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Training Week: April 24 - 30, 2006

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Running: 4:37:24 | 30.25 miles
Walking: 0:20:00 | 1.21 miles
Weight lifting: 50:00
Total activity: 5:47:24

Rain = yuck!


Yesterday morning, it was raining when I got up. I wanted to run 12 miles on 1 day, and 4 on the second day, and I would have preferred the 12 miles to not be in the rain. So I checked the weather channel, and found that it was supposed to rain all weekend, with stronger winds today. That made yesterday the better option for a long run.

Survey Sunday


Survey time again - answer if you want!

I treadmill an average of 4 days a week because it's really dark at 5 AM. I tried to run outside twice, but it was kind of creepy. So:

1) What are some good running songs?

2) For other 'millers, do you watch TV and if so, what do you like to watch?

And random:

3) What's your favorite ice cream?

Grass stains

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The downside to having a white-legged dog that loves to slide while playing Frisbee?

Molly loves Frisbee, but she's still getting used to the warm weather. It's been in the 60s, but with her black coat it must feel super hot. After about 10 minutes or so, she plops down on the ground, and after getting the cue she willingly runs up the stairs and into the house. Normally she resists at least a little. After we get inside, she pants for a long time. I call this picture, "Mom, my tongue won't fit in my mouth!"

Here's a slightly cuter one of her drinking water:

I've kind of lost motivation to cross train. Molly and I walked on Tuesday, but we've mainly been playing Frisbee for her exercise. I haven't weight lifted for almost 2 weeks ... I get in a string of a few good months of lifting and then get all slackerly. Maybe I should lift in the morning and run after work instead. But then again, running before work is working out really well for me.

In terms of running, I'm having a decent week. I ran 5 miles today and Tuesday, and 4 miles yesterday. I think I might take off tomorrow morning and run Saturday and Sunday instead of Friday/Saturday. I'm having some soreness in my left hip (it's too high to be ITB-related, and it's different than the pains I had last summer), which is also why Molly and I haven't walked as much. The Engineer thinks the pain is related to how I sit (and lean) on the couch, which sounds pretty logical. I actually iced after running this morning and will probably ice again in a little bit.

The body's marathon effort

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I thought this article explaining what the body goes through during a marathon was pretty neat.

"Every step you take is the equivalent force of 2-3 bodyweights, and it's estimated you'll finish the race two centimetres shorter than you were at the start."

"An above average runner doing a three-hour marathon could expect to lose 3-5 kilograms of weight. For every kilogram you lose, you need to drink 1.5 litres of water to replace it."

Link from Marathon Central.

Making plans

Thanks to everyone that responded to my Survey Sunday! It's interesting to see what varies and what is consistent; one of the things I've always liked about running is that there isn't just one way to do things. I get annoyed when people act like there is - like this one girl I met when I moved here who always presented her way as the way. It's probably wrong, but I was pretty pleased when I beat her by a few minutes at last year's 20K.

Kind of cool ...

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Runner's World has a new feature where they will design a free training program, based upon a recent race result and how hard you want to to train. I've played with a little and it's an interesting idea. It does reinforce that I probably run too slow for what I'd like to accomplish. The one thing I don't like about the programs it's made up for me is that they only have 4 days of running. Maybe 4 days would work better for me as far as preventing injuries and burnout, but it just feels like I'd be slacking (even though the runs would be longer / some would say 5 days isn't enough either).

Survey Sunday

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I always think it's fun when other bloggers have interactive post, so here's two things I thought about while running yesterday:

1) Do you eat before you run, and if so, what do you eat?

2) At what time/distance do you consider nutrition and/or hydration?

Answer in the comments if you want!

Imminent death at every turn


Been busy here lately, behind in blogging, e-mailing and reading. And I had such a good string going ... but what else is new?

"You want this"


Yesterday, I ran the Fetzer 20K for the 3rd time. Despite feeling down about my fitness, I ran a really great race and PR'd by 90 seconds! My watch time was 1:36:12 (gun time 1:36:16); my previous best was 1:37:47 from the first time I ran it. I finished 9th in my AG, 71st overall, and was the 18th female. Lots of good runners, especially women, came out!

What I am most proud of was my mental toughness. A lot of distance running is mental, and I had some problems with that last year. My title today is the "mantra" I found myself repeating in the last half of the race. I was tired, but I still found the strength/drive to push myself. Not losing focus was very important in being able to take time off.

What's also cool, and really encouraging about my fitness and possible goals for this year, is that I felt like I was running hard but not working hard. I was really surprised to have the miles keep ticking by at the pace they were (and my middle miles were almost fairly consistent!) because I didn't feel like I was running at that pace.

Longer version here.

Stretching partner

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Molly's idea of helping me stretch is to plunk herself down either in my lap or on my leg, like she did today. It's not easy to stretch with a 40 pound dog in the way. Good thing she's so cute.

Attack of the Quads

Thanks for the feedback, Dani, Bria and Jon! I've had a couple of rough weeks that have involved some pity-partying (non-blog related stuff) and it's so easy to make the leap to "why does everybody hate me??" when that's not what's really going on. Moving to/living in Minnesota has been kind of tough for me, and some weeks are harder than others. Anyway, I'd forgotten about my comment "dilemma" last summer until Jon's comment. The whole public/private thing with blogs is kind of a catch-22. In theory, I write for myself and my records. (I wish I'd written race reports for myself back in high school - it'd be so interesting for me now to know what I actually was thinking about things back then). But yet, instead of writing it in paper format or typing into a word document, I've chosen an online journal for my format. I think I go through cycles with the feedback option that's available with blogs (as opposed to private documents). I don't know that I'm making any sense here.

So my quads are pretty sore from yesterday's 20K race! I went out this morning for a short run, and the first few feet were pretty awkward. I ran an out and back, and unfortunately the back was more uphill so it kind of sucked. Molly had cried when I left so I stopped back inside briefly to change shoes and pick her up for a walk. We didn't run any this time, though, because my legs were too sore.

Running: 4:19:00 | 28.27 miles
Walking: 3:43:31 | 15.57 miles
Weight lifting: 1:41:00
Total activity: 9:43:31

Bloody sock

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Today is a nice day ... maybe spring is here? I ran down the Douglas Trail this morning, something I haven't done in a really long time. I'd stopped running on it because of the number of off-leash dogs, but I'm not as scared of dogs now that I have one. I ran a little farther on it than I normally do, because I could see people ahead. I normally turn around after about 2.5 miles because after that point, the trail stops backing up to houses and starts backing up to farmland. I feel safe enough on the trail when there are people around, or there are houses backing up to it, but the more isolated parts kind of scare me.