A case of the giggles

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After running with Molly yesterday. It was a beautiful day!

Molly had to stop again while running yesterday (she seems to be having some ... uh ... "issues" again ...) and as usual we weren't near a garbage can. I didn't want to carry the bag, so:
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Yes, I tied the bag to her collar. I thought she would freak out about having a plastic bag so close to her, but she didn't care. But it made running a lot harder for me, because everytime I looked over at her and saw the bag flopping around I would start giggling.

We ran again this morning, and I once again had to tie a bag on her. It wasn't as funny today, though. Running kind of sucks right now. I am just dragging - and I'm only running 3 miles! It starts in by 2 miles; I'm sure I could force myself to keep going, but I've just been cutting things off at 3 miles. I have a theory that my shitty running this year is directly tied into my fucked up hormones, but I have nothing to back that up.

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