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Speedwork on the 'mill

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I know I declared a moratorium on 'mill speedwork, but I felt like running something fast this morning. I had decided awhile ago that March was when I needed to start doing some speed stuff, and tomorrow's March ... anyway, I settled on 4 x 0.25 miles with 0.25 mile recovery. The thing that is annoying about running on the treadmill is that the splits aren't 100% accurate, but that's okay. The intervals weren't too bad; I felt a little icky on the last one, but that could just be a result of running hard after a bad night's sleep and on an empty stomach.

I should be weight lifting right now, but I'm not. I'm trying to limit Molly's alone time while I'm home since we're going to the Illini game up in Minneapolis tonight. She's eating right now, and my workout would take longer than that. We played Frisbee after work, and she is a giant muddy mess. I'll be glad once all the slushy snow goes away.

1.00 mi | 9:19
0.25 mi | 1:52
0.25 mi | 2:19
0.25 mi | 1:51
0.25 mi | 2:20
0.25 mi | 1:47
0.25 mi | 2:20
0.25 mi | 1:47
0.25 mi | 2:20
0.75 mi | 7:01
treadmill @ 1% | 3.75 miles | 33:00 | 8:48/mi.

treadmill @ 1% | 4 miles | 37:00 | 9:15/mi.

Monthly Report: February 2006

Running: 11:57:34 | 77.93 miles
Walking: 02:36:21 | 10.50 miles
Elliptical: 02:53:00 | 11.73 miles
Weight lifting: 7:18:00
Total: 24:44:55

Long XT Day

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I spent a lot of time downstairs in the basement today. I ellipticalled, weightlifted and walked. I felt a lot less tired than I did last week. I think it helps that I slept more Friday and Saturday nights. I still got up early to let Molly out, but I was able to go back to sleep for at least another hour.

elliptical | 40:00 HR Cardio/5:00 CD | 36:56 in zone | 3.14 miles
upper + lower body weights | 44:00
treadmill | hill interval level 4 | 15:00 | 1.02 miles

Training Week: February 20 - 26, 2006

Running: 3:02:00 | 19.56 miles
Walking: 2:36:21 | 4.41 miles
Elliptical: 0:45:00 | 3.14 miles
Weights: 2:16:00
Total activity: 7:08:00

Back pain

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I really think it's time to buy a new mattress. My upper back has been hurting very badly, especially in the morning. Yesterday, it continued to hurt throughout the day, which made work kind of difficult. (I normally don't have to lift stuff, but I was filling in for someone and had to move some heavy stuff around. I called B and made him come lift the stuff for me because my back wasn't going to cooperate). I'm supposed to clean our "office" (or as the Engineer calls it "the crap room") so that if we do get a new mattress, we have somewhere to store the current one.

Running this week went okay, aside from the back pain. Upper back pain is weird - I was thinking the other morning that I probably wasn't doing enough for my core, but then I remembered that I get low back pain when my abs are too weak. The only time I can remember having pain like this is after I fell and slid down a flight of stairs. But anyway, I got up at 5 yesterday to run, but got to sleep in for a bit before running today.

We had happy hour last night, and I talked with Speed Demon for a bit. I was saying how after my break, I'm starting to be a bit more focused and have a few distance-related plans. I won't have any time plans until I the race season starts and I can see what type of shape I'm in. If my 20K in April goes okay, I'm thinking I might run the Get In Gear 10K later that month. Speed Demon's run it a few times and I know he said last year it was a lot of fun. But since he finishes in the top 20, he hasn't had to deal with the crowds (looks like over 3500 people run this thing). He does think that the crowding shouldn't be too bad in the time range I'd prefer to be in (45-46), though. We'll see, though ... after running 2 slow 10Ks last year, I'm in no hurry to run another slow one.

treadmill @ 1% | 3.55 miles | 33:00 | 9:18/mi.

treadmill @ 1% | 5.36 miles | 50:00 | 9:20/mi.
treadmill @ 1% | walk CD | 0.67 miles | 10:00

The early bird ...

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I guess gets the worm, but I don't want that! I'm on day 3 of sucking it up and getting up at 5AM to run before work. I'm going to bed on time, but having trouble falling asleep in a quick manner. Falling asleep (and staying asleep) would make things a lot easier!

treadmill @ 1% | 3.55 miles | 33:00 | 9:18/mi.

5:15 AM - treadmill @ 1% | 3.56 miles | 33:00 | 9:16/mi.

4:45 PM - upper + lower body weights | 46:00
treadmill | weight loss pgm level 7 | 20:00 | 1.37 miles

Deer + Marathon = bad news

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Am I a bad person for finding this funny?

Link from Marathon Central.

