Happy Birthday Molly!

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There is no running content to this post, it's all about my puppy who is now a whole 1 year old!

I only put the hat on her for pictures purposes, and took it off right away. The hat is actually a "souvenir" from the Engineer and I's first "date."

Molly was born in Illinois on June 26, 2005. Look at itty bitty she was! (And how much she looks like a guinea pig!)

By week 4, she was much cuter.

We met Molly (and her siblings) when she was 5.5 weeks old. She immediately took to the Engineer, and kept coming over to hang out with him. We left not knowing for sure which girl we'd get to bring home, but within a week of our visit it was confirmed that Molly would be ours. (It took the Engineer and I quite awhile to come up with a good name for her. We decided to give her a "M" name since ours both start with Ms and we're not going to continue that with our kids. We also wanted to give her a U of I-related name, so she got named Molly after a bar in Champaign).

She still remembered the Engineer when he went to get her at 8 weeks old.

Molly at 8 weeks old.

9 weeks old.

10 weeks old.

10 weeks old.

She loved hiding under the bookcase.

Sleeping weird in the kennel at 11 weeks old.

Playing ball at 11 weeks.

Harassing Zac at 12 weeks ... he didn't really like the overactive puppy!

Investigating toys at 14 weeks.

Outside, watching the Engineer build the fence, at 15 weeks.

On Halloween, I made her wear a bandana and she hated it.

Molly's first snow (5 months old).

Molly got spayed in December, and the meds made her so loopy she fell asleep playing.

On my 27th birthday, Molly's stitches came out and she almost died. She wasn't happy to wear the e-collar.

Molly gives terrible presents.

Contrary to what this picture might make you think, Molly and Zac became buddies at Christmas.

They even hung out in Molly's travel kennel.

Molly as a reindeer.

In January, we started leaving Molly loose in the laundry room during the day instead of locking her in her kennel. We learned not to leave rugs in the room.

Molly got her first frisbee when she was 7 months old.

In February, the temperature dropped into the negative 20s and Molly got a pair of boots.

She hated the boots, but she was able to walk with all 4 paws on the ground.

We started taking longer walks around the neighborhood in March.

Molly in April (almost 10 months old).

"Helping" me stretch.

"Supervising" the Engineer putting together an end table.

"I used to fit in there?"

Hanging out by the pool over Memorial Day (11 months).

Frisbee at lunchtime.

On the deck after running.

Waiting patiently for the Engineer to throw the frisbee.

Going to the lake for a walk.

In the car after walking at the lake.

Sorry for the long post but I love my puppy!

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wow, she was so small! she looks like a very happy puppy.

i need me a puppy. some day.

I didn't realize she was such a puppy!! No wonder you only run her short runs!! So what ever came of things with the vet. I would think of the sutures were bad that someone should've been responsible for that. Blood dripping out, who wouldn't take their dog to the vet?? Someone who should never have had a dog in the first place that's for sure.

she's such a cute puppy! border collie, right? they're great running dogs!

happy birthday, molly!

ha! she sooooo doesn't look like she likes those boots!

AWWW!!!! Too sweet! Happy birthday and have some cake!

Thanks everybody! Good thing Molly can't read because she'd get a big head.

I never thought I'd want a dog (it's all the Engineer's fault) but I can't imagine not having her now.

Jeff, she is a purebred border collie (American Border Collie Association, http://www.americanbordercollie.org/, not AKC); her parents are both working sheep dogs.

Sarah, if I ever get around to trying out youtube, I'll have to post the video I took of her walking in the boots. It's pretty funny - she really hates the boots!

Dani, yeah I was advised by the breeder to not run more than a mile until she was a year old which is why we don't go very far. This hot weather is complicating my running farther with her, she gets hot fast because of her thich black coat.

The vet ... ugh. We were too upset at the time to discuss things further, and they have never bothered to offer a refund or reimbursement for the emergency vet. We've switched vets because I can't trust the other one - they either did a shoddy surgery job or gave us bad advice, and neither situation is acceptable. The people answering the phones are also clueless (I could go on a whole big tangent about the HEADACHE they gave me when it came time to refill her heartworm pills). I've been telling everyone to stay away!

Happy belated birthday, Molly!