Weirdo on the trail!


Remember a few months ago, when I encountered serial killer gloves man? I haven't seen him again, but I have spotted another strange person on the DT. I've basically run the same route this past week, with the only difference being where I turn around. Either yesterday or Tuesday, I spotted a woman walking alone on the trail. She had on gloves, and was carrying a small wooden bat. (It's slightly smaller than my travel stick). I thought it was a little odd, and swung pretty wide when I needed to pass her. I saw her again today, and am still wondering what's with the bat? I almost want to ask, but if she's crazy, I'm not sure I want to talk to her.


When I got home today, I didn't feel like running. There was some thunder, which made me not want to go outside. It then started pouring, which I was feeling wussy about. I thought about treadmilling, but was afraid the power might go out. Or something. One thought that popped into my head was that next week I only have to run 4 days and this is supposed to be a cutback week ... Yeah, whatever. So I ate an apple and drank water and then realized, oh crap I didn't mail my Father's Day card and would now have to go to the post office. I waited a little while, during which time it stopped raining, and then decided I would just run to the post office.

I've always thought it would be cool to run for transportation, but there just aren't that many errands I can run for. But the post offices aren't too far away, and mail/stamps are small enough that it would be an easy errand. I got a big ziploc to put my card in, and took off. I felt kind of dorky running along the big road with a ziploc bag in my hands, but also felt pretty productive as I ran up to the post office. My drop off was pretty smooth - I got the card out as I approached the drop and then put it in the box without really stopping. I should run the mail to the office more often!

The post office I went to is right next to the DT trailhead, so I decided to go over there for a bit. I continued my smoothness by dropping off the ziploc in the trashbins. (Plastic isn't too fun to hold while running). I spotted the bat lady again, but other than that, the DT wasn't very busy today. Even though I'd thought about just running 4 today I ran out 2.5 miles because I was having a decent time.

The wind was kind of crappy on the way home ... weather channel said it was "gusting to 26 MPH" and I could feel that in parts. Stupid wind.

1 | 8:32
2 | 8:19 | 16:52
3 | 8:00 | 24:52
4 | 8:33 | 33:26
5 | 8:18 | 41:44
5.04 miles | 42:05 | 8:21/mi.

I'm feeling like I want to run a race sometime soon. The next event I have scheduled is the Women's 4 miler towards the end of July. I might run the open mile event next Tuesday, but that would mean altering my first official marathon training day. (Not that I think that would be a big deal). I kind of want to do a 5K - something where I can go out and just run hard. But small races don't really fit into the "big picture" and I'm not supposed to be spending money.

Speaking of racing, go wish Danielle GOOD LUCK! She's running Marathon to Marathon on Saturday (and will probably be done before I even get my lazy self out the door to run).


DATE: 6/16/2006 7:24 AM
I wish it was easier to "run" errands myself. I ran to the library once and wore my back pack to return books...unfortunately it got to be a pain to carry, library is about 3 miles one way so not the most comfortable experience (it's a hilly route too). Those are great splits with the gusting wind!! I think that BQ is in sight!!

DATE: 6/15/2006 10:20 PM
Hey...excellent splits especially with the gusts of winds!