Double Day

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Two workouts today, after I completely slacked on working out yesterday. I got up at 5AM today, as per usual for Tuesday. But instead of weight lifting, I went ahead and ran. There was a goodbye party for a woman at work today that involved cake (and ice cream, it turned out) at 3PM so running in the morning worked better. After work, I played some Frisbee with Molly since it's a little bit warmer. Then I headed downstairs to weight lift. I switched my order around a little, which made for a longer workout, but also resulted in less shoulder popping. I followed the weights up with a short hill interval walk on the treadmill.

I need to call the service department for the 'mill. We stopped in at Second Wind on Saturday to look at weight stuff, and I talked with one of the guys there about my calibration issue. He reminded me that the warranty on parts is 10 years, so if something is wrong it'll probably be covered. (And if it's severe enough - which we doubt - they'd swap it out for a new one. My ears perked up at that, since True redid their models since we bought mine, and I think the newer ones have better features).

5:15 AM
treadmill @ 1% | 3.54 miles | 33:00 | 9:19/mi.

4:30 PM
upper + lower body weights | 46:00
treadmill | hill interval level 5 | 1.35 miles | 20:00

Training Week: February 13 - 19, 2006

Running: 3:09:53 | 20.35 miles
Walking: 0:14:42 | 1 mile
Elliptical: 0:45:00 | 3.02 miles
Weight lifting: 1:46:00
Total activity: 5:55:35

Long day ... short day

My original idea for a title was "Baby, it's cold outside!" after the song. After a fairly mild winter, it has been absolutely frigid the last few days. Friday, it never got above 0 and the windchills were in the -30s. Yesterday it creeped just above 0 in the afternoon, with windchills in the -10s to -20s.

My poor puppy was miserable Friday morning. She normally loves to go outside in the snow; she loves to dive into it and run around and just generally be crazy. But Friday morning, she was having issues with squatting in the snow, and then she started limping around on only 3 paws. She repeated the limping (alternating which paw she would lift up) for the Engineer, so he suggested we get her some boots.

Now, let me make one thing clear: I DO NOT dress up my dog. She doesn't own any "outfits" and I refuse to let her have bows at the groomers. The only thing she wears is her (orange) collar and (blue) tags (hmmm ... what are her owners' school colors?). Until I found the orange collar, she had a blue collar and leash, so people always assumed we had a boy puppy. (And as a sidenote, I hate gender color stereotyping, so my hypothetical future kids will probably wear a lot of green and yellow until they are old enough to pick out their own clothes). So anyway, I went off to PetCo after work to locate some boots for my poor puppy. She wasn't too happy about the boots, but she was able to tolerate the cold snow better.

That was kind of a long lead up just to have an excuse to post some puppy pictures.

I think she's actually scowling at me!

Outside with boots. The ground was bare two days prior.

Two days prior: Molly with her most favorite toy. She's staring at me, hoping to will me to put away the camera and get back to playing.

So onto my post title. Yesterday, I had a good workout. I refused to go outside because of the cold, so I ran on the 'mill. Aside from accidentally stopping my watch (which meant having to run at the same speed for awhile so I could figure out my final time), it was a pretty uneventful 'mill run. I actually made a halfway decent playlist prior to running, and managed to only skip a few songs. I did drop the speed towards the end because I felt a little tired (and my left ankle had done something weird at 2.5 miles) but overall I felt okay. I decided to call it a day at 6.5 miles instead of pushing to 7 because I didn't need the extra distance. I ran for just over an hour - my longest run in a very long time.

Today, however, wasn't as good. I just didn't want to do anything. I did the elliptical for a total of 45 minutes; I had HRM malfunction issues again. I stopped and went to soak the strap (apparently the electrode gel isn't working for me anymore), which helped some. I still got some erratic readings, but I don't know if that was the HRM or if I was just having trouble getting my heart rate up and staying up. I started to weight lift after that. Bleh. I ended up skipping my last 4 exercise because I just didn't want to do them. Two of the exercises were for shoulders, and I had already had my left shoulder repeatedly pop during tricep extensions. I had intended to walk after lifting, but I skipped that, too. I don't feel too bad about cutting my workout short, though. I figure if I really don't want to XT, there isn't much point in forcing it. Extra rest isn't necessarily a bad thing.

1 | 9:19
2 | 9:19 | 18:38
3 | 9:19 | 27:57
4 | 9:19 | 37:16
5 | 9:27 | 46:43
6 | 9:27 | 56:10
treadmill @ 1% | 6.5 miles | 1:00:53 | 9:22/mi.
treadmill @ 1 % | walk CD | 0.50 miles | 7:32

elliptical | 5:00 | 0.31 miles (HRM malfunction)
elliptical | 35:00 HR Cardio/5:00 CD | 29:06 in zone | 2.71 miles
lower + upper body weights | 28:00

Early bird

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First off, it snowed last night. It's hard to tell because of the wind, but the Engineer's estimate is that we've gotten at least 8 inches so far. I drove "the Beast" this morning (my new nickname for his TrailBlazer) but didn't bother to actually use the 4WD until this afternoon. I'm hoping that they get all this crap cleared up by Saturday because I don't want to run long on the 'mill. But then again ... it's supposed to be pretty cold this weekend (high of 6 on Sat with windchills in the negative teens) so maybe I'll want to be inside anyway.

