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Hit 3 big milestones recently:
1) During the 1/2 marathon, I crossed 1000 miles YTD.
2) During Sunday's 8 miler, I crossed 190 miles MTD, a monthly mileage PR.
3) During my 4th interval today, I crossed 200 miles MTD.

R0chester Half-Marathon

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R0chester Half-Marathon
August 26, 2006 - 8 AM

weather: foggy, humid, low 60s


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I am still so behind on reading and replying to e-mail. Wow do I suck. But this is too sweet not to share.

1) My 10K PR (Oct '04) is 45:32, an average pace of 7:20/mi.
2) My 20K PR (April '06) is 1:36:12.
3) My 1/2 marathon PR (today) is 1:36:12, an average pace of 7:21/mi.

My marathon goal is really up in the air now!

I have a headache and am tired (gee, wonder why) so I'll be back later with more details. But #2 and 3 cracked me up on my cooldown. I LOVE PFITZ!

Interval Tuesday

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Re-using a title because I'm lame like that!


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Oh woe is me

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This week, running and I had some issues and I was starting to wonder why I even wanted to run a marathon again.

Attn: Minnesotans

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1) I'm supposed to run 8-15K "tune-up" races on 9/9, 9/23 and 10/7 but there's either nothing happening or nothing very appealing here in town on those dates. For one of the dates, there's a race in Austin, but if I'm going to drive almost an hour I might as well drive up to the cities! So does anyone know of any cool races in the cities/suburbs on any of those dates?

2) Who's running Twin Cities? I drove up last year and parked at the half-point to watch/cheer and it was pretty cool. I'm strongly considering doing that again, but maybe driving up really early to get in my last 20 around the infamous lakes. If anyone wanted to join me for either the running or cheering, it could be a mini-MN RBF get together or something. Obviously it's awhile away, but just thought I'd throw it out there!

I took the 10 oz bottles out for another try this morning, and I don't know what was different about today but they worked much better than last week. They balanced out fine, and I didn't have any real problems getting them in and out of the holsters. So I take back my semi-negative review and give them 2 thumbs up. Having the full 40 oz was good since I ran out and back where there weren't really any water fountains, and I didn't swing back by the car until I was almost done.

LT Hell / Beaten Up

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I still want to respond to some of the comments on my last post, but as usual I am so behind on everything internet related. I don't quite know how that keeps happening. I do appreciate all the responses - hopefully I'll get all caught up tomorrow while resting from my 20.

I did my second LT workout last night, and it kind of sucked. Based on my recent race results, I figured I should shoot for 7:20-7:30 (but more towards 7:30 than 7:20). Those are actually slower than the calculators show, and what I should be able to race for an hour, but I think the calculators are predicting times higher than my current fitness.

40 oz / 50 mi / Oh no!

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I finally took my 40 oz bottles out on a run today. While I liked not having to stop for a refill, I'm not sure how much I enjoyed running with them. When I run with the 4 x 7oz bottles, I can get the belt tight enough to not bounce and the weight balances pretty well even after the bottles start getting empty. With the 4 x 10oz bottles, there was some bouncing/moving around because the weight pulled the belt apart more and I already had it as tight as the velcro would allow. They also didn't seem to balance each other as well, especially after they started emptying. Bob wondered if they would be hard to pull in and out - pulling them out was as easy as the 7oz but putting them back in was a little more difficult. The first time I went to put one back in, I actually sent it flying and had to stop to go get it. Ha ha. I got a little better as the run progressed, but I definitely had to pay attention. I might just run with 2 x 10oz and 2 x 7oz, but then again the 40oz was pretty nice especially towards the end.

Oh yeah!

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I think I can safely declare that I am now in the best shape of my life.


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It's been a busy week here ... we were at the in-laws all last weekend, and they are here this weekend. So the Engineer and I had to hustle this week to get our house cleaned/straightened before they came. They may say they don't care if the house is clean, but I do. (And come on, isn't that a big lie anyway? We all care.) And while we didn't get it as clean as I would've liked, it's in decent enough shape. The biggest help, I guess, was buying some shoe racks for by the front door and deck door and me finally throwing away some old running shoes. We have so many shoes that hang out by the doors, so corralling them made a huge difference.

I am so behind in e-mail and blog reading (stupid Bloglines told me I had a bunch of posts to read and then ate them), but a big thank you to the Minnesotans + D for being so nice after I whined about being a loser. It's also reassuring in a weird way to know that the rest of MN is like this, too. While I still think things would be a lot easier if we lived in the TC suburb areas as I'd actually have job opportunities and more than 1 running club to choose from, it's a good reminder that it wouldn't automatically all be flowers and sunshine.