On the bike path, pt. 2

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I planned on running from my house for today's 10 miler, but that didn't quite work out. I was about ready to head out the door, when I noticed that my Garmin not only wasn't on the charger, but had been left on all last night. It claimed it had 1 hour of battery left, but even if I trusted that, it wouldn't be enough. So I had to go out to the bike paths to have a marked route.

J and I were just talking about this at work today. One thing that's both an upside and downside to the Garmin is that I now just go out and run, I don't really plan my runs anymore. Before GPS, I used to have "routes" ... if I wanted to run 5 miles, I'd run this kind of stuff. Other than my 3 mile neighborhood run, I don't really have any routes anymore.

So going out to the bike path gave me kind of a late start to my run. I have to say this running for over an hour during the week thing is going to take some getting used to. I'm so behind on e-mail and other stuff. Tonight I didn't even get home until almost 7!

I'm getting better at this running slow thing:
1 | 9:31
2 | 9:25 | 18:56
3 | 9:17 | 28:14
4 | 9:27 | 37:41
5 | 9:19 | 47:00
6 | 9:22 | 56:22
7 | 9:24 | 1:05:47
8 | 9:22 | 1:15:09
9 | 8:58 | 1:24:08
10 | 9:04 | 1:33:13
10 miles | 1:33:13 | 9:19/mi.

Pick out which mile ended with a trip to the portapotty - it's really hard to tell. I normally wouldn't stop towards the end of a run, but I ran from the lake today and the bathrooms there don't have doors on the stalls. GROSS!

Y'all are a bunch of enablers! The thing behind this weekend's run is actually kind of dumb. It's not that my planned route is really awesome or anything - it's actually a pretty crappy route, just running on the shoulder of a road where people drive 55+ MPH. But it would involve running in 2 states, which I think is kind of cool. I might have an alternate place to run that would still involve 2 states but less traffic. Otherwise, JDoubleU's idea of walking the last mile is pretty good. I sometimes do a little walking at the end of a long run anyway (Molly likes it).

I should be heading for bed! Tomorrow, I get to have Dairy Queen at lunch. This week has been totally awesome (sarcasm) so I suggested to J and Triathlete that we make it a little better by getting ice cream at lunch. I have to decide if I'm going to make the pretense of being healthy by bringing a lunch or just eat the Blizzard for lunch. I refuse to look at the nutrition, but I know the Blizzard will probably be more calories than my real lunch would be.

Reminds me, I've had side stitches the last 2 days. I wonder if it's related to lunch:
PB&J on whole wheat (natural, no sugar added peanut butter)
yogurt-covered granola bar

I can't see how anything there would bother me ... aside from the granola bar, it's what I've been eating for awhile. Eh, whatever.

Ok, bed time (after hip stretches/stuff).

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See, there is nothing wrong with going one extra mile, now if it was more than one...but what's one mile?? go on, you know you want to do it!!

Blizzards, well, if you get a small one, and depending on the kind, they are under 1000 calories, I've looked!! But, think of it this way, ice cream has milk, calcium is good for you, AND if you have any chocolate in it, chocolate has good for you antioxidants in it!! Health food!!

Hey - no calorie counts for DQ! I ordered a medium monster cookie, which has a lot of stuff in it (cookies, chocolate). It was so good! I actually don't really care about the calories; I figure I'm eating mostly well so the occasional treat is okay. And, like you said, it had lots of calcium and antioxidants!