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Monthly Report: January 2006

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Running: 9:21:01 | 59.11 miles
Walking: 2:34:54 | 9.07 miles
Elliptical: 1:15:00 | 5.24 miles
Weight lifting: 6:31:00
Total activity: 19:41:55

30 minutes

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Another 30 minute run on the 'mill tonight. I did manage to not hit stop mid-run this time, though. The 1% incline that I've been using has started to become non-noticeable, almost like it feels level. Nothing else to report today - kind of a non-exciting day.

treadmill @ 1% | 3.22 miles | 30:00 | 9:19/mi.

Weights + 30:00

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It's cold again here, and it snowed last night. Molly was excited about the snow, but me? Not so much. We tried to play some Frisbee after work, but my fingers were numb within 10 minutes. The cold combined with slushy snow on the roads led to me staying inside for my entire workout. I lifted and then ran for 30 minutes. I somehow managed to hit the stop button while running, which was kind of annoying.

upper + lower body weights | 34:00
treadmill @ 1% | 3.20 miles | 30:00 | 9:22/mi.

Training Week: January 23 - 29, 2006

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Running: 2:43:39 | 17.56 miles
Elliptical: 0:40:00 | 2.83 miles
Weight lifting: 1:40:00
Total activity: 5:03:39

XT Day

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Pretty short XT day, since I did my weight lifting yesterday - just 40 minutes on the elliptical. I was thinking about cross training while on it, and how I really need to keep up the elliptical/walking and weight lifting. I think there probably is some relationship between my injuries and the lack of cross training, especially the weights.

I spent a lot of time over the last few days playing with Excel and my online training log. Last year, I used an Excel log to keep track of my exercise minutes. It took me awhile to customize this year's version but it's finally done. (So the week summaries will resume today). I think I finally got my online training log how I like it, but it appears that I'm running out of room on my freewebs site. I have more room on my geocities site, but the ads don't work so well with my framed pages. I've started thinking about buying hosting and registering a domain name; it looks like I could get hosting, a domain name and private registration for around $47/year. I don't know if I want to commit to "ugly toes" for a domain name, though, but I don't know what would be a better name.

elliptical | 35:00 HR Cardio\5:00 CD | 31:40 in zone | 2.83 miles

Cold 5

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Yesterday was my rest day, and I spent the afternoon being fairly productive. I went to the Post Office to get some new 39 cent stamps along with some 2 cent stamps so I could finish off our supply of 37 cent stamps. Unfortunately, I vastly underestimated the number of stamps we had left, so another trip will be in order at some point. (And what really sucks is that you have to go to the counter to buy 2 cent stamps, as opposed to using the self-service machine that is available 24 hours). I then played a long round of Frisbee with Molly while also cleaning up the yard. (Our yard looks pretty good now, after another round of Frisbee/cleaning this morning). Unfortunately, with the warm weather our yard was getting a little mushy. After 45 minutes or so of running around, Molly's legs were covered in mud and her undercoat was soaked and dirty. So I got the fun job of trying to bathe her (by myself since the Engineer was still at work) in the laundry tub. Luckily, I only needed to get the undercoat and legs because she is now too big for a full bath in the laundry tub. My last real accomplishment of the day was filing away the 3-4 months of bills/statements/pay stubs/car paperwork/etc that have been cluttering up the kitchen.

The warm weather disappeared over night, and there was frost on the deck and grass this morning. It was also only in the low 30s, with windchill in the upper 20s. I went downstairs for weight lifting, but didn't really feel like doing my longer run on the treadmill. (I wanted to run at least 4, but maybe a little extra over that). So I changed into winter clothes and headed outside. I ran a fairly non-interesting route. I did decide to go over 4 since I was feeling pretty good, and ended my day at 5.

upper + lower body weights | 3 sets | 35:00

34 degrees | felt like 27 | SSE 8 MPH | 89% humidity
1 | 9:22
2 | 9:21 | 18:43
3 | 9:09 | 27:52
4 | 8:58 | 36:51
5 | 9:14 | 46:06
5.04 miles | 46:27 | 9:13/mi.


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I ran outside today - in shorts! If it weren't for the wind, it would've been a really nice day. I temporarily thought about wearing tights because of the wind; I took Molly outside in between weight lifting sets and was okay in shorts and my hoodie. And other than running directly into the wind, shorts were okay. I ran up the big, misleading hill in the neighborhood, which I haven't done in a long time. This hill sucks - from far away, it looks like a nice gradual slope. But once you get going on it, it seems steep. I felt much better running outside than I have on the treadmill.

upper body weights | 3 sets | 18:00
lower body weights | 3 sets | 13:00

43 degrees | felt like 33 | From S at 23 mph gusting to 30 mph
8:54 | 17:56
9:16 | 27:13 (up hill)
3.02 miles | 27:22 | 9:04/mi.

