Wed = Intervals

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treadmill | 3 miles | 29:57 | AHR 147 | 66% PE

Ran inside so I could watch TV.

Wednesday: low 50s | ~14 MPH | overcast
1 mi WU | 10:07 | AHR 147
0.50 mi | 3:32 | AHR 173
0.25 mi | 2:47 | AHR 164
0.50 mi | 3:22 | AHR 184
0.29 mi | 3:16 | AHR 165
0.50 mi | 3:24 | AHR 184
0.25 mi | 2:47 | AHR 170
0.50 mi | 3:26 | AHR 183
0.25 mi walk | 4:15
1 mi CD | 10:16 | AHR 159

Went back over to the river bike paths to do my 4x800m workout. I wasn't paying good attention to my watch, and ran a little too far on my second recovery jog - oops. I chose to walk the last recovery in an attempt to lower my heart rate before my cooldown. An okay workout, aside from feeling really ungraceful when doing speedwork.

I do need to find out about track access, though. I think I would enjoy my speedwork a lot better if it was being done on a 400m track. It'd also be a lot easier to figure out the distance stuff without looking at a watch.

Last week, I mentioned that I work with a guy who is a pretty fast runner. I talked with him again yesterday and found out he wants to qualify for the Olympic Trials in the marathon. (2:22 for the "B" standard and 2:20 for the "A"). He's run a 1:09 half, so qualifying should be within reach. I can't believe I know someone IRL that could run in the Trials - that's so cool! I think he's aiming for Twin Cities as his qualifier (it's the first chance to get the qualifier), and I think it might be neat to go up and see someone I know finish near the top. So in the future, if I mention Speedy Guy, I'm talking about him.

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