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Happy Fourth!

Today has been a great day! Despite only being enabled to run 1 race, I decided to run both Summerfest races this morning. I was going to run the 3 mile race regardless, and enabled myself for the 5 mile race. See, I was going to have to wait until after the 5 mile race for awards, and I was going to have to run close to 5 miles afterwards anyway, so it just made sense to run the second race.

The Summerfest races were really nice. They had a 45 minute gap between the starts of the 2 races so that us crazy people could do both. I think the race director said there were 7 of us.

Anyway, I am the coolest. Check it out!

3 mile race - 8:30 AM
1 | 6:52
2 | 6:45 | 13:38
3 | 6:44 | 20:22*

avg. 6:47/mi
2nd female; 27th OA
1st 20-29F
* in the race results, I'm listed as 20:17, but my watch read 20:22. The 28th OA finisher has a time of 20:22, so I'm thinking that our places got switched. I thought the 20:17 seemed believable, since I felt like I increased my pace by more than 1 second from the 2nd mile, but after seeing the full results I think I should go with what my watch said. Plus I'm not sure how I would've added 5 seconds.

5 mile race - 9:15 AM
1 | 6:48 (obviously still thought I was running the 3mi race)
2 | 7:02 | 13:51
3 | 7:21 | 21:12
4 | 7:21 | 28:33
5 | 6:56 | 35:30 (let's get this over with!)

avg. 7:06/mi.
9th female, 31st OA
3rd 20-29F


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Zooooom! Gosh you run fast. I want to run that fast. Sigh. After I lose 20 pounds. Again.

Awesome run today! The weather could not be more perfect.

Congrats on the great run! Those times are smoking!

You are so speedy! Congratulations on TWO well run races. What a way to celebrate.

You are the coolest good running.

Wow, great results...congrats!!

Thanks everyone!!