"How do you do that?

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Last night, I went to HyVee to get more fruit. I ended up with 3 bags of apples, and the cashier commented on how many I had. I said that I followed the 5 a day thing, and she seemed amazed that I eat 5 apples a day ... "how do you do that?" I don't think of it as something that hard to do (1 at breakfast, 1 at lunch, 1 after work, 1 at dinner, 1 later) so I guess I forget that most people (especially teenage girls like my cashier) find it out of the ordinary.

Easy run on the 'mill tonight. I was able to bump it up to 3.5 miles. I could've probably kept going to 4, but the cramps were returning. This whole running after work thing sucks! I'm so hungry by the time I leave work ... I wish that I could run before work, but I don't really want to get up at 5AM to accomplish that. Sometimes the inflexibility of my work hours sucks.

treadmill @ 1% | 3.5 miles | 33:05 | 9:27/mi.

weights + 3 miles + weights

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Since I postponed weights today, I had both upper and lower body scheduled for today. I decided to split them up, with my run being in between. So I did my upper body weights, then ran 3 miles. I had thought about maybe running a bit farther, but a cramp in my left side ended that idea. I was also hungry, and still needed to do more weights. Kind of an average workout today.

Late run

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Today was another day in which I exercised later than normal. I had an eye appointment at 4:20 today, and I didn't think it would take too long. It ended up taking almost an hour (well, that includes a 15 min wait). I'm currently experiencing a decrease in the vision of my right eye (the one that had the inflammation). I just had an eye exam in December, and compared to that, my vision has gone from -5.25 to -5.5, my astigmatism went from .75 to 1.25, and my axis went from 25 to 39. The doctor said it could just be a temporary effect of the inflammation, so we're going to wait to change my prescription. I'm hoping it's just temporary because that seems like a big jump. Plus, I was really hoping that my vision was going to stabilize so I could have Lasik next year.

Anyway, I finally got to run on the 'mill a little before 6. I thought about skipping my run but decided that I'd just postpone weights until tomorrow. I'm glad I decided to eat an apple before I left for the eye doctor, though.

treadmill @ 1% | 3 miles | 28:22 | 9:27/mi.

XT Day

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I went about my XT day a little different than I have in the past. I normally would get up, maybe eat something, and then do my XT before going about my day. Today, I got up and took Molly out and then played frisbee for 15-20 minutes. (We've played a lot of frisbee over the last few days and my arm is getting sore!). I ate an apple while she ate, and then we went on a ~15 minute walk through the neighborhood. I debated going downstairs to exercise, since the Engineer was up and I could leave Molly loose with him (no more laundry room unless we're awake/around). I didn't feel like it, so instead I went out to Wal-Mart to get groceries.

By the time I was back from the store, I felt more like exercising. So I went downstairs to weight lift and elliptical. Don't laugh, but "Fried Green Tomatoes" was on TV, so I watched that. It might say something about how odd of a 13 year old girl I was, because I loved that movie and book when it came out.

upper body weights | 3 sets | 19:00
elliptical | 30:00 HR Cardio/5:00 CD | 26:45 in zone | 2.41 miles

Last night, I decided I should take a look at half marathon training programs if I want to run the 20K in April. I found that I should've just finished week 1 of a 12 week program. I like Hal Higdon, but it doesn't look like I'll be following him right now. His novice program is too easy, but the I'm not in shape to follow the intermediate program. I'll probably just use the long runs of the novice program as a guideline and do my own thing unless I find something more applicable to me.

lunch running + 4 miles

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Yesterday, I needed to train someone at work at 5 PM so I wasn't going to have time to run and shower after work (I get off work at 3:30). I decided to take a little bit extra at lunch, and ran my 3 miles then. I did my weight lifting after I got back from training. I'm not used to splitting up my workouts by that many hours, but it turned out okay.

This morning, I ran 4 miles. It went okay, but I should really look into having someone come out and calibrate my treadmill. I run at what the treadmill says is 6.4 MPH, which according to this chart is equal to 9:22/mile. However, it ends up being more like 9:30/mi, which should be 6.3 MPH. So obviously something is off with my treadmill. I probably should finally calibrate my Polar foot pod and just use that to keep the time and distance, because then I'd know for sure how far I'm running.

treadmill @ 1% | 3 miles | 28:23 | 9:28/mi.
upper body weights | 3 sets | 18:00

treadmill @ 1% | 4 miles | 37:50 | 9:28/mi.
lower body weights | 3 sets | 12:00

Bad dog!

