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Motivation ... Gone

I think Minnesota has broken me.

Winter Ending?

Winter might finally be on the way out - it not only got above freezing yesterday, but today it got into the 40s! The forecast shows some ucky stuff this weekend, but at least the cold appears to be over. About time!

Rough Week

This wasn't my strongest week of training, despite being my highest mileage since Chicago. I'm so freaking slow right now, I can't stand it. I'm trying to understand why, and here's what I've come up with:

* I'm 9 pounds heavier than when I ran Chicago, and 14 pounds heavier than when I ran the 1/2 in August.
* It's been really cold here. I've been out in sub-zero temps and/or wind chills a lot lately; my last run in temps above freezing was Jan 10.
* Due to the cold, I'm wearing probably at least 3-5 pounds of extra clothing.
* For the first time since high school, I'm trying to train while dealing with fluctuating hormone levels. (I really miss the steady levels of the pill).
* I'm having issues sleeping, but not taking sleeping pills.
* I'm adjusting to the higher mileage/intensity of Pfitz, which I do remember taking a bit of time last summer.

Training Week: February 12 - 18, 2007

Running: 6:37:16 | 43.44 mi (Parrot Predictor: 3:55:08)

B for effort, F for pace

Another LT run today, and it sucked just like the last one.

1 | 9:42
2 | 9:34 | 19:16
3 | 9:16 | 28:32
4 | 7:56 | 36:29
5 | 8:02 | 44:32
6 | 7:53 | 52:25
7 | 8:11 | 1:00:37
8 | 8:06 | 1:08:44
9 | 9:44 | 1:18:28
10 | 9:43 | 1:28:12
10.02 miles | 1:28:27 | 8:49/mi.

Bad Idea

So. Running 16 miles (even in the cold) without water turned out to be not a good idea.

Training Week: February 5 - 11, 2007

Running: 6:40:11 | 42.07 miles (Parrot Predictor: 4:04:32)

Pointless post

How sad is it that I'm excited by today's weather forecast?

I made mashed sweet potatoes last night, and while the Engineer discovered that he doesn't like them, I thought they were really good. He much preferred the mashed garlic potatoes I've been making. Apparently the secret for good mashed potatoes that reheat well is to use olive oil instead of butter.

I've been trying to start cooking again, and I actually found recipes at Hy-Vee this week. I made a rice thing last night that was ok, although a little bland by itself. I also steamed vegetables with some herb mix thing, which turned out pretty well and is a lot cheaper to make than the Green Giant versions that I love.


I wussed out on going outside today. I futzed around the house, cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming the living room and stairs, but the temperatures didn't improve and I didn't feel like dealing with minus 20 wind chills again. So instead, I went downstairs and watched the first half of the Illini game on the big screen.

Tomorrow's supposed to be a lot nicer - we'll even get into the double (positive) digits for the first time in almost 2 weeks. Of course, they're also threatening snow again, but you can't win everything.

treadmill @ 1% | 4 miles | 37:29 | 9:22/mi.

Frozen Fingers, redux

Yesterday's run was kind of a repeat of last week's 11 miles, only colder. The temperature dropped from 2 to -1, and the windchill dropped from -15 to -20. I parked out at the lake again, and headed south and west.

More treadmill

It's still slick in the neighborhood, so I wanted to go run out on the (cleared) bike paths this afternoon. Since I only had a 4 mile recovery run scheduled, I thought I'd take Molly along. She was pretty excited when she saw me in my running clothes and I let her out of her room instead of leaving without her. She wasn't so excited about getting into the car, but she cheered up when we started driving.

We got over to the bike paths, and I let Molly out of the car. She started hopping around on 3 legs, though, switching which back leg she was picking up. The only time I've seen her do that is when it was -30 outside; while it wasn't near that cold today, I think the pavement was too cold for her. Running with Molly on 3 legs seemed like a bad idea, so we got back into the car and went back home.

I didn't want to run in my neighborhood, so I just went down to the treadmill. Boring.

treadmill @ 1% | 4 miles | 38:06 | 9:31/mi.

Strides + 'mill

So it finally crept above zero today, but we got hit with several inches of snow. They'd plowed the roads, but instead of clearing the snow away they just kind of flattened it which left a slightly slick mess. I decided to just use the treadmill, since I still had half of an Ugly Betty episode to watch and I hadn't even started last week's OC.

Doing strides on the treadmill is kind of hard. This was first time attempting them, and I don't really think it worked very well. It ended up feeling like a weird, short fartlek or something.

I really jacked up the pinkie toe on my right foot. Know how I said my toes felt funny, but I hadn't found any blisters? There was one hiding under my toenail. Sunday night, I pointed out how weird that toe looked - the area around the nail was purple. Yesterday morning, I went to try and trim part of the nail away (although I really don't have much in the way of nails on either pinkie toe) and discovered the blister. It's still fairly tender, and just wearing socks in general is kind of aggravating to it. So it's not really a surprise that running didn't feel so great either.

