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Monthly Report: May 2006

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Running: 19:18:37 | 128.69 miles
Walking: 7:37:37 | 31.51 miles
Weight lifting: 0:49:00
Total: 27:45:14

Hot hot hot

Why is it so hot here when I almost had hypothermia 2 weeks ago? Minnesota weather is so weird!!

Red runner


I'm a little red in places now. I re-opened my chafed chest spot on Friday morning when I ran; apparently my Moving Comfort sportsbra can't be worn when it's hot and/or I've already chafed. Yesterday and today, I ran 6 miles without sunscreen (bad, I know!) followed by several hours in the pool. I'm a little red across the chest and shoulders now. Also, because my Forerunner strap is a little big, my watch slips down to rest on my wrist bone as I run. As I get sweaty, it chafes my wristbone. (You know, it really annoys me that they don't make smaller straps. I think as far as runners go, there'd be a lot bigger demand for small straps than for the standard extension strap). So lots of red on me today!

I cannot believe that both Mad City (Madison, WI) and Med-City (Rochester, MN) got shut down today! That is so insane - 90+ degrees in the upper midwest in May. I'm scared to think of how hot the rest of the summer is going to be. Oh, and in case you weren't aware, yes, it does get hot and nasty in MN too. I often say it's so incredibly unfair that we get bitter cold in the winter AND heat and humidity for summer. Anyway, my hat's off to everyone that survived the weather this weekend!

Smiley Cookies

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Don't really have time (need to be packing and getting ready for bed since I have to be running at 5 AM) but wanted to make short post.



I don't know if I mentioned it, but after 2 years the velcro for my Forerunner has gotten a little worn out. Because of my small wrists, I have a tough time getting the wristband to fit normally, and with the worn out velcro it's been a pain. (I really, really wish that Garmin would make differently sized wristbands! That's great and all that they sell an extender, but I need a smaller band!). The Engineer was buying something on Amazon last week when he asked me if I needed anything. I usually answer no, because want and need aren't the same. But since he was getting free shipping, I decided I did need the new wristband. It came today:

It was more difficult to switch out than I expected, because the replacement pins are shaped a little different than the original pins. So the tool that came with the new band didn't really work. My method wasn't pretty, but I now have a shiny new wristband.

Training Week: May 15 - 21, 2006

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Running: 4:53:09 | 32.34 miles (81.56 mi MTD | 441.30 mi YTD)
Walking: 1:36:54 | 6.20 miles
Total activity: 6:30:03

Weekend web

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While procrastinating this morning in hopes it would warm up a little, I did some web surfing and came across 2 different running-related sites.

First is, a site which is kind of self-explanatory. Here's my (lame) bio.

Second is, which is supposed to be like myspace for runners. Here's my page. I don't have any friends on there yet, though.

While looking for pictures, I came across a scanned copy of a picture from my high school yearbook:

I still have those shorts, and I'm pretty sure I wore them in my first marathon. Wow are they short!

Weekend woes

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I need a new running shirt.

Shoes + splits


"What are these?" Molly asks.

"They look like new shoes."

"But your old ones smell so good."

So yes, I sucked it up and bought some new shoes at the local store tonight.

A-holes on the bike path


Thanks for the comments, everybody! I really need to find an alternative to Blogger's comments, though, because I don't like that I don't get e-mail addresses using this system. I'd like to reply sometimes, but when the comments get e-mailed to me the address is "" so I can't. :( I could go back to HaloScan, but unless you pay the comments become invisible after a month. I could always try moving my site again, and I've thought about doing that, but I don't know that I want to deal with the archive moving process again. Ugh.

Weekend running


Yesterday, I ran the Spring Classic 15K. My full race report is here. I ran a fairly decent race, despite the cold weather and rain. My time of 1:11:24 is 6 seconds faster than last year, and I was the 8th female. The results page currently shows me as 2nd in my age group, but there's a girl ahead of me without an age listed and she was probably in my group.

Recap post

Boring post ahead!

Saturday Survey


1) You're running a 15K, and here's the weather: temps around 40, windchills in the low-mid 30s, cloudy, most likely with light rain. What do you wear?

2) You need new running shoes. You have 3 options for where to buy them - which do you choose?
a) Your "city" finally got a real running store. They don't offer any discounts; the shoes cost $90.
b) The real city 80 minutes away has a real running store. They do offer you a discount (20% off shoes, 25% off clothes and accessories) and they'll even ship you the shoes for a small fee. Shoes will end up being no more than $75.
c) Buy the shoes online for $77, less if you can wait a few days for them to offer a code for either free shipping or 10% off.

NRR: Funny Video Clip

Not running related, but I found this video clip from TVgasm funny. For people that don't like to click random links, here's the description

"On last week's episode of Prison Break, I couldn't help noticing a long, random montage set to the theme music from House M.D.. Apparently some lazy music coordinator pulled the wrong track from the Fox music library. I would post this bizarre sequence, but due to random technical difficulties, I can't. Nevertheless, it got me thinking. What would happen if TV shows played the theme songs from other TV shows in the middle of an episode? The results are surprisingly entertaining."

The best part for me is the last/CNN one.


This message is generated as confirmation of your recent registration on You have been successfully registered for the following: Registration: The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon Purchase Date: 05/04/06 Category: Marathon: US Residents Event Date: 10/22/06
Registered online and faxed in my preferred start proof this morning. I have an official goal race for this year now!