotation, and it's set at the beginning of the year. It's a pretty fair way to deal with the extra coverage, and being on call means you can't really go anywhere anyway.

This weekend has been my on call weekend, which meant I had to go in yesterday and today for a few hours. I've also had to carry the lab cell phone around, in case someone called. While I didn't wake up at my normal time, I did wake up early each day so that I could run before going in.

I made a trip to the running store yesterday. It's getting close to new shoe time, especially if I'm going to be able to run Freescale next month. I'll start rotating the new shoes in this week. I wish I could find a picture but for some reason New Balance doesn't have any information on my shoes (NB 1050) on their website - how weird is that? I know they are relatively new, but still. I tried to buy some new running clothes, but nothing really appealed to me. I did come home with some new socks, though:
Balega Enduro Strider
Wigwam Ultimax Triathlete Ultra-Lite
Nike anti-blister Low Cut
Injinji Micro tetrasok

I wore the Balega socks today and they felt nice. I'm most intrigued by the Injinji socks (the toe socks). I admit I mainly bought them out of curiosity, but the package's details seem semi-sound. I'll be testing out this week on one of my 5 milers; maybe they'll help my ugly toes be slightly less ugly. Speaking of the ugly toes, I made the mistake of trying to file down one of my calluses. I'll leave it at that being a mistake.

Both of my weekend runs went well. I actually made it through my whole 12 miles today without stopping to stretch. I think that's a record for me. The ITBs held up pretty well, and aren't bothering me a whole lot. I've been trying to stretch frequently. I think my foam roller will come tomorrow, although the UPS site hasn't been updated since the 12th. I guess it's on a truck that doesn't stop between WA and MN.

treadmill | 6 miles | 55:21 | 9:13/mi.

treadmill | 12 miles | 1:51:42 | 9:19/mi.
walk CD | 0.25 miles | 4:15

Training Week: January 10 - 16, 2005

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Running: 4:38:53 | 30 miles
Walking: 0:13:29 | 0.79 miles
Elliptical: 0:30:00 | 2.06 miles

Hurry up, UPS!

My foam roller is in Washington (state), but should be here on Monday. I like having things delivered by UPS because our deliveryman shows up like clockwork. I swear, every single package he has ever brought us comes at 4:50 PM. It makes it really easy to plan around, if you know the day a package is scheduled to arrive.

Thanks for the article, Jon. I'm going to have to read it a couple of more times to figure out the Walt Special, but you're right about there being a lot of good stuff in there. I will try to add those in at some point. I've got a decent list going of things to work on. Two key things I need to work on this spring are my hamstrings and glutes. I don't know if I mentioned this, but the Clinic sports doc told me that sometimes ITB issues can stem from weak glutes. That was especially interesting to me because I was having that strange hamstring/glute issue over the fall. I think that was a precursor to the current ITB stuff. So maybe strengthening those weak areas will help me out.

Thanks for the "props" Richard. It sounds kind of weird, but in some ways running on the treadmill is almost easier than going outside for my long run. I get to be entertained by the TV, I have easy access to gel/water, the bathroom is nearby, the Engineer is upstairs if I need help, and if I run into trouble I don't have to worry about getting back home. If I didn't have the TV, though, there is no way I'd be able to survive the monotony! That being said, however, I am looking forward to running outside again once winter passes. The sidewalks are still sheets of ice, and the high is supposed to be a whole negative one tomorrow. Woo! I'm so excited that I get to escape to TX next month. (Just for kicks - currently here: -6F, feels like -29. Austin: 49F, feels like 47).

I was able to run again yesterday without problems; I think the XT day was a good call. I've been stretching some at work during the day which probably helps. I've also been really good about icing after running. (It's a good thing I bought an extra bag of peas, so I can ice both legs). I ran 6 yesterday, and 5 today. I thought about waking up early both days to run in the morning, but didn't go to bed early enough for that to be a good idea. So instead I ran after work, and got a little over 8 hours of sleep. Extra sleep is always a good thing.

