The tail doesn't lie

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Is it sad that the highlight of my day was the 20 minutes or so I ran with Molly before she needed to poop?

Having a rough time getting back on a schedule this week - a 5 hour time change + an overnight flight has a way of screwing things up, not to mention the stupid prometrium I had to start taking on Sunday. Molly and I ran today, and for the first time since the explorer attacked me, my bruises didn't hurt. The first part of the run was really great - I didn't feel as slow and pokey as I have felt lately, and Molly was actually running alongside me instead of pulling her leash in front of me.

My title today - I made a point to look at Molly's tail while we were running today since she was running beside me, which is very unusual for her. She ran beside me and behind me on Monday, too. She's been a little weird since getting back from the kennel, but it was her first time away from us and a week is a long time. (The Engineer got sick of me saying I missed the puppy). Molly's tail is a great indicator of her mood - she has a very obvious "happy tail." In a lot of our frisbee pictures, her tail is curled up, touching her back, because she's happy. When I picked her up from the kennel, she seemed very eager to see me and was doing her usual "pet me/hug me" thing she does to me and all seemed normal until I noticed that her tail was completely under her, and was touching her belly. Her tail only does that when she's really unhappy ...

Anyway, while running today she kept looking up at me with a grin, which is cute. Her tail was what we call a "Zac tail," after the in-laws' border collie. Zac's happy tail only curls up at the end, which is what hers was doing today. So I think she was happy to run with me. Or maybe she was just happy I came home from work and saved her from the laundry room.

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