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I ran yesterday, but that's it for the week. It's been fairly warm here this past week, and when the outside temperatures get above 85 the air conditioning at work goes on the fritz. It's been above 80 inside, which is really miserable when you're wearing jeans and long sleeves. I start getting crampy towards the end of the day, which does not lend itself to running. I'm also usually tired and hungry ... I've tried having a small snack and drinking some water when I get home but then I just start feeling crappy. It's kind of weird - I feel awesome in the mornings, and like crap in the afternoon/evenings. I'm pretty sure it's related to work, because I don't feel as crappy at night on the weekends.

I was going to run this morning, but I just felt kind of weird. Nothing worrisome, just odd enough that I decided eating some more and not running would be a better idea. I am trying to not be too disappointed in myself for the little amount of exercise I've been doing. I'd wanted to be one of those women that runs 25-40 miles per week up until the very end. And I keep finding other RBF'ers that managed to run a lot more (and a lot faster, in some cases) when they were early pregnant, which makes me feel kind of bad. But none of those blogs I've found mention having had to drop below 20 mpw and needing Clomid to get pregnant so I guess I can't expect my pregnancy to mimic any of theirs.

I'm in kind of a weird place right now though, where it's hard to "enjoy" my pregnancy, despite wanting it for so long. Or maybe it's because of that. My mom was talking about coming up at the end of next month and she started talking about helping paint what will become the nursery and asking if I'd thought about decorating. Um, no? I'm only 8 weeks - I doubt the Engineer and I will do any decorating until maybe 6 or 7 months. But I'm having a hard time looking too far forward, afraid of getting my hopes too high. Having the ultrasound and seeing the heartbeat on Tuesday was very reassuring, but I'm still being/feeling cautious.

And that's kind of a weird thing for me. I'm always looking forward, and not enjoying the stage I'm in. Last year for example, I spent the spring looking forward to marathon training and trying to qualify for Boston. Then over the summer, I got bored of the marathon and started looking forward to conception and pregnancy. This past fall, winter and spring, I was looking forward to pregnancy (although there wasn't much to enjoy about the long, drawn-out conception process, so can't blame me there). But now ... you'd think I'd be looking forward to the baby and being a parent. But other than a dream here and there, I'm just in limbo land. Too nervous to enjoy where I am, and too nervous to look forward. And what's really stupid is I have no reason to be this way - nothing about my health/family history indicates I have reason to be worried.


In case you can't tell what the picture is, the tech helpfully labeled it ;)

I was so anxious this morning waiting for our appointment. And thankfully, we were able to see the baby (and just one!) and could see the heart beating. The tech measured the heart rate at 158, which seems like a really good number.


Doctor's appointment tomorrow! I'm excited for the ultrasound, but also really scared/nervous. I just need to see something on the screen, and then I'll feel better about everything. It's hard for me to not focus on the weird spotting yesterday, and my mild symptoms so far and start worrying about possible bad news. I have been getting nauseated at night, and have had kind of a low-grade, mild nausea for most of today. But I've also been getting stressed out at work (especially today) which tends to make me feel sick.


Today has not been a very good day - and this paragraph is a little TMI. I have spent the last 3.5-4 weeks worrying about seeing blood. Today I woke up and found some brown spotting. I've seen it one other time today, but other than some nausea I don't feel that different than I have been. I googled and searched the archives of my message board and it looks like it could be nothing - or the start of something bad. I'm nervous, but it is only brown which is usually nothing. Red, on the other hand, is almost always bad. I have my doctor's appointment on Tuesday, so unless something changes it doesn't seem like calling the doctor prior to that will do any good.

I had planned on running 4 miles today, and was looking forward to it since we are still having cooler temperatures. (We are supposed to be back in the 80s starting tomorrow). But I think I should spend the day not exerting myself at all, so I've been hanging out on the couch while the Engineer watches terrible TV. ("But it's in HD!" My husband will watch anything - even the worst movie ever - if it's being shown on an HD channel).


I decided not to run the Women's Race this morning, and instead volunteered. I helped with registration and called 2 mile splits. It was a great day for the race - beautiful weather, which made it surprising that a lot of the "usual suspects" didn't show. Last year I was 8th, and that time if ran today would've been 3rd. It looks as though I wouldn't have been too lonely today if I had run, but I think I made the right choice. It was a lot easier to just say I haven't been running as much / am taking an off year than to explain why I was running 11s! I was sad to not collect an age group prize - they are always neat, and this years was a framed cross-stitch with the race logo on the side. I'm doing a bad job explaining, but they were really cool.