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Today Molly decided to show me her real feelings for the laundry room:

So instead of running and lifting, I spent some time vacuuming.

3 miles + weights

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Pretty boring run on the 'mill today. Molly was hanging out in the laundry room, so I took off my glasses and just listened to my MP3 player. I'm still hating running with glasses on - how do people stand it? I ran my 3 miles, stretched, then did my lower body weights and stretched again. Not exciting.

It's getting colder here. It was in the teens/low 20s this morning when I took Molly out. We got some ice last night, followed by snow. It flurried a little more this afternoon. So even if I had wanted to run outside, I think the roads would be a little too dangerous. I hate when there is ice under snow, because all it takes is a misstep and down you go.

In blog news, I finally finished uploading my archives. Now I just need to finish the formatting work I'd started on my training log (and maybe updating my gear page) and everything will be in working order.


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My actual workout today was boring (upper body weights, 3 miles on the 'mill) so I'm going to join in on the memes going around:

Four jobs you've had in your life:
Quality Assurance Lab Analyst
Computer Support Staff
Quality Control Microbiologst

Four movies you could watch over and over:
Say Anything
Dazed and Confused
Clerks/Chasing Amy/Jay and Silent Bob

Four places you've lived:
Newtown, CT
St. Louis
Champaign, IL

Four TV shows you love to watch:
Veronica Mars
My Name is Earl
Nip/Tuck (except the season finale SUCKED!!)

Four places you've been on vacation:
Yellowstone National Park
Las Vegas
Mt. Rushmore

Four websites you visit daily:
Television Without Pity
Google News

Four of your favorite foods:

Four places you'd rather be:
Anywhere warm/without snow!

Four albums you can't live without:
I don't really do the whole "album" thing. I'm not sure I could tell you the last CD I bought. We've got Yahoo! Unlimited, so I do a lot of single song downloading.

Four vehicles I've owned:
Chevrolet Celebrity
Pontiac Sunfire
BMW 323
Acura TL (love!)

And now, here's what's in my fridge:

Most of the stuff in there belongs to the Engineer (or in the case of the beer, random people that came over for poker a very long time ago). I will claim the apples, fruit cups, yogurt smoothies, protein shakes and cheese sticks. The pink capped milk on the top shelf is only mine in the sense that I bought it for work. I haven't drank regular milk in probably 4 years. When I eat cereal, I use soy milk or Lactaid if I can't have soy milk.

The freezer is apparently more my territory. The bottom of the freezer contains several bags of frozen peas/vegetables that I use for icing purposes. I was using the lemonade can to roll under my feet. As food for eating, I don't cook, so you can see my stash of frozen meal boxes. I'd normally have more Amy's stuff, but I'm boycotting Target and haven't had time to go to the hippie store to stock up on what HyVee doesn't sell. I will gladly claim the Tofutti fudge treats - they're pretty decent and only 30 cals.


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Apparently Blogger is currently considering me to be a possible "spam blog," and I'm having to do word verification for anything I post. Since I am in the middle of uploading my archives, this is a huge pain! I hate word verification.

2 things to remember:
1) never change blog hosts
2) never delete blog archives

Today's a rest day ... I was going to cross train, but then my hips cracked this morning. I decided maybe I should just keep things to 5 days/week while I'm getting back on track. No need to go all out for everything ....

Run + weights

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Ran 3 miles on the treadmill, followed by lower body weights. I took my glasses off while running so as not to be bothered by the sweat. Want to know how bad my vision is? I run up at the front of the treadmill, and the numbers on the display were blurry. I could still read them, but they were blurry.

I went to Lens Crafters this afternoon, and after an hour of sitting in the waiting room semi-blind, I now have glasses with the correct prescription lenses. Driving around afterwards was much more pleasant, except for when I headed into the sun. I normally wear sunglasses while driving, so not being able to wear them is a little weird. I think I'll probably get a second pair of glasses made at my next annual exam, so that I have a backup pair. While I could see enough to read magazines/books, not being able to see while waiting was pretty annoying.

treadmill @1% | 3 miles | 28:36 | 9:32/mi.
treadmill walk CD @1% | 0.29 miles | 5:00
lower body weights | 3 sets | 14:00

Four Eyes

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I'm so jealous that Jon got to wear shorts in January! Our bout of nice weather ended today when strong winds came in.

