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A case of the giggles

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After running with Molly yesterday. It was a beautiful day!

The tail doesn't lie

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Is it sad that the highlight of my day was the 20 minutes or so I ran with Molly before she needed to poop?


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Our rental car for the week was a Ford Explorer. The Engineer drives a Chevy TrailBlazer, so it's not like I'm not used to big cars.


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Out of curiosity, I looked up the Ironman course yesterday. It looks as though we drove over the bike portion on our way to the beach, and we've been on parts of the run portion. This morning, I felt recovered enough to try and run again, and I decided to try and hit part of the Ironman course. (We went to Hawaii Volcano National Park on Monday, and my calves were really sore yesterday from all the hiking around on lava). Yeah ... it's hilly here. I can tell by looking at my splits where the hills were. I took my new water bottle and drank all 22 oz during the 4 miles I was out running. I've definitely got a new level of respect for the people that do the Kona Ironman.

Trail mix seen at the park.


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Last week, it snowed in Minnesota. Molly was the only one pleased by this development:

So it wasn't too much of a hardship for the Engineer and I to escape to Hawaii. (Well, leaving the puppy behind was hard, but Molly will never, ever fly on an airplane). It really is very pretty here.

I actually ran outside, and going from 30 degrees to 80 with the additional of hills was a little ... challenging. We stopped in at the Big Island Running Company to buy a handheld water bottle so that I can not get dehydrated when I try again. Interestingly, the bottle holder was not only cheaper than the one I bought back home at the Running Ripoff, but more awesome - it has a pouch for gels or my cell phone.


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Wow - the Boston forecast kind of sucks:

FORECAST:The most up-to-date weather forecast calls for a predicted Spring storm on Monday, including heavy rains (potentially 3 to 5 inches), with the start temperatures in the mid to upper 30's. Wind will likely be East (in the face of the participants for most of the race) in the 20 to 25 mile per hour range, with gusts to as much as 50 miles per hour. This will produce a wind chill index of 25 to 30-degrees Fahrenheit.

I'm feeling pretty damn good about my decision to bypass Boston for a trip to Hawaii right about now. Good luck to everyone running Boston!


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