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Blog Closing

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It's no secret that I've been unmotivated to post this summer. A quick glance at my archives for the summer confirm that. It's been kind of a rough summer. I've thought out a post several times, but when it comes down to it, I don't feel like typing it all out.

The bright spot is that we've brought Molly home. She's keeping us pretty busy! We walk with her several times a day and run a few feet to get her used to the idea of running. It'll probably be a few months before I can actually take her with me for any amount of distance.

I am still running, just not a whole lot. I'm still having trouble with my hips, even after taking time off this month. I'm kind of just running for fitness at the moment, not training for anything specific. I think it's probably good to take a break for being competitively focused (as I had been since Jan of '04) and maybe work on having it be fun. We'll see.

As my title says, though, I'm shutting this blog down. As soon as I've got my archives backed up, I'm going to be closing my typepad account. With as little as I blog lately, I just cannot justify paying for my blog. If/when I blog again, it'll be back over at my blogspot page (, although if you use Bloglines you're better off just adding my feed ( because I'll probably be sporadic over there, too.

Thanks for reading me, everyone! While I may not always have responded to comments, or reciprocated, I really did appreciate it!

Testing 1 2 3

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Testing blogger back out.

Ha ha

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The track club just posted a picture from the Women's Race and it made me laugh:

I'm second from the left, in the blue top and navy shorts. I was mid-stretch, so I look pretty silly.

Briefly checking back in

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I've kind of lost interest in blogging about running. Can't really explain it, as I still love to chat about running. At work, J and I talk about running at least once a day (sometimes only in "did you run last night?" or "are you going to run tonight?" though), and occasionally I run into Speed Demon and chat with him. Maybe that's why I don't want to blog, because I now get to talk about it with people in person? I don't know, but I've just had no motivation to write here.

It's been pretty hot here, which is just draining. I've been running though, and have even gotten back on the 5 days/week track. One thing that has helped some is that I've been running sometimes at lunch. While the sun may be at its highest, it's several degrees cooler than if I went after work. I ran the Women's Race (4 mi) 2 weeks ago; as I said to the Engineer afterwards I ran "less crappy than usual." I was about 1 minute off my time from last year, and think a lot of that was from the heat/humidity. My pace dropped after the first mile, but I honestly thought I was running as fast/putting forth the same effort. (Also of note: I not only raced in my sunglasses for the first time, I also raced without my shirt. I was debating the shirt, when I spotted my main AG competition wearing shorts and a sportsbra, and decided I could do it, too). Hmmm ... what else? I actually did my first track workout in awhile last week. It went pretty well, I suppose. The track was kind of uneven, but it was nice to run on a fast surface again. I managed to get in a 10-mile run the other weekend.

The biggest thing that's happening here, though is that I'm finally getting my puppy! I finally wore down the Engineer, and my future running partner gets to come home with us in 2.5 weeks. You can read a tiny bit more on my (also infrequently updated) main TypePad page. While I'm suffering from running blog writing--fatigue, I might be more likely to update there.