I like to shop when the weather is bad, so I made a trip to Wal-Mart. Like last time, getting the cart to my car was kind of fun. Unlike last time, I was able to push the cart instead of dragging it. I'm unofficially counting the pushing as my second workout for the day, because it was pretty tough to push the cart and not fall.

So here's a description of the cake we had today:

Sacher Torte
A classic from Vienna! Three layers of milk chocolate cake with raspberry jam between and covered with chocolate ganache.

Ganache is pretty tasty! I highly approve of this frosting. I found out today that we get cake twice next week. On Tuesday, they are having cake for a woman that is leaving for a new job. Friday they are having cake for a man retiring (followed by a happy hour). The woman that made us the brownie on V-Day is going to be making the cakes, so yay!

Maybe I should discuss exercise? I woke up at 5AM again today, but this time I ran and weight lifted. I have a meeting every Thursday at 3PM, and most weeks it runs past 3:30 (aka quitting time). I arranged to come in today at 7:30 and leave at 4. I figured it would work better with the meeting and allow me to do my full workout in the morning. (But go figure - the meeting ran short today). I only ran for 30 minutes, because my legs were slightly tired. I also cut my lower body weight sets down to 3. I'm not sure I want to do 3 sets for legs, since it's just supplemental (as opposed to upper body lifting). Overall, working out in the morning was great as I'm enjoying having my afternooon free (it makes it feel like it's a rest day!).

treadmill @ 1% | 3.19 miles | 30:00 | 9:24/mi.
upper + lower body weights | 37:00

Cookies and cake!

I had M&M cookies out of the Wheel of Doom (aka vending machine) at work today. B and I were working on this huge plating project (6 samples, 2 medias, 3 dilutions in triplicate = 108 plates each) and needed a break. My back was hurting, so I followed B into the break room. I like cookies, so it was a good break. Tomorrow, we're getting cake! I decided that we needed to start celebrating birthdays, and my manager agreed as long as he didn't have to organize it. One of the guy's birthdays was today, but he was gone so we're celebrating tomorrow. I asked him for his cake preference and he asked for "chocolate bathed in chocolate." We get our cakes from a really good bakery (no grocery store sheet cakes for us!) and I think we found something that will meet his wish.

Also exciting - one of the Dairy Queens is open again! I was kind of angry to find out that all 3 locations here close for winter. It's bad enough we don't have a real ice cream place (not even Baskin Robbins), but to not even have DQ in winter was just wrong. The location we like opens next month.

You know, I didn't use to like sweets this much. Sometimes it's surprising I'm not overweight - my metabolism must finally be working right! Ha! I am back at the point of not caring about strictly staying within a certain calorie range (so that didn't last very long). Since I'm within the healthy weight range for my height, it's easy for me to say "screw it" and just try to maintain. I wouldn't mind being about 5 pounds lighter (which would be my '04 "racing weight") but I think things will sort themselves out as I get my mileage back over 20 mpw. Or not .... I'm feeling pretty "whatever" about it all. I run 5 days a week, weight lift 3 times a week, eat 5 apples/day, so I feel I'm doing pretty good on the healthy scale.

Ok, moving on from all that. I decided to use the hill interval program on my treadmill today. I picked level 2, which had the baseline incline as 1.5% and had intervals going from 2.5 to 5%. The thing about the programs, though, is that the speed is also pre-programmed and all of the levels are too slow for running. So I had to manually change the speed 3 times during my workout which was a little distracting/annoying. But other than that, the hills weren't too bad. I should probably incorporate more hill training, especially since the 20K in April has that big hill at 8.5 miles and the highway overpass at 12 miles.

treadmill | hill interval level 2 (1.5-5%) | 3.56 miles | 33:00 | 9:16/mi.

Catching up

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Happy Valentine's Day! The Engineer and I don't really celebrate it, since it's a made-up holiday. My male co-workers didn't believe me when I told them that last year, but it's just one of the ways in which I'm not a typical "girl." Work was nice today ... one of my co-workers brought in a big heart-shaped brownie that his wife had made for us. So we hung out in the conference room and demolished it. His wife makes awesome desserts, so it was really good.

Training Week: February 6 - 12, 2006

Running: 2:58:58 | 19.5 miles
Walking: 0:46:39 | 3.14 miles
Elliptical: 0:43:00 | 2.79 miles
Weight lifting: 1:58:00
Total activity: 6:26:37

Lunch run

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My blog is so dull right now, but that's kind of my life right now. Maybe I'll be more interesting once I'm officially training for something ... or maybe not.

