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Race possibility?

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Look at what I found in my Yahoo e-mail today:


I think I might just have to go to Illinois and run that! How can you not run a race with your name in it? (Does it make me a bad person that I'm more excited about the race name as opposed to the worthy cause it supports?) I seriously thought it was some kind of spam mail when I saw the subject, though.

Don't Worry, Be Happy

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^ That's what's on the Music Choice music channel right now. I kind of hate that song, but whatever.

I'm just popping in here to say thank you to everyone for the recent comments. They've definitely given me some food for thought, and I've got a bunch of stuff swirling around to post about. However, I am just home briefly for lunch and I have to study for a test tonight so I probably won't be blogging until maybe tomorrow. (I'm trying to work up the courage to go do track work w/speedy fast work guy tomorrow night). I didn't want to leave everyone hanging, though, because I do appreciate the feedback/ideas/getting me thinking.

It's All Relative

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I'm a posting machine today!

I have some hatred towards the phrase "it's all relative," stemming from a comment someone made to me after Med-City last year. But I was thinking about it today while running, and do recognize that it can be a pretty true statement. And it all came about because I ran with sunglasses on today for the first time ever.

I have some really wacky ideas about gear and apparel. For years, I wouldn't run shirtless because that's what the serious, fast girls/women did. I've let go of that one, but I still won't race shirtless. It's hard for me to articulate why I'd feel funny doing that, but some of is that I feel like people would think I think I'm fast. I used to hate hats, but can't remember why. Even though I normally wear sunglasses outside, I never wear them for running because, again, that's what the speedy fast people do.

The funny thing about my ideas is that they only apply to me. I tend to not pay that much attention to what other people wear, so you'd think I would realize the same probably is true for other runners and me. I am sure that most people probably don't care what I wear, but I still have these strange hang-ups.

Anyway, it was really bright outside today. While driving over to the lake, I decided to put on my sunglasses to cut down on the brightness. They didn't fit very well with my hat, so I took it off. I have to say that aside from small pieces of hair flying around, I liked running with the sunglasses instead of the hat. They slipped a little as I got sweaty, but not too bad. I think I should go ahead with my idea to buy a pair of running sunglasses. My eyes will thank me later, I'm sure.

Update on the tire saga: $100 later, I have 4 functioning tires again. I probably could've gotten something cheaper, but for some reason I wanted to match the OE tires. The funny part was I told the guy I needed a new tire, and he went to go look at my tires before I had a chance to explain why. He comes back in, and was pretty confused because my "tires all look pretty good." The tread isn't worn a lot, which is another reason I'm pissed I had to replace one. It made a lot more sense to him when we explained the nail in the sidewall. I bought my tire from a local place because I didn't want to wait, but for anyone in the market for tires, I'd highly recommend Tire Rack. We bought my snow tires from them, and even with shipping and the $50 for my dealer to mount the tires, it was significantly cheaper to buy my tires there than from a local store.


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Yesterday, I ran in a 10K race. I suppose I should say I raced, but that would feel dishonest because I basically gave up somewhere after the 5K mark.


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I don't know if all Targets are clearing out their summer merchandise, but our Target is. As the Engineer says, July is almost the end of summer here anyway. (Ha! I wish it would stop being so hot. I'd be perfectly content if it would stay in the 50s-60s year round). Anyway, I highly recommend checking out their beach towel clearance if you stretch outside. I got the fish towel to the left, as well as a striped towel, for $5 each. These towels are gigantic (40� x 70�), so there is plenty of room for me to do all my stretches without getting dirty.

Survey Time

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I don't think I got tagged, but I'm going to jump in on Brent's survey. I love surveys.

1. What is your favorite long run pace?

Around 9:00/mile is okay. I would like to get back to being able to run 8:30s while talking, like I did in high school, though.

2. What is your favorite (or typical) pre-run meal?

This only applies to morning runs:
Short runs, I like Balance Bars. How much I eat of the bar depends on the distance. Races and long runs, I eat oatmeal. I started doing this in high school, and if it ain't broke don't fix it. I also stick with it because it's very portable. Just bring the packets and if necessary, a bowl and spoon, and you can even have your normal breakfast while traveling. I currently like Kashi oatmeal.

3. What was the distance of your first ever, official race?

My first season of track, I was a sprinter and ran in the sprint medley (100m) for my first race. My first race as a distance runner, however, was a mile cross country race.

4. Do you typically run in groups or run alone?

All by myself (sing along!). I tried to run with a group here, but it wasn't a very good experience.

5. Name one or two NEW running experiences (occurring within the past year), that you have grown the most from.

This one's kind of hard. Aside from my run in the mountains, I haven't really had new experiences. That sounds kind of sad, actually. So kind of cheating, running Freescale was important because I didn't quit even when it started being sucky, and managed to avoid falling apart like I did last year at Med-City. I also did some speed workouts this spring, which proved to me that I still have some speed in me, I just need to dig down sometime to find it.

6. What is your least favorite structure to run on/over? I don't like running where I have to stop for traffic lights. While I loved cross country, I'm not a fan of running through thick mud. But I HATE running on cobblestones and on grates. There's an annoying stretch of the Chicago Marathon where you go over a grated bridge; they set down a stretch of carpet/mat but there isn't enough room for everyone so you might end up on the crappy surface. So that and cobblestone are my least favorite thing.

Mile High Runner

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Last weekend, the Engineer and I escaped from the flat, hot and humid Midwest. Last Saturday was my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary and they had a big party to celebrate. All of my Dad's family except for my brothers and 1 cousin were there, and it was great to see everyone. We don't get to see the extended family very often because of the distance.

We stayed up in the mountains; living in the flat, landscape-challenged Midwest, I forget how beautiful parts of the US are. We used to spend every summer in Utah and Montana and they really have some gorgeous areas. I wish I lived where I could see more interesting stuff than cornfields.

I had hoped to do my long run in MN before the trip, but things just didn't work out that way. I ended up running 6 days in a row (2 days before work) and running 8-10 miles just seemed like a bad idea. So that left me needing to run long while in Utah. I was a little apprehensive about it. Four years ago, my mom, brother JR and I took a trip; I ran 3 miles in WY and 8 in UT (not in the mountains tho) without problems but I wasn't even able to run a mile in MT.

I decided I'd go out and try to run, and if the air was too thin I'd just go for a long walk. I made the mistake of starting my run out uphill - owie! That hill would've been hard in MN, much less at an elevation of just over a mile. I eventually found a groove, but you can definitely tell which miles were uphill and which were flat/downhill. My breathing was okay, aside from a slight "burning" feeling in my lungs. And my legs felt fatigued a lot quicker - and my back felt pretty sore from the uphill running.

But it was awesome. Physical discomfort aside, I loved running in such a beautiful setting. I'm glad I took the camera with me. I've never run with one before; I think if it had been humid I would've regretted it.


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My rear passenger tire has a nail in it. And lucky me, the nail is in the sidewall so the tire can't be repaired and I have to buy a brand-new tire. UGH! Click on the picture if you're curious as to how I got a nail in my tire. (ie, I finally got a Flickr account).


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I need to go to the grocery store, but I've uploaded a photo gallery from this past weekend. (It's the first time I've created one and it took forever!). I've never run with a camera before, but running in the mountains seemed like a good time to try. Back later with details.