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Hard XT

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Last Monday and today, I used the elliptical for my XT instead of taking Molly on a longer walk. I don't think she really likes walking/running, she pretty much just goes along with it in the hopes that we'll play Frisbee afterwards. With it being so hot, I'm a little nervous about overheating her since we go at the hottest time of day. So I've mainly been exercising her with Frisbee because she gets way more exercise sprinting in the yard than on a walk and it's easier to keep an eye on her and get her back inside/get water if necessary. Plus, I usually make her practice "lay down" as we play. She is on her best behaviour right before we play - she sits by the door and waits until I tell her she can go outside. (And if she does break before, she turns around to start over after I say "no.") She then sits at the top of the stairs and waits to be told to go downstairs - I'm now able to get all the way downstairs and halfway into the yard with her waiting. But enough about Molly.

Running: 6:54:05 | 46.3 miles
Elliptical: 0:30:00 | 2.1 miles
Total activity: 7:24:05

Super long run

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Today's long run was only 17 miles, just a little over 1.25 more than I ran last weekend, yet it felt like one of the longest runs I've ever done. Not because I was tired or dragging, but because I literally ran all over town.

Race day loot!

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Happy Anniversary!

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Running: 6:33:35 | 42.8 miles
Walking: 1:00:13 | 3.9 miles
Total activity: 7:33:48

I feel good ...

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duh nuh na na na na ...

Old Pictures

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Some pictures I was going to post after the trip to my parents.

All alone at the group run

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Well, that was a bust.

Sleeping Issues

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The predicted high is now up to 97, but it's only 66 right now. It shouldn't break 80 until after I run.

So I'm up early, which means even if I change my mind about the track club run I'll still get out early. It's a good thing I re-read the e-mail from the group run leader, because it turns out they meet at 7AM. When I went 2 years ago, it was 7:30, so I'd just assumed it was the same. I don't know if it's always 7AM, or if it's just a summer thing, but it would've been sad to get there a half-hour late.

Hot 10


Summer is definitely here in Minnesota. Here's yesterday's weather according to weather channel:

Recovery 4

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Had a surprisingly pleasant run today. It's kind of warm here (80-something while running), and it's supposed to be in the 90s when I run tomorrow. Yuck! I ran 2 miles with Molly, and then went back out for another 2 by myself. I wasn't expecting the run to be that great, since I went to lunch with the guys and had 2 slices of pizza ($2.97!) followed by a peanut butter cup sundae at TCBY. But I felt fine, aside from being sweaty. It's almost time to run shirtless. Apologies in advance to my neighbors who'll have to see my pasty belly.

8 with strides

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Had a decent run this afternoon. Took Molly out for 2 miles, and then set out on my own. I ran a little faster than I have been lately, and while I got really sweaty I felt decent. I ran down the DT, and passed Triathlete who was out biking. I've decided I should not wear a dark tanktop, as the sweat was disgusting.

Slow 14

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Long run today ... good thing they're supposed to be long slow distance runs.

Marathon Training Weeks 1-3

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Marathon training week #1: June 19 - 25, 2006
Running: 5:04:04 | 33.49 mi. (127.41 mi MTD | 615.84 mi YTD)
Walking: 1:26:23 | 5.71 miles
Total activity: 6:30:27

Marathon Training Week #2: June 26 - July 2, 2006
Running: 5:56:01 | 38.31 miles | 654.15 mi YTD
Walking: 0:58:43 | 3.9 miles
Elliptical: 0:25:00 | 1.66 miles
Total activity: 7:19:44

Marathon Training Week #3: July 3 - 9 , 2006
Running: 6:12:07 | 41.37 mi (61.63 mi MTD | 695.52 mi YTD)
Walking: 1:12:51 | 4.77 miles
Total activity: 7:24:58

Haiku Thursday

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I joined in on Bob's Haiku Thursday:

Went to running store
Got hand-held water bottle
Yay drinking on run

New obsession

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I am seriously becoming addicted to pulling weeds. I've pulled weeds twice today, and a few times yesterday. Did anyone ever play Tetris so much that you could see the shapes when you closed your eyes? I have that with weeds. Our yard is such a shithole, it's sad the percentage that was made up of weeds. Of course, if they'd done a better job laying the sod, maybe it wouldn't look so bad.

Taking stock

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Been meaning to post this for awhile, but with half of the year over I think it's a good time to take stock of where I'm at with my training.

Happy Fourth!

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Today has been a great day! Despite only being enabled to run 1 race, I decided to run both Summerfest races this morning. I was going to run the 3 mile race regardless, and enabled myself for the 5 mile race. See, I was going to have to wait until after the 5 mile race for awards, and I was going to have to run close to 5 miles afterwards anyway, so it just made sense to run the second race.

Vanity Sizing

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I was complaining about vanity sizing the other day ... well, I am back from my weekend away and my favorite running shorts are in need of being washed. So I started digging through my running shorts drawer, and came across my high school racing shorts and noticed something. I bought my medium Nike running shorts back in 1994, and according to the tag a medium was the equivalent of a 10-12. A quick look at Nike.com reveals that medium is now 8-10, but the smalls that I'd probably buy are considered 4-6. I tried the shorts on, and they felt comfortable, not too baggy. Just interesting to me that I could comfortably wear 12 year old shorts labelled 10-12, yet can't buy shorts labelled 4-6 at Wal-Mart.

Molly the Miler/Questions

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Molly ran her first mile yesterday. I'm not sure exactly how far we ran because my GPS crapped out, but it had to be at least a mile. We ran almost 2 times around the retention pond, and once around is 0.55 miles. Garmin seemed to get stuck or something, though. It has issues here more than it does at home ... don't know what's up with that. Hope it's not dying.