15 on the 'mill

"Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it." - George Halas

The Engineer had on some of the many pre-Super Bowl crap shows while I was running this morning, and one of the programs was talking about George Halas and they flashed that quote. I like it.

I don't like the weather - it was -11 (felt like -34) when I woke up, so I headed down to the treadmill again.

1 | 9:27
2 | 9:27 | 18:55
3 | 9:27 | 28:23
4 | 9:19 | 37:42
5 | 9:19 | 47:01
6 | 9:19 | 56:20
7 | 9:10 | 1:05:31
8 | 9:10 | 1:14:42
9 | 9:10 | 1:23:52
10 | 9:01 | 1:32:54
11 | 9:01 | 1:41:56
12 | 8:54 | 1:50:50
13 | 8:54 | 1:59:45
14 | 8:46 | 2:08:31
15 | 8:38 | 2:17:10
treadmill @ 1% | 15 miles | 2:17:10 | 9:09/mi.
walk CD | 0.28 miles | 5:00

Not so very fun ... I had decided I wanted to get at least 14 miles in, with the option of going the whole 15 if I felt up to it. I made a playlist with 200+ songs on it, to try and eliminate the amount of shuffling I do on my MP3 player, and that along with Comedy Central did a good job of entertaining of me. My right leg (hamstring/IT band) did feel a little tight at parts, and my left calf and hip got a little tight at other parts, but overall my legs felt fine. My toes started feeling kind of funny towards the end, but I don't see any blisters yet. (I forgot to mention that on Thursday, I did end up with a blister on my second toe).

The biggest accomplishment for me with this run is that I did it all non-stop. When I did my long runs on the treadmill 2 years ago, I was having IT band issues that necessitated my stopping to stretch every couple of miles. I planned ahead and filled two water bottles so I wouldn't need to stop to switch those out. (Not having the remote for the TV propped on the console helped with that, too).

The only bad thing about today's run, really, is chafing. I'm carrying an extra 10 pounds right now, and I haven't run long at this weight since 2002. Aside from short recovery runs, I've been in tights or pants lately. Running in shorts today ended up a little painful - I started chafing on the inside of my right leg by halfway through my run and it was pretty annoying. I also somehow ended up with some chafing under my right arm. What's that about? Anyway, if/when I commit to Boston, those pounds are going to have to go, cycle length be damned. It's not like it's helping that anyway! But if you lose 3 seconds/mile for every extra pound over the course of a marathon, I can't afford to be at this weight for race day. (And the weight is something I didn't really think about when talking about reasons my LT run was so slow this week, but that's probably a factor for my slowness right now).

In honor of the Super Bowl, here's a bonus Ditka quote: "You're never a loser until you quit trying"