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First real day of training ... I got home from work and felt a little hungry, and spotted the package of Cran-Razz blocks I bought several months ago. I thought they would be a good pre-run snack, so I ate 3 before heading out. The flavor was pretty good, but the consistency/texture/something was just too weird - like eating a block of jam. I got a little crampy in the first mile, and the run just kind of went downhill from there. It wasn't a horrible run or anything, just kind of blah. I think my legs are probably more tired from Tuesday than I expected.

It felt pretty warm while running, and I had sweat running down my face in streams by the mid-point. I ran through Big Blue (aka the Engineer's work ... calling it that is annoying so I'm going to call it Big Blue from here on out) to the highway frontage road, and was looking forward to stopping at the softball water fountain on the way back. Before I got to the water fountain, I passed one of the Engineer's friends driving home and waved. I then started to look around for the Engineer's car, but I never remember where he parks. I headed over to the water fountain and OH NO! No water came out! I started fiddling with the faucets and a lever and finally succeeded in making water come out. I didn't feel that thirsty, but after you've looked forward to a water fountain for several miles, you can't just walk away without water.

As I headed back towards home, I looked around again for the Engineer, since I thought maybe he'd be heading home. All of a sudden I had this thought: "If the Engineer drives by, I could make him go get me a Monster Cookie blizzard." ("Made with oatmeal-peanut butter "Monster Cookie" pieces with M&M's® candies, chocolate and creamy DQ® soft serve, you'll want to try one 'cause they're Scary Good! "). I've seen commercials for this thing a few times and it looks pretty yummy! But he didn't drive by, so no Blizzard for me. Probably better anyway; I have light Peanut Butter Fudge here at the house (and some Edy's Slow Churned light Cookie Dough for when that runs out). I'm being really good about the ice cream again; I don't know what was with my sweet tooth last month, but I'm back to being able to just eat a spoonful (or two) and then put it back.

So anyway, on my way home I hit the stoplight and having to stop was pretty sucky. My legs got pretty tired waiting on the light. My last mile was spent wanting to be done, and I was happy to see my house! I decided to take Molly out for a short bit, but stopped upstairs to get some water and Gatorade. I then decided to finish off the Clif blocks. Since I cramped up immediately when Molly and I started to run, I think it's safe to say I'm not going to eat those again. Guess I'll be sticking with my Carb-boom.

80 degrees | 14 MPH
1 | 8:44
2 | 9:02 | 17:46
3 | 9:05 | 26:52
4 | 8:52 | 35:44
5 | 8:44 | 44:29
6 | 8:56 | 53:25
7 | 9:05 | 62:31 (water stop)
8 | 9:08 | 71:39
9 | 8:34 | 80:13
9.05 miles | 1:20:36 | 8:54/mi.

CD with Molly:
0.54 miles | 5:00 | 9:16/mi.
walk 0.66 miles | 10:27

I feel like I had more to blog about, but can't remember. I did decide while running that I need to start eating cottage cheese again. I don't know that I'll go back to eating it with breakfast again, though. Cereal + soymilk and an apple seems to do a good job keeping me full until lunch, and I think adding another food will breakfast take even long than it already does. But I probably could use the added protein, and cottage cheese is great for that since it doesn't really have anything but protein for nutrition. Hopefully I remember to buy some at the store this weekend.

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I'm using the same Pfitz plan for Chicago with the same goal (BQ at 3:40)! My last marathon was Grandmas in 05 (3:52). Good luck in your training! Check out if you're looking for a forum of likeminded runners--it's a lot of fun!

Your race records are impressive. You are organized. Thank you for your comments! Have you ever run Grandma's since that is in your neck of the woods?

Thanks for the forum rec, Katie, I'll have to take a look sometime!

DGC, I haven't run Grandma's and it's not on my list. I've heard lots of good things about it, but I prefer to marathon in slightly cooler weather than June. Memorial Day two years ago was pushing it in terms of hot weather. I'm kind of wussy that way :) Plus, I've heard it's gotten really expensive (esp hotels jacking up prices and then requiring a 2 night stay).

good run. except now you are making me hungry for ice cream and i don't even eat it! hehe.

Sorry, Brent! Good for you for not eating ice cream, it can get addicting! I actually go through phases where I really like ice cream, and then just don't care. I've had ice cream sit in my freezer for over a year before.