I was supposed to run 8 with 10 x 100m strides, but I stopped early. My chest started getting really tight around 5.5-6 miles, and I felt kind of crampy. I don't want to push things right now, so I just called it a day at 7 miles.

treadmill @ 1% | 7 miles w/ 10x100m strides | 1:03:46 | 9:07/mi.

Training Weeks: January 22 - February 4, 2007

January 22 - 28, 2007
Running: 5:12:08 | 33.18 miles (Parrot Predictor: 4:03:27)

January 29 - February 4, 2007
Running: 5:45:21 | 38.09 miles (Parrot Predictor: 3:55:52)
Walking: 0:05:00 | 0.28 miles
Total: 5:50:21

15 on the 'mill

"Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it." - George Halas

The Engineer had on some of the many pre-Super Bowl crap shows while I was running this morning, and one of the programs was talking about George Halas and they flashed that quote. I like it.

I don't like the weather - it was -11 (felt like -34) when I woke up, so I headed down to the treadmill again.

1 | 9:27
2 | 9:27 | 18:55
3 | 9:27 | 28:23
4 | 9:19 | 37:42
5 | 9:19 | 47:01
6 | 9:19 | 56:20
7 | 9:10 | 1:05:31
8 | 9:10 | 1:14:42
9 | 9:10 | 1:23:52
10 | 9:01 | 1:32:54
11 | 9:01 | 1:41:56
12 | 8:54 | 1:50:50
13 | 8:54 | 1:59:45
14 | 8:46 | 2:08:31
15 | 8:38 | 2:17:10
treadmill @ 1% | 15 miles | 2:17:10 | 9:09/mi.
walk CD | 0.28 miles | 5:00

Oh, the weather outside is frightful ...

February 3, 2007 weather forecast

So I stayed inside to treadmill. I thought briefly about trying to get my long run done, but I'd only eaten a pack of sport beans and my MP3 battery wasn't charged enough for 2 hours. My right leg felt kind of funny running on the treadmill again - I can't quite tell if it's my hamstring or my IT band. Either way, I'm not looking too forward to running for 2 hours on my treadmill tomorrow, but oh well.

treadmill @ 1% | 4 miles | 37:20 | 9:20/mi.

Rough Forecast

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The Engineer has all but forbid me to run outside this weekend.


Arcaner tagged me, so here we go:

1. Describe a memory from your first tri/marathon ever.
I was running with the 4:30 pace group, but got lost when I had to stop to pee. I ended up running for awhile with a girl from Texas that had also lost the pace group. It was fun talking with her, and I remember how many people cheered for her because of her Texas hat. We got separated when I slowed to eat my gel at a water stop.

2. Describe a memory from your most recent tri/marathon.
Running up the hill before mile 26, knowing I was going to BQ was extremely exciting.

3. What's the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in a tri/marathon?
Hmm ... I'm still embarrassed that people can look up my results on marathon guide and think that M3d-City was an honest, non-injured effort. (Still waiting for the "sense of accomplishment/pride" I was promised afterwards).

I haven't really had much embarrassing happen. I'm a bit of a snot factory, but luckily there's no photographic proof of that!

4. What's the most thrilling thing that's happened to you in a tri/marathon?
I'm probably supposed to say getting my BQ, but honestly finishing my first marathon was just awesome. For months afterwards, I'd tear up just thinking about how awesome it was to cross the finish line.

5. What is something you discovered about yourself by doing tri/marathons?
I can be pretty determined when I want to, but unfortunately I haven't learned how to focus that on race day.

6. What is The Big Goal that you're working towards?
I'm kind of at a loss for what my next Big Goal is, as far as the marathon goes. For the last 2 years, it's been breaking 4 and then qualifying for Boston. I guess the next Big Goal will be averaging less than 8 mpm (3:29:45), although I'd still like to run under 3:25 someday.

I'm not going to tag anyone in particular, but if you read this and haven't answered yet, consider yourself tagged!

Frozen Fingers

Still cold here ... not sure of the exact weather but the wind chill was below zero and the temperatures were in the single digits.

1 | 9:12
2 | 9:14 | 18:26
3 | 9:09 | 27:36
4 | 9:05 | 36:42
5 | 9:10 | 45:52
6 | 9:04 | 54:57
7 | 9:07 | 1:04:04
8 | 9:19 | 1:13:24
9 | 8:58 | 1:22:22
10 | 9:05 | 1:31:27
11 | 8:47 | 1:40:15
11.07 miles | 1:40:55 | 9:07/mi.

Monthly Report: January 2007

Running: 22:10:19 | 143.89 miles