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Ugh .....

It's 7:30, and I had expected to sleep until at least 9, maybe even 10, today. I've been sleeping rather poorly this week, and while I know you can't "catch up" on sleep, it was still going to feel good to sleep late. But I'm up because I feel like crap. I've been nauseated since 6, and at 7 I finally gave up and got up to try and eat some toast. I didn't expect morning sickness type things to start this early!

It's only 60 right now ... I might take Molly for a long walk in a little while. She hasn't been out with me in a pretty long time. Only catch is I was told to try and avoid cleaning up after her, and that's not really an option if she poops in public.


My heart rate monitor appears to be having issues. I went to walk on the treadmill this afternoon, but there were issues. My watch lost the signal, and then so did my treadmill - which was bad because I was experimenting with one of the heart rate control programs. So I stopped and tried to go re-wet the strap. But the same thing happened again, and then the program did something weird (apparently it has a warm-up period and then the time and distance re-set for the set program). I got kind of mad that things weren't working right, and then the poor Engineer made it worse by telling me to calm down and that it wasn't a big deal. Then I got really angry and shut off the treadmill and stormed upstairs.

Yay hormones.


I can't even think of titles right now, so we're just going with dates.

Today ...

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is one of the greatest days ever:

I cried when I saw the first test. It was the 2 line kind and the second line was semi-faint, but even though any second line equals a positive, I needed additional confirmation so I pulled out a digital test. After a few minutes, it came up positive, too, but I think I was in shock so I pulled out a third test (a different digital) just to confirm.

I'm so excited - but annoyed that the Engineer is taking so long to come home! This isn't the kind of news I want to share on the phone, you know?

"Recent" workouts

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Here's what I've been doing since the last time I wrote about running, over a month ago:

So ...

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I haven't blogged in awhile. It's been long enough that I had to actually type in my blog's address to read my last post, since it's not in the history anymore. I haven't felt like I have much to blog about, since I'm not really running a whole lot. I'm going to make a separate post for the running I have been doing, but here's what else is going on with me.