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Didn't mean to let that many days go by. Here's what I've been up to:

Ran an easy 5 miles after work, followed by upper body weights. My heart rate stayed at a decent level, and I was able to run at a semi-decent pace. I also did a lot of house cleaning, if that counts for anything.

The Engineer's trip
The Engineer returned to Texas last week for a business conference. I didn't blog about it beforehand because it didn't seem smart to advertise that I was going to be "home alone." I dropped him off at the airport last Sunday and then went to indulge in some retail therapy. His return flight was supposed to get in around 9 on Thursday, so I expected to see him around 10 that night. (His return prompted the cleaning). However, he called me as I was about to leave work that day to let me know that their flight out of Texas was being delayed by at least an hour and a half. I don't remember how long the delay ended up being, but it gave them about 10 minutes to make their flight to MN. Apparently, they got to the gate just as they were shutting the door but weren't allowed onto the plane. They didn't really want to stay overnight in Chicago, so they ended up catching a flight to Minneapolis, renting a car and driving home. That flight got delayed, and there was a snafu with the rental car place ... He finally got home at 2:30 AM.

The Engineer vs. the Flu
So as if the travel wasn't bad enough, it appears that the Engineer came home with the flu. I think it's come down, but he's had a fever of around 100 since Friday. He's also got a really nasty, productive cough. Hopefully my slightly better immune system will be enough to ward the flu off, because this is not a good week for me to be sick!

Me vs. the eye doctor
I hate my eye doctor. I went to pick up my new contact on Friday after work, and wore it for the first time yesterday. The vision in my right eye is still not good! I called yesterday to make an appointment to come in AGAIN so that they can try to get my prescription right. I did tell them I wanted to see a different doctor; I've given the other guy 3 tries and he's not been able to do anything so that's it for him. Morons better get it right this time; I'm annoyed I keep having to go back there.

Saturday tempo run
Did my Higdon prescribed tempo run yesterday morning, followed by weights. Pace-wise, I probably should've gone harder, but HR-wise I think I should've been slower. I've decided not to sweat the HR stuff for speedwork.

Go go gadget watch!
My Inspector Gadget watch arrived yesterday. Road Runner Sports gives you a tracking number so you can track your package online. It doesn't work as smoothly as the UPS tracking site, so I was confused by the message I saw in the morning. I tried to call the 800 number (as you can no longer call your post office directly), but the girl that I spoke with was totally useless. Luckily, our mail was delivered at 1PM and my watch was included with it.

I managed to get the settings all set yesterday, but was sad to realize I can't make the charts and graphs like Brent because my laptop doesn't have an infrared reader. The Engineer's laptop has one, but I don't want to have my running stuff on two separate computers. We might buy a reader, but I'm not sure yet.

Brent or Mark, is the calibration step absolutely necessary? Will it work at all if I don't calibrate it? I haven't figured out if I can use the high school tracks, so I'm not sure when I can get around to doing the actual calibration.

The watch vs. the treadmill
I wore my watch while treadmilling today, to see how it works and to play with the splits. The good news (I guess) is that the heart rate display matches the watch +/- 1 beat. That's pretty decent. Here's the weird thing: I started the watch 13 seconds after I started the treadmill, yet I ended up with more time on the watch. It also appears based on the splits I took that my treadmill might need to be calibrated. I was running at 5.9, which is supposed to equate to 10:10/mi, yet my splits were all 10:16. I need to figure out what to do with this information.

My run was kind of ... ugh. My heart rate kept climbing, and after 2 miles I decided that if my heart rate was going to be too high that I might as well run at a pace that was slightly more comfortable. Once I adjusted the pace, my heart rate did stay pretty consistent, even if it was at the wrong level. Oh well, I'm not going to stress over it.

I need to look around or contact Polar to see if they make a different watch strap for the watch. I put it on the last hole, but it was still a little bit too big. That will be annoying during the summer. I probably should just get ahold of Polar because I'd like to see if I could trade my Wear Link strap for the S/XS one. Sometimes I hate being small framed, as it makes buying stuff (especially unisex stuff) so hard.

Go Illini!
Yay, Big 10 Champs and #1 seed in the NCAA. It's a nice time to be Illinois alumni. The Engineer's parents were in Champaign a few weeks ago and picked us both up Illinois basketball shirts. If the Engineer hadn't been sick, I think we probably would've gone somewhere to watch the games this weekend and I would've worn the bright orange shirt. Especially yesterday when they played Minnesota.

I need to go figure out why Yahoo isn't letting me read my e-mail. Details of my runs are posted on my training log (link in the sidebar).

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