I watched a couple different things the last two days. While cross-training, I watched a VH1 special "The 40 most awesomely bad videos." Normally, I hate the stupid countdowns that VH1 has started airing (hottest hotties? who cares?) instead of videos, but this one was pretty entertaining. I disagreed with their choice of "The Macarena" for #1, though. That song is just bad, there is nothing awesome about it. Yesterday, I watched "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" and tried to watch the new Straight Girl version. The guy version was pretty good for running, as the segments were pretty long. (I like shows with commercial breaks, even though I skip them, because they help me break my run into segments. Most of my shows have .5 mile segments, but there was one segment of QE that was 1.25 miles). The girl version was kind of crappy, and I ended up switching over to videos or the music channel for the last bit. It was nice to change things up from the daytime and primetime standbys.

treadmill | 6 miles | 56:00 | 9:20/mi.

treadmill | 5 miles | 46:28 | 9:18/mi.
walk CD | 0.29 miles | 5:00

Owie toes, XT Day

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Jon asked in a comment if I've been doing any strength training for my ITB. I've mainly just been stretching and taking ibuprofen. I did order a foam roller yesterday, so as soon as that arrives I'll be adding massage into my routine. I also ordered a half roller, too. I hope to add weight lifting back into the mix next month, and the half roller will enable me to do the single leg exercises that my old trainer gave me.

I went downstairs to run after work today. My ITB was sore yesterday, for most of the day. It felt somewhat better today, but I had told the Engineer that if was still sore I probably wouldn't run. I started running, and while it wasn't painful, it was noticeable. (Maybe not the best explanation). So I cut it short at 1 mile, and decided to cross-train on the elliptical. I haven't ellipticalled in a really long time, and I think I got in a decent workout. I did 30 minutes of random hills at level 15. I'll evaluate my leg tomorrow and decide if I'll run or XT again. But I am thinking of maybe just running 4 days a week instead of 5 for right now.

In addition to the ugly toe on my right foot, I have an owie toe on my left foot. Same toes, different feet. The owie is currently fluid under the nail; the ugly toe originally had a blister under it before I lost the nail. I wore seamless socks today, but in general just wearing socks kind of irritates it. Stupid toes.

treadmill | 1 mile | 9:22/mi.

elliptical | Random @ L15 | 30:00 | 2.06 mi. | 469 cal.

Crappy long run


Sometimes I wonder if I'm kidding myself about being able to be a marathon runner. Since May, it seems my body is rebelling against the distance and I just don't get it. Being a distance runner is something I've taken pride in being a part of my identity. I love when people find out I run how they then ask if I've ever thought about a marathon and I get to say that I've done more than one. It makes me really sad and frustrated to think about giving that up.

Training Week: January 3 - 9, 2005

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Running: 43 miles | 6:29:12
Walking: 0.25 miles | 4:23

Days off/Pace Run

Have I mentioned lately how glad I am that we bought a treadmill? Because I would've been pretty upset/miserable this past week if we hadn't. Last weekend, we got an ice storm which left all paved surfaces very slippery. Driving to work Monday was fun, as they hadn't done jack to our parking lot and I started sliding towards another car as I was trying to park. I'm amazed that no one got hit that day. The city has done an okay job of either clearing the streets or laying down sand, but the sidewalks and bike paths look to still be icy. We got hit with snow on Tuesday (I think), which has made the sidewalks more dangerous because of the ice underneath. So I'm really glad that I'm not having to attempt to run outside; I saw a guy out one day as I was driving home and he just looked miserable as he was sliding all over the place.

No posts the last two days because I was off. I don't normally take 2 days off in a row, but I'm adjusting my schedule so that my pace run and long run are both on the weekend. I think it'll be better to have ~24 hours in between them as opposed to ~12. I also thought we were doing happy hour last night, but it got postponed to maybe next week. No biggie ... I think an additional day of rest before one of my more strenuous weekends (10 + 20) is probably not a bad thing.

I did 10 miles on the 'mill this morning with 8.5 miles at MP (marathon pace*, 7.3 MPH = 8:13/mi) and 0.5 miles at slightly faster than MP (7.4-7.8 MPH = 8:06-7:41/mi). It was an alright run, although I have some chafing marks now. It looks like I have a tan line across my collar bones and shoulder blades, but it's just red marks from my sportsbra.

* This is probably actually a faster MP than what I will set out to do. Technically, my only goals for the marathon are to finish without injury and go sub-4. But I'm not one to just settle, so my more ambitious goal is to BQ (3:40). However, if you look at a pace chart/calculator, you'll see that BQ pace is 8:24/mi, and 8:13/mi translates to around 3:35. There is some method to my madness, I'm just not quite sure what it is yet. I do know that the McMillan calculator says I should be shooting from anywhere from 3:33 (based on my 10K) to 3:37 (based on my 20K). And if you input 3:40 into it, it shows 5K-1/2M times I know I can run. I don't think it's going to hurt me to be working at a slightly more ambitious pace; I'll come up with a more definitive plan over the next 5 (5??) weeks.

I'm still not registered, but I'm feeling pretty decent about things. My legs haven't been as problematic, but I do still have 2 20s left to do so we will see. I am going to have to find some time to get up to the running store or find a place to order my shoes online within the next 2 weeks. Not only are my shoes going to need replacing within the next month, but I'll want to have a semi-fresh pair for the marathon.

