I really need to start going to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier and get running before it gets really hot. Thankfully it hasn't been *too* bad this week, but if we're already getting 80s in June, it's going to be a long, nasty hot summer. I just finished my oatmeal, so now I have 30-45 minutes to let it settle before I can go out for my long run.

I was a good runner yesterday and wore both BodyGlide AND sunscreen. Finding my BodyGlide was a little bit of a challenge, since I don't think I've worn any since Freescale? Maybe the marathon relay last May? It's been so long that I forgot that I'd thrown out my big black tube and replaced it with the silver travel-sized one (my old tube was from '01 and I read the stuff can turn rancid; since I rarely use the stuff I thought a smaller tube would be smarter).

On the sunscreen topic, I know why it's important but I really hate sunscreen. Apparently you're supposed to replace sunscreen every year (did y'all know that?) unless there is an expiration date on the package, so I picked up some new stuff at the store yesterday. Since I'm trying to conserve money, I went with the generic version of Coppertone's sport lotion and also picked up the continuous spray. Now, we tried the Coppertone version at the Engineer's parents last weekend, and it seemed to work pretty well in the pool considering I couldn't get it off in the shower. I was hoping the generic might be more tolerable in that regard. However, I'm now a little scared to try wearing it while I run after mouse says that it balls up and flakes off. Sounds gross! I guess I have a few more minutes to decide if I want to brave it today or not.

Apparently I ate something either Friday (or sometime before) that did not agree with me. Nothing serious, but I was a little apprehensive about going running and shaking stuff up. So I kept my run on the slow side (especially on the way back when it was slightly uphill), which wasn't that difficult. Molly and I went for a run and walk when I got back (new distance PR) and I still felt kind of ucky. The feeling finally subsided after drinking a lot of water and, weirdly enough, going to lunch.

69- 74 degrees | 9-10 MPH E
1 | 9:11
2 | 9:19 | 18:31
3 | 9:17 | 27:48
4 | 9:03 | 36:51
5 | 9:33 | 46:24
6 | 9:08 | 55:33
6.05 miles | 56:00 | 9:16/mi.

CD with Molly:
0.75 miles | 7:10 | 9:35/mi.
walk 1.16 miles | 19:05

Does anyone else check Weather Channel's "yesterday's hourly weather conditions" option to see what the weather actually was while you were running? (Might be just me). I've been pretty surprised lately that it wasn't actually as hot as it felt. Must be because I'm not acclimated yet.

I have a really bad habit that I need to break: I use Bloglines and a lot of times when I read something interesting, I mark it unread so I can come back later. I need to work on making "later" shorter.

I picked up a bottle of Gatorade Endurance at the store yesterday. (hmm ... website has a coupon for 5/$5). Why is the bottle so huge? I thought Chicago was using it, but a quick look at their site reveals just "Gatorade." Alright, just sent them a quick e-mail to find out, and what flavor. I don't know if I'll actually even use sports drink or not, but good information to know, right?

A lot of people are talking about salt and electrolytes since warm weather has hit everywhere. I think I must be some kind of freak anomaly. For Freescale, I bought the red powerade to train with but never bothered drinking anything other than water. During the race, I should've run into issues according to something I read a long time ago on Nancy Toby's blog (ok, found it). I should've lost about 5200 mg of sodium during the race. I had 4 total gels (50 mg ea), water at 21 aid stations (roughly 168 oz = 105 mg) and powerade at the last station (120 mg) for a rough estimate of 425 mg sodium, or a big huge deficit. Yet I was fine ... I don't know. Part of me thinks I need to be trying to optimize my nutrition for this training session, but a much larger part of me doesn't see the point in messing with something that doesn't seem to be broken. But as the summer progresses, we'll see.

I signed up for a BreakingTheTape.com account yesterday, as evident by my fancy new item in the sidebar. Back when I first started using blogger, I used to include lifetime, YTD and maybe MTD in my sidebar but it was such a pain to manually update it all the time. So I really like that BTT can do it for me. If you haven't checked it out, there's a bunch of neat tracking/analyzing features and sidebar scripts you can add to your own blog.

Ok, I think I can finally go get ready to run. It's only 70 degrees. (Maybe I should've run that half-marathon yesterday; I decided not to run it when I thought it might be in the 90s like it was last weekend. Last weekend was apparently some huge freak occurence).


DATE: 6/07/2006 8:05 PM
I think I'm getting a little more adjusted, but it's still hard when it's 80+ and bright. I got pretty sweaty today, but I'm not sure how salty I get. It doesn't seem like too much, but hard to tell what's "too much."

DATE: 6/07/2006 11:02 AM
Somehow I had missed this one!! I don't know if I have any problems with electrolytes, salt etc either, as I sweat a lot and have salt on my body, but I don't seem to get cramping, etc...but I started using the Hammer Endurolytes tablets when it gets hot and I do think they have helped, I take 1-3 every hour, depending on how hot it is and I have had no problems.

DATE: 6/06/2006 11:27 PM
i can also tell that i'm not acclimated to this hotter weather. i haven't trained that much in this hot weather but it seemed to take me a couple weeks last year. hopefully i can adjust soon. i got my wheels last july--audi a4 3.2--its nice but i actually miss my old bmw 325 a little bit..it was so smoooooooth to drive.

DATE: 6/05/2006 7:53 PM
Warren, I got the idea to join after clicking on one of the workout details at the end of one your posts. I think the average amount sweated/electrolytes needed is probably based on the standard "150 pound man," and I'm neither of those things. It would be nice if I had lower needs than average ... I'll have to see how things play out this summer, since I've never done high mileage/2+ hour long runs during the hot months. It's probably easy for me to be flip about it when talking about indoor training and a marathon that was only in the 60s (although humid).

DATE: 6/05/2006 8:14 AM
Heh, welcome to the BTT group. Er, gang. Posse. Whatever we are.As for electrolytes, I suspect that there's a large variance by individual. I probably lose more electrolytes per hour than most people. Maybe you lose less. For a distance runner, that would be an awfully good trait to have.

DATE: 6/04/2006 7:12 PM
Chicago used the endurance formula last year, I know, but I don't know if they're sticking with it this year too or not. smart thinking on emailing them. the sunscreen isn't that bad for the most part, but the flaking off in the creases of the elbows thing is kinda gross. i'll still use it on long runs, because I spent the money on it already, but it's just kind of nasty. at least it works! I didn't get an ounce of color!