I planned on staying late at work for something today, so I took a long lunch and ran. I had debated running early this morning instead but decided to sleep instead. Run was okay - nothing too exciting, as usual.

treadmill @ 1% | 3 miles | 27:29 | 9:10/mi.
treadmill @ 1% | walk CD | 0.25 miles | 3:36

Double day

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I had another double workout day today. Unlike Monday, I didn't have an appointment or anything. I just didn't want to have an hour+ workout after work. So I got up at 5AM and did my weights; I ran when I got home from work. I should try to do more morning workouts since I do enjoy having my afternoons free.

upper + lower body weights | 37:00

4:15 PM
treadmill @ 1% | 3.27 miles | 30:00 | 9:10/mi.
treadmill @ 1% | walk CD | 0.50 miles | 7:36

Tempo run

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I hereby declare a moratorium on speedwork on the 'mill. I had decided to run faster for the middle of my run as a sort of tempo run. Ugh! I ran 1.5 miles "fast," and it was so much harder than the 7:29 mile I ran outside last week. It also made my hips feel a little tight - that alone equals no more speedwork on the 'mill. I don't need any help injuring my hips again. Hopefully this cold snap will end soon so I can run fast outside. While I CAN run outside (it isn't that cold - I spend 10-20 minutes playing frisbee with the pup and that doesn't involve much movement) I don't WANT to.

1.0 | 9:19
2.0 | 7:57 | 17:16
2.5 | 3:54 | 21:10
3.0 | 4:39 | 25:49
4.0 | 9:08 | 34:58
treadmill @ 1% | 4 miles | 34:58 | 8:45/mi.

treadmill @ 1% | walk CD | 0.50 miles | 7:33

ETA: yay! I've been allowed back into the RBF!

Two a day

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I went back to the eye doctor this afternoon, to see if my vision change was temporary. Luckily, my vision has returned to normal. Even better, I didn't have to wait very long before my appointment, so I was there for less than an hour.

Today's workout plans involved both running and weight lifting. Since I knew I'd be at the eye doctor's office until at least 5 PM, I decided to wake up early and do a part of my workout before work. I ended up going with weight lifting, mainly so I wouldn't have to wash and dry my hair. While waking up early wasn't so great, I was happy to get home and only having ~30 minutes of workout instead of over an hour.

5AM - upper + lower body weights | 40:00
5 PM - treadmill @ 1% | 3.23 miles | 30:00 | 9:17/mi.
treadmill @ 1% | walk CD | 0.50 miles | 7:54

Running: 2:36:43 | 17.19 miles
Walking: 0:30:00 | 1.95 miles
Elliptical: 0:40:00 | 2.78 miles
Weight lifting: 1:52:00
Total activity: 5:38:43

Weights + 4

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Today has been kind of yucky. My weight workout was fine, but my run wasn't as good. I just felt like I was dragging, and then felt slightly nauseous and almost dizzy when I stopped. So I walked for 10 minutes as a cooldown, instead of hopping off the 'mill and sitting down. That kind of "uck" feeling persisted even after I had showered and eaten, so I went to lay down. I ended up sleeping for almost 3 hours! So I'm guessing the cause for all the "yuckyness" was being tired. I've been trying to be better about getting enough sleep (my big downfall is not going to bed on time), but I didn't go to sleep early enough last night to not be tired when Molly whined to go out this morning. Silly girl doesn't recognize weekends :)

I was wrong about the weather. It started snowing yesterday morning, and the temperatures dropped. We maybe got 2", but the wind has blown a lot of it away. The cold is sticking around, though - it was only in the teens today. Go away winter!

lower + upper body weights | 39:00
treadmill @ 1% | 4 miles | 36:43 | 9:11/mi.
treadmill @ 1% | walk CD | 0.62 miles | 10:00

Shorts again!

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I keep hearing on the radio that we're going to get more snow (boo!) but I don't see how that is possible when it was so nice today. It was bright and sunny, and in the 40s. So of course I went outside to run! And I wore shorts!

I ended up doing some impromptu speedwork. I was just running along, when I noticed I was cruising along at just under 9 mpm. So I got this brilliant idea of running a faster third mile, just to kind of see what I can do right now. (I've been thinking of starting intervals or tempo runs in a few weeks because I've felt so slooooow lately). Since I was outside in my neighborhood, it wasn't flat. I don't know, it wasn't extremely hard but it wasn't effortless either. I have a lot of work to do over the next few months!

upper + lower body weights | 39:00
treadmill @ 1% | 3.25 miles | 30:00 | 9:14/mi.

44 degrees | felt like 38 | WSW 10 MPH

1 | 8:51
2 | 8:56 | 17:47
3 | 7:29 | 25:17
3.52 miles | 30:00 | 8:31/mi.