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High standards

I guess it's a sign that I've come to expect bigger things from myself when I set a 2:03 PR for 10K and yet am displeased with how I ran.

I ran the Harvest Classic this morning, as one of my 3 "tune-up" races before the marathon. The calculator indicated I should be able to run around 6:55-6:57/mi, and I set under 7 as my min/mile goal.

I decided to run a longer warm-up than I usually do, since it seems like I've been running better that way. I ran mostly around the lake before stretching and strides. There was also a 5K run/walk, so there was a decent number of people out. I saw 2 of the speedy girls (CB running the 5K and DL running the 10K) and we chatted briefly before lining up.

I got a pretty decent spot, and got out to a decent start. Most people agree that the first mile (6:58) was long, but I think the 2nd one was also long. I don't think I lost 16 seconds ... I may have slowed a little, but not that much. Either way, seeing a 7:14 split got me a little more motivated to move along! I chased after one of my 1/2 marathon buddies for mile 4, catching and passing him about halfway through that mile. I passed up the water stop since it was almost on the mile marker, but I also figured that I could easily wait the ~15 minutes or so to get water.

DL had been within sight for most of the race, and I started figuring out how far back from her I was. I think we ranged from 11 to 22 seconds or so until mile 5. She started widing the gap then, especially on the hill by the baseball field. I really had trouble with the hill - my legs were feeling kind of tired and not too willing to go. I tried to run the last 1.2 hard, but it wasn't as fast as I wanted.

My final time was 43:29, which is a PR by 2:03. I think it was a good effort, especially the week after a hard 1/2 but I'm a little disappointed in not getting my average under 7. That weak second mile, even if it was long, hurt me. I've got another 10K on the 16th, so I'll just have to try again then.

1.0 | 6:58 (long?)
2.0 | 7:14 | 14:13 (long?)
3.0 | 6:51 | 21:04 (5K ~21:50)
4.0 | 6:57 | 28:01
5.0 | 7:02 | 35:04 (5mi PR)
6.2 | 8:24 | 43:29 (7:00/mi)
10K | 43:29 | 7:00/mi.

I had a good time after the race. DL, CB and another speedy woman let me tag along for a cooldown lap around the lake and then we all hung around to wait for the awards. I would have liked to finish in the top 3, as the prizes were pretty good but I was 4th. (1st got $200 cash, 2nd got $50 to the running store and 3rd was $25 to the running store). I did get a couple of "buy one get one" coupons to Cold Stone for winning my age group, though.


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