ETA: The track club president posted a picture:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket (Sorry no direct link, which I know would be proper etiquette, but I'd rather not have a direct link from my blog to the track club - I'm feeling really sensitive about that right now. I don't check my sitemeter too often, but the last few times I have, I have found that I've picked up some local readers. I don't have any idea who they are, as I haven't told anyone local about my blog and they haven't left comments or sent me an e-mail or anything. I keep meaning to post asking who they are, but just haven't gotten around to it. It makes me nervous/embarrassed to have local readers - it's one thing to tell random people on the internet about being a loser, it's another thing to clue in people that know who you are. And since I have posted pictures and race results, it should be fairly obvious to anyone familiar with the local racing "scene" who I am. Anyway ... the lack of knowing who my local readers are is a large part of why I'm hiding all pregnancy-related posts right now).

I got up early this morning to run on my treadmill before leaving for the race. I often do a bad job estimating how long it will take me to run, but I'm really bad at it now!


Tired again today, but I ran. Not necessarily because I wanted to, though ...

I came home from work to find that Molly is having a tummy issue (again) and had pooped in her room. Times like these make me so glad we leave her shut up in the vinyl-floored laundry room, as opposed to letting her loose in the house. I really didn't want to deal with the poop (and technically, the nurse told me not to), so we went outside to walk and run. However, a short time into the run, Molly started panting a lot so I decided it was probably too hot for her and we should turn around while we were still semi-close to the house. I finished up my run on the treadmill, which wasn't so bad.


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When I was out in the yard with Molly, I found some small red balls. I squished one of them to see if they were paintballs, and the bright pink goo confirmed it. Why are there paintballs in my yard? I'm not pleased about this - hopefully I found all of them before Molly did.

Molly being silly in the car:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


It appears that the fatigue is starting to set in, although work has something to do with that. Monday I was so busy, and I came home with an aching upper back and calves. Yesterday was busy again, but I wanted to run after work. I brought my running clothes with me to work, but it looked like rain so I decided to go home and treadmill. That, and it was 87F and I've read I should avoid running outside when it's over 85 to prevent overheating. I got home and decided I was hungry, so I had a little snack. Then I read for awhile because I don't like to run right after eating. My eyes kept closing, so I laid down for awhile. The Engineer came home while I was still resting, and I decided that if I was tired enough to lay down I should not run.

Today was similar. I was going to run, but felt tired after work. And after having a snack and playing Frisbee with Molly, I didn't have a ton of time to shower before the Engineer and I were going to go to dinner. Maybe if I weren't so slow, but whatever. Maybe tomorrow. I still haven't made up my mind for Saturday's race - need to do that soon.


I ran 4 miles today! As usual, I wasted a lot of time before going, but since the temperatures weren't too high I decided to still go outside instead of treadmilling. It wasn't a bad run, but I feel really awkward while running. I haven't gained any weight (which surprises the Engineer considering that the girls have definitely grown), so that's not it. But running so slow is just awkward; I think I'm taking shorter strides which makes things feel different. After today's 4 mile + 1 mile walking I had 10000 steps, but only 500 or so of those were from before I ran. I used to take 8000 steps while running 5 miles, so it seems I'm taking more steps.


Well so much for the idea of daily blogging.

I ran errands on Wednesday and didn't plan on running. Thursday, I was really hungry when I got home and I felt kind of crampy so I decided not to run. I suppose I could've walked, but I didn't feel like it. Last night, I didn't run because I instead washed and dried my hair and went to get a new driver's license before going to a party to celebrate the Engineer's recent promotion. (My DL doesn't expire until December, but I have to get a new card due to the format switch MN made which means a new picture - and December doesn't sound like a good time to take a picture that I'll have to carry around for 4 years).

I walked and ran on the treadmill this morning. I ran really slowly, but my heart rate was hovering around 160 - but I was able to talk and didn't feel like I was running hard. I'm still stopping at 3 miles, and walking some before/after running.

I got my doctor's appointment moved to the 24th - yay! I'm feeling a little more positive, but being able to have the ultrasound a week earlier will make me feel even better. The Engineer posited another theory - that I'm not experiencing the horrible, overwhelming fatigue that so many women complain about because I'm used to my body being really tired from running. I think he might be onto something with that theory.

I cannot decide what to do about next Saturday's Women's Race. I love that race, it's one of 2 races I've run every year. But I haven't run 4 miles in awhile, and I'm not sure I really want to go from finishing in the top 10 to finishing in the bottom 10. Not to mention that my showing up and running that slowly will probably lead to me telling some of the other runners, which I actually wouldn't mind getting a chance to talk to KR and finding out if she was this slow in the early stages (I know that at around 5-6 months she wasn't). But also, they usually print all the results in the paper and sometimes my co-workers notice when my name appears. Such a slow ass time will look really weird. So I don't know ... maybe I should just volunteer. I guess that could still count for my streak, since I'm still participating?


