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So the last time I mentioned running, it was going fantastic. Well, that was extremely short-lived and I'm back to having it suck again. I'm tired of everything right now; this has not been a particularly good week. Cramps, sore boobs that kept me from running on Tuesday and hurt enough yesterday and today that I was really tempted to run with my arms wrapped around my chest, being extremely busy at work (getting to sit down a total of maybe 5-10 minutes), feeling like a fatass because I can't fit into any of the dresses I own and have nothing to wear for my BIL's wedding next weekend and therefore having to go shopping in MSP this weekend even though everything's just going to look ugly on me - which will be captured for all of time by pictures UGH!! ... At least I can get my hair highlighted on Monday!

Med-City Marathon 2007

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketNo, I didn't run it - just volunteered. (I got a t-shirt + cookies!) Wow - what a great day for a marathon - under 50 at the start, and I don't think it got above 60 until past 5 hours in. Low wind, no humidity - I'm sad I didn't run at least the half because it was such great weather.

I helped at the track club's water stop (around 13.something and 15.4 miles). Again, I had a really good time. I got to meet a lot more of the track club members, who were all really nice. (I kind of dumbly showed up in shorts and a t-shirt, expecting better weather, and one of the ladies found an extra jacket for me to wear and offered gloves). It got to be a little bit of a zoo at parts since we only had tables for one side and runners were coming from both directions, but I think we managed okay.

This was the first year that they had a separate 1/2 marathon instead of a 2-person relay. I was thinking everyone seemed really spread out and that there didn't seem to be as many people as I remember from running the full 3 years ago and from watching the second half after running the first 1/2 of the relay 2 years ago. Then I realized, duh - all the people that would've been out doing the second 1/2 of the relay were now just running the separate race and therefore stopped before we ever saw them.

I'm not racing this year, since I'm so out of shape and in general I don't find it fun to "run" races. I am still going to enter the Women's Race and the JMM 5K because I love those races and want to keep my streak going (they are the only race streaks I have left), but in general I'm just too competitive and it's too hard to not race. (I'm already sad at having just looked at the race results for today and having seen that if I were in Chicago-shape, I could've been top 10 for the marathon and top 5 for the 1/2). But, I think I'm going to try and volunteer at some races this summer. It's been fun so far, I've gotten to meet some new people, and I'm past due to give back to the running community.


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For the last 2 months, we've had some birds that have been insisting on building nests under our deck. I guess Molly almost killing a bird last year wasn't enough to deter them from coming back this year. I've been knocking the nests down as I see them, most of them getting knocked down after just being started (so not really a nest). We were gone this past weekend, which I guess allowed a bird to actually finish a nest. I didn't realize that until I'd already knocked the nest loose:
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*sigh* That's probably earned me the kind of karma I don't want right now.

Wind + Running Skirts

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Tuesday: 57°F | From N 22mph gusting to 31 mph
1 | 8:59
2 | 9:08 | 18:08
3 | 8:40 | 26:49
4 | 8:43 | 35:32
4 miles w/Molly | 35:32 | 8:53/mi.

Wednesday: 59°F | From N 22mph gusting to 32 mph
1 | 9:25
2 | 9:11 | 18:37
3 | 9:03 | 27:40
4 | 8:55 | 36:36
5 | 8:38 | 45:14
6 | 8:35 | 53:49
7 | 8:52 | 62:41
8 | 8:43 | 71:25
8.06 miles | 1:11:55 | 8:55/mi.

Thursday: upper 60s | very low wind
1 | 9:15
2 | 9:07 | 18:23
3 | 9:16 | 27:39
4 | 9:22 | 37:01
4.03 miles w/Molly | 37:17 | 9:15/mi.

ABC Meme

It's too hot and windy to be outside today (90 degrees, 30 mph gusting to 36 mph), so I'm being lazy.

Fresh air

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The wind changed direction after Friday, keeping the smoky air away. Yesterday was a really nice day, and I took Molly out with me in the morning. Apparently 57 degrees with sun is too warm, because she got tired again. At one point, she stopped and I thought she was going to "stop" but she just wanted to roll around in the grass. She was also trying to do "drive-by" weed eating. What a weird puppy.

Smokey Air

I had to return a book to the library today to avoid paying a late fee, so I decided to pack my stuff to change at work and then run from the lake after going to the library. I checked weather channel before I left, and saw a weird icon.

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(I just print-screened that; it was more like 70-something when I ran + the picture was of the sun).

I went to the local newspaper site and learned that we're getting a lot of smoke from the fires going on in the boundary waters. Just for reference:


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Yesterday was the local 15K, a race I've run the last 2 years. Since I wasn't going to run it this year, I decided to volunteer instead because, weather aside, I really like this race.

Frustration (again)

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I'm going to write a separate post about volunteering at the 15K yesterday (because that was fun, and this post is not), but watching the finish was kind of depressing because of how out of shape I am. I should've been racing yesterday - with the times I ran the last 2 years, I would've been 4th woman and would have had a good chance to finish 3rd.