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AFC (Away from Computer) pt. 2

I'm horrifically behind on e-mail and reading, but I've been cutting back on my computer time. I have a bad habit of just mindlessly wasting time on the internet, so I've decided to limit my time and pursue other activities. My next step will be to use my limited time usefully - I have things I want to do, like read/respond to e-mail, but then like an "ooh shiny" I get distracted. In the mean time, I've started making good use of the library. I really like our library system - I search the catalog and make reservations from home. They then pull the books for me and I just have to run in to grab them and go through self-check so a trip to the library takes a very short time unless I start browsing. If my library doesn't have a book I want, I'm able to request it from other libraries in Minnesota. So I've been reading a ton lately - I think I'm going through at least 5 books a week, at a rough estimate. I used to read all the time, but the internet kind of replaced that. I've also done some cleaning and cooking. I spent a lot of Labor Day cooking - I made a lasagna to freeze that morning and then made some herbed potatoes and baked ziti for dinner.

I've been getting in all my training runs, although I've flipped some weeks around. I've got a bunch of unfinished entries that need to be posted; guess I'll do that next.


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Wow looks like you are putting in both the time and the miles. Good idea the internet can be a mindless trap....hey wait I am commenting on a blog...doh

Keep up the good work

I LOVE being able to reserve books on-line myself...I sometimes forget that I'm on wait lists for books and suddenly e-mail and it's there and I can request which library to pick it up from too...which is so nice!!