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I title this yuck because I find this summer weather yucky! Today it was 90 when I got home; I procrastinated for about an hour which allowed it to cool off a whole TWO degrees. I decided that 88 was too damn hot to run with a shirt, and I didn't care who all had to be exposed to my belly. The Engineer could attest to the amount of time I spend obsessing over my stomach; I'd rank it as my 2nd problem area (back of thighs being #1) but it's the one I focus on, probably because I can see it easier. But when it's hot out - who cares? Being shirtless felt pretty good when I ran into the breeze. I still ended up really sweaty, even the ends of my ponytail were wet from the back of my neck. Gross!

I didn't mean to be gone for so many days. Thursdays during the summer end up being really crowded for time. The Engineer plays softball that night, and I like to go to the games. Lately, the games have been at 6:15, which means I have to run right after getting home from work, and then rush to shower, change and eat. We usually end up going out with the team afterwards, so I don't blog that day.

We went to visit my parents last weekend. Much like Jon, the Engineer doesn't like me broadcasting that we're going to be/are away from the house. This was our first visit since Christmas - the longest I've ever been away from home. It was a nice visit, but to my surprise it was colder in IL than in MN! I did run both days I was there, despite my dad's warning about a woman who was attacked and raped about 10-20 miles south of them. It's a little scary to think of something like that happening so close to where they live; I tend to think of their upscale neighborhood as being a safe place/crime-free. I do think I'm pretty safe when I run around there, though, I run only in the neighborhoods, and I tend to run in the actual street (as opposed to against bushes/trees).

Anyway. I kind of did a good deed on Sunday. While running home, I noticed a credit card on the side of the road. I circled back to pick it up, and carried it home with me. I initially thought I would look up the address of the user, but decided that was a bad idea because it might not be the right person. I decided it would be smartest to call the credit card company to see if they wanted it back or destroyed. I also hoped that they could let the guy know it had been found, because even if you canceled it I would think you'd wonder. I was running alongside a pretty busy road when I spotted the card, which is a really strange place to lose one.

Ok, saved the "best" for last. I ran a race last night! (I'm following a terrible precedent of disappearing for a few days and then coming back after a race). Last night was the All-Comers Mile Event. Every Tuesday night, the track club hosts an all-comers meet. In the past, it was mainly an adult event but over the years it has transformed into a kid event. But once a summer, they host a timed mile prior to the meet. I haven't run a timed mile in years, and this was worth Grand Prix points.

It was kind of hot (83, felt like 84), but not humid. I didn't leave my house early enough, so I was only able to run 1/2 mile for warmup as opposed to the mile I'd planned. I stretched, and then changed into my race flats. I had thought about bringing my old track spikes, but I didn't know if they'd be allowed/appropriate.

They announced that we'd be running in 2 heats, and anyone planning on running <7 minutes should go in the first heat. I knew I could run right under 7, but I hesitated about running with the 1st group. A few people around me were also debating what to do. I didn't want to be the tail end of the heat, but I also didn't want to be one of the fastest in the 2nd. I spotted a girl from my AG (that I'd like to be able to keep up with) lined up, so I decided to go with the 1st group. A bunch of younger kids were also lined up, so the guy in charge clarified a few times that everyone was planning on running <7. The kids didn't budge, and it was kind of a large group. So a few seconds later, the guy in charge announced a change in plans - the first heat would now be for <6 minutes. A lot of us left the start line at that announcement.

So while the first heat went off, I did a few strides and more stretches. The heat was won by our local prep speed demon in ~4:40. After the last finisher came around, they lined the rest of us up. Very short set of directions, and we were off. I immediately had to dodge some of the younger runners. (And while it's nice to see young kids out running, it's always annoying how they like to start right on the start line and just kind of get in the way because they don't know how to race yet).

The race went by pretty quickly. I don't know if this was a cinder track, but I can tell you that it wasn't an all-weather track like I'm used to. The traction was kind of distracting; I'm not used to my feet slipping like that. Maybe the race flats were a mistake? I wonder if my track spikes would've helped. I went out a little quickly, and then slowed some. I tried to fight back for the last lap, but I was having trouble with traction and just found it hard to go fast. I can't believe I used to run (close to) this distance weekly! While I would've liked to run faster, I think I put in a good effort.

3.07 miles | 27:51

4 miles | 36:12

5.03 miles | 45:45

0.5 mi WU | 4:45

1 | 1:34
2 | 1:40 | 3:15
3 | 1:43 | 4:58
4 | 1:41 | 6:40
All-Comers Mile | 6:40
3.04 miles | 28:28

4.03 miles | 35:23

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Wed 6/22/2005 11:04 PM

cool, thats fast! nice!

Thu 6/23/2005 4:27 PM

Thanks, Brent!

Fri 6/24/2005 12:16 PM

That's fast! Oh, I would like to be able to run a mile that fast.