0.5 mi | 6.4 MPH
8.5 mi | 7.3 MPH
0.5 mi | 7.4-7.8MPH
0.5 mi | 6.6 MPH
10 miles | 1:23:03
walk CD | 0.25 miles | 4:23

Quickie post

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I succeeded in waking up early this morning to put in another 5 at 5. Nothing too exciting about my run today. I think I'm "blogged out" for the morning after yesterday's longer post, but it's also time to head for work again.

treadmill | 5 miles | 45:53 | 9:11/mi.


I just got 2 boxes of gels delivered today; I'm a little too excited about not having to buy any for a very long time. A few months ago when visiting my parents, my mom gave me some gels that she had bought for her triathlon training that she no longer needed. Included were a couple of Carb-Boom Orange Vanilla. I had tried the C-B Apple Cinnamon back in March and really liked them. However, I can't buy them locally and the running store is far away. I had an idea a few weeks ago, though - I could buy boxes online. Duh. So last week, I looked around online and found a site with a really good price: $18.95/box ($0.79/gel). So I ordered a box of Apple Cinnamon and a box of Orange Vanilla. I ordered them late Monday afternoon, and they showed up today. So for anyone that likes Carb-Boom, I guess I would recommend Vigorous Living.com. (I just looked and they also stock Clif Shots and Powergel).

Work was kind of sucky today. deleted all of this rant, after thinking better of it

Okay, enough of that! I didn't run at 5AM this morning, as planned because I was too tired. The Engineer had broomball practice last night, and I had trouble falling asleep until he got home safe. I'm not going to be able to go to his games like I did last year because of my early wake-up time; we do have an agreement that he'll either try to carpool or he'll drive over to his old roommate's house and ride to/from the games with him. But I'll probably still worry about him.

So I ran after work. It wasn't as good of a run as it could've been because I was still irritated about work, but also because I was full of Mexican food. 3 of my co-workers and I went to lunch today which was fun (and the food was good). It wasn't a bad run, but it took awhile to get into it and my chest felt kind of tight along the bottom of my ribcage. I'm going to try to run tomorrow morning so that I can run errands after work, but that means going to bed in about an hour. Craziness.

I need to go to the library to get a book I have on reserve. I think I'm also going to return Chris Carmichael's Food for Fitness. I've been trying to read it, and I just can't get through it. I don't know if I'm just sports nutrition'd out or what.

Apparently yesterday was my blogiversary. I didn't really have any idea what I was going to do with the site when I started it, or if anyone would read it. I'm still not sure what I'm doing with my site, but I appreciate everyone that reads!

Apparently I was wordy! (And on a side note, I am so glad TypePad added spell check because my spelling was really bad tonight).

treadmill | 5 miles | 45:56 | 9:11/mi.

5 at 5

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I'm attempting to be better at blogging, so I'm going to try to post after runs, even if it means making short and possibly disjointed posts as I need to go to work soon. Keeping on top of things means I can also reply to comments within the comments like all the other bloggers.

I'm covering the entire lab by myself today, which is something I haven't done before. We get today as a holiday. I volunteered to work, because the way I see it is that I normally work on Monday, I don't have anything planned today, and I'd rather have an extra day off to go to Austin next month as opposed to using more vacation days.

So I got up early and ran my 5 miles at 5AM. I've done this a couple of times, and as much as I hate getting up early I do love leaving work at 3:30 with the entire afternoon/evening free to do stuff. Maybe I'll actually get some cleaning done .... maybe.

Time for work!

treadmill | 5 miles | 45:38 | 9:08/mi.

While going through some files on my computer, I found the year end post I made on rec.running last year. I had been trying to find places where I'd posted my goals for 2004, but the 2 other forums I know I posted health and fitness goals have had those posts purged.

I thought I'd use the same questions for 2004 (some are a repeat for what I already posted):

Long run on the mill

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I've put so many miles on my treadmill, it's kind of crazy. Yesterday was my longer run for the week, and despite my intentions I ended up inside. I was looking forward to going outside and running in my tights; I bought some new Dri-Fit items at the Nike outlet last weekend that I was going to test out. But when I got up, Weather Channel was warning about an incoming ice storm. I thought about still going outside, but I didn't want to get a couple miles away from home being pelted with ice/wintry mix. I ran once last year (ok, 2003, but whatever) with ice coming down and it was extremely unpleasant, so I was in no hurry to repeat that experience. It ended up being a good idea to stay inside, as the ice started coming down as I headed down to the basement. So at least I saved myself from having to change clothes.