Warm Winter Day

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Took yesterday off, which was a good idea since I'd worked out 5 days in a row (and ran for 4 of those).

Today was really nice, for winter in Minnesota. My car tried to tell me that it was above 40 as I was driving home from work, and the sun was out. So I decided to head outside again. I wasn't as pokey! I think the day off, and maybe having done 2 sets of leg weights prior (so I was warmed up some) helped. Nothing much else to report today.

lower body weights | 2 sets | 6:00

upper 30s | felt like lower 30s

9:16 | 18:36
9:16 | 27:52
3.08 miles | 28:31 | 9:16/mi.

Cold ankles

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Thanks for the welcome back, Jon and Warren! And yay for still having readers!

Did'ya know I've been kicked out of the RBF? It's true, I'm no longer listed in the directory. I guess moving and deleting your archives gets you taken off the list. Oh well, no biggie! I kind of like having a small readership anyway. (If I used smileys, I'd put one here).

I ran outside today. As other Minnesotans have noted, we've finally got some sun. That isn't really why I went outside, though, since I didn't get done with weights until almost 5 and it gets dark here early.

I ran 3 miles yesterday on my treadmill and it was kind of sucky. Direct TV now has XM radio for the music channels, so I was listening to the 90s on 9 (aka my fave XM station) and that part was all good. But I had Molly down in the basement with me, and well, it's hard to have focus on working out with the puppy around. We crate her during the day (I come home for an hour at lunch to play with her/let her out), so I like to have her loose after I get home. But even though I bring toys and her bone down to the basement, she prefers to either stand by the treadmill and stare at me or to just wander around and sniff the floor. The floor sniffing is very distracting, because it makes me think she has to go outside. She cracked me up last night, because as soon as I was done running she wanted to cuddle up next to me and get petted. I was pretty sweaty, but I bet she thought that was awesome. I'm not sure what she thinks I'm trying to do, but when I sit down to stretch she has decide that means I want to give her a hug so she should sit right in front of me.

But anyway, running on the treadmill feels really unnatural right now, so I decided to run outside to see if it maybe felt any easier. (Molly got to hang out in the laundry room with her jingle ball, which she loves to bounce off of the walls). Running outside did feel easier, but confirmed that I really am pokey right now. I don't understand - 2 months shouldn't have made that big of a difference! I could try and blame the cold, but that sounds like something people say to make themselves feel better about being a slowpoke. Luckily, I know from experience that this will reverse itself.

So about the cold ankles ... it wasn't really that cold today but I wore the wrong socks. I haven't washed whites since Christmas, which normally wouldn't be a problem since I have a TON of socks. But since I haven't been really running, I had been wearing my crew Coolmax socks instead of my injinji toes socks. Well, I prefer to wear crew socks when running with tights because I can pull them up over my tights and make sure skin doesn't get exposed. My toe socks are the micro cut (aka low cut), and while I pulled my tights over them, my tights creeped up and my ankles were out. Other than the sock mishap, I think I actually overdressed. I had consulted my running log from when I ran outside all winter, and it told me that the weather conditions meant I should wear tights, a short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt, my (light weight) jacket, my winter hat and gloves. I couldn't find my gloves, but while searching for my hat, I did find my mittens. I think the mittens were the mistake - once my hands got hot, so did my upper body. The shirts would've probably been fine otherwise. I'm not sure where my gloves went ... I thought I wore cotton ones for the 10K, but maybe I did wear the real ones ... but that means they are in my super messy "office" and I hate looking for stuff in there.

I was just looking at my '01-02 log to see how slow I was when coming off of a 6 month lazy lay-off, and I think the following notations are funny:

7/1: some old guy tried to run me over!
7/4: bought new Triaxes at Sports Authority ($40!)
7/6: girl tried to run me over at Lincoln/Green by turning right on red

I've left out the boring details, but my excitement over cheap shoes cracks me up. I'm also amused that I almost got run over twice in one week, when I'd never had a close encounter before.

I'm still putting up my archives and it's an interesting trip down memory lane. I'd forgotten how much whining I did about the cold my first winter here. I'm still kind of impressed with myself for running outside even with -23 windchill. I was less pleased to come back across the comments post-Freescale. I think they're probably part of the reason I had a hard time being excited about that marathon. I should've been ecstatic about finally breaking 4, but the whole ITB put a damper on that. But then to come back, and find (mixed in with the nice comments) some random person telling me I'm stupid and I suck? Well .... Who does that anyway? I read plenty of posts/blogs where I wonder what's going on, but what point does leaving a negative comment make? Especially when they don't know you at all?

Anyway! I'm getting the border collie stare aka, if I stare at you enough, maybe you'll do what I want. Oh, she's moved on to staring at her ball. I don't know if she'll ever figure out that the ball is never going to move on it's own. Either way, I've written too much for one day.

upper body weights

28 | felt like 14 | 17 mph S
10:13 | 20:22
10:07 | 30:30
3.05 miles | 31:00 | 10:09/mi.


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Before I start, this trend of posting videos on blogs? HAS TO STOP! I am so tired of trying to read about someone's running or whatever and being assaulted by a stupid music video. I HATE IT! Myspace.com is bad enough with the songs and the videos, why does it have to infect blogs, too?

Anyway. I deleted my Typepad account back in August, and meant to type up a post explaining the move and then just never got around to it. I'll probably put my archives back up at some point, but over the summer I just got really sick of seeing them. I was also pretty sick of running, but I kept forcing myself to run 1-3 days a week. I ran a 10K in October with J (I let him beat me by 3 seconds, after we'd run the whole race together) and then just stopped running.

And I didn't miss it, which just goes to show how much I'd fucked things up. Normally if I have time off, I miss running. Or, like when I used to only run sporadically through the winter in high school, I'd be making plans and goals and whatnot. For the past 2 months, I've done none of that - and I've finally conceded that I was severely burnt out and overtrained.

I'd probably been overtrained since summer '04, when I didn't really take time off to recover from Med-City. Sure, I did eventually back down on the mileage, and I did have that whole 7-8 days off ... but I didn't really ever take a break. And that fall I was still "go go go" and jumped right into marathon training. Not even having the return of the ITB problems was enough for me to stop, and I ran the marathon anyway. You'd think I'd have taken time off after that, but no. Within 10 days of the marathon, I was back on my treadmill running intervals. Sure, I started to run slower because of the heart rate monitor training, but I also started doing 1-2/week speed sessions. And, granted, I had fun doing them, but I now think that was a big mistake on my part. By the time summer rolled around, I really had no motivation but kept forcing myself anyway. But once your drive goes ....

The never-ending aches and pains are most likely the result of the overtraining, too. I never really gave my ITB time to heal. I thought I'd had it kicked last fall (04), but I think the low mileage was probably enough to keep it at bay. My hips started being more of a problem this spring. After the 1/2 marathon in May, they hurt for a few days, and I had problems with them again over the summer. Then things were okay, but they started hurting again during that 10K which also prompted me to take a break.

So like I said, I stopped running after that 10K in October, and I really enjoyed my break. (I don't enjoy the 5 pounds that showed up from the lack of exercise and lack of paying attention to what I ate). I finally got back on the exercise wagon on 12/29, with some weight-lifting. I was going to use the elliptical, but within 5 minutes on there, my hip started to hurt. Ugh! So I decided to walk on the treadmill instead. Now, I HATE walking as exercise. I think it's stupid and lame. It turns out, though, that if you crank the incline enough I can get a decent workout in. I've been wearing my heart rate monitor, and walking at 4.2+ mph and inclines of 4-9% get my heart rate as high as running. So while I still think walking is kind of lame, I'm accepting it as an okay form of cross-training. I've also been doing my lower body weight lifting, which is an area I've definitely been slacking. I think some of my leg problems are probably the result of strength deficiencies.

I did run on Friday and Saturday. I finally felt like it. In the past, I've started back at 3 miles even if my break has been 6 months. I'm stubborn like that. And I'd planned on running 3 when I started on Friday, but decided to actually be smart for once and stopped at 2. (If I had been outside and not on the treadmill, I probably would've kept going, so no applause for me here). I would've run today, but my hips (muscle not joint) were sore last night so I decided to be smart again and just walk today.

No goals or "resolutions" for 2006 for me. I just need to focus on being healthy (and losing the 5 pounds, and maybe 5-10 more to get back to and maybe below "skinny weight"). I would like to get in shape for the Fetzer 20K, and I think it's very reasonable for me to get up to 12.4 miles in 3 months. I did once go from not running for 6 months to marathon in 18 weeks ... but I don't think I'm going to be attempting that feat again. I should probably try to be better about blogging, but we'll see how that goes.

Oh, look at how giant my puppy is! The first picture is Molly at 8 weeks, when we got her. The next is Molly at 6 months, last week after she went to the groomer. (She's been digging in the dirt, though, so she's nowhere near that clean anymore). Only 5.5 more months until I'm allowed to run with her!