I forgot to charge my GPS after coming back from vacation, so I decided to just go run out at the bike paths today. The upside to the bike paths is that they are generally flatter than my neighborhood, so this wasn't a bad idea. I decided to wear my Polar HRM to see where my heart rate is at. I know from reading the Runner's World pregnancy book and Clapp's Exercising Through Your Pregnancy that the guideline of staying under 140 is outdated, and that heart rate in general is not a good indicator of effort during pregnancy. (You're better off using RPE - rate of perceived effort - or the "talk test").

I ran slowly, as has become my usual, and I probably could've talked. As it was, I was able to breathe through my nose for parts of the run. I usually can't do that comfortably while running. I ended up averaging 154 bmp and 11:20/mi. I felt fairly sore running today - quads and a little bit of calves. Maybe it's residual soreness from walking 3 miles on Sunday, since I don't do that much fast walking lately.

I wish my doctor's appointment was sooner than the 30th. Other than uncomfortable boobs (the Engineer says if they weren't so used to being bounced while running, they'd probably be sore instead of just uncomfortable), the slow running and my temperature remaining high, I don't really have any symptoms - no nausea, no fatigue, no increase in appetite. I'm sure everything is fine and this is just normal for 5 weeks, but I can't help but feel nervous.


I slept really poorly last night, which is why I don't usually take naps. I figured some form of exercise would help me feel better, especially before a 8.5-9 hour car trip, so I headed over to the park again. No weird smells today! I just walked for 3 miles; I could've run but am being fairly cautious about how often I run. Since I ran 1 time last week, I think 3 times this week was sufficient. After walking, the Engineer and I went swimming. I definitely want to get a gym membership for this winter so I can pool, and maybe I'll look into taking some adult swimming lessons so I can do more than pretend swim with my kickboard.

Drive home sucked ... I-74 was closed east of Bloomington, due to an accident that happened yesterday. So we had to detour, adding about 30 minutes to the already long drive. And that was after getting slowed by a construction zone outside Champaign. Surprisingly, Wisconsin wasn't too bad.


I got in another 3 mile run this morning. It was more pleasant than yesterday - no smokers alongside the pond and the weird fishy smell was gone. Well, the fishy smell was replaced by a latrine smell, but it was only in a very small spot. It was still really humid, but felt like it might have been slightly cooler than yesterday.

While I'm running slower than usual (which makes it hard for me to do any public writing about my running because my running well over 10 mpm is a dead giveaway that something is going on), I don't feel that much different. It's really too early for anything other than the slowness, but I thought I'd make record of that my legs and breathing both still feel the same. There is one change - the girls, to borrow Jen P's phrase, are a little bit more sensitive and I'm going to probably need some new sportsbras soon.

The rest of my day today has been fairly enjoyable. I came back from running and the Engineer and I went immediately to the pool. I got in a good 15 minutes of "swimming" (I don't really swim, but use a kickboard to pretend that I can) and then relaxed on the raft for awhile. We came inside for a few hours before going back out to to the pool for a repeat. Then I thought I would lay down for a few minutes, which turned into an almost 2 hour nap. Guess I tired myself out :)


No entry yesterday because not a whole lot happened. We're down at my in-laws, we got here Wednesday night. Yesterday we just kind of lazed around, and went swimming in the afternoon.

This morning, I got up and drove to the park. I walked one loop and then stretched a little bit before running. I ran 3 whole miles, and felt pretty decent. Slow, but not bad. It was really humid, and one end of the pond smelled really bad. I'm a little more sensitive to smell - my MIL's coffee brewing this morning smelled pretty bad, the coleslaw at the Engineer's grandmother's house for lunch smelled really bad, and the shrimp they all had at dinner was gross enough that I left the table. I got a headache around lunchtime, and laid down on the couch - and managed to fall asleep for awhile. But overall, I'm feeling almost remarkably normal.


Woke up feeling better again and decided to try running. Since it wasn't too hot out yet, I thought I would be nice and take Molly with me. Yeah, bad idea. We started out with a walk to get warmed up, and she needed to stop at the end of the street. Something scared her, and she became extremely annoying while I was trying to clean up. So she had to go home, but on the way back up the street she was pulling so hard on her leash she was gasping for air. I don't know what her problem was today, but probably not the best time to try running with her.

After I dropped her off, I ran around the neighborhood. It wasn't so bad, except for the humidity. Yuck! It's hard finding a flat route around here, but I'm doing the best I can at running the least stressful route. I felt okay, but still taking things cautiously.


Yep, that was definitely a flu-type issue. I woke up this morning without nausea (yay!) and had no stomach issues. I've still eaten kind of light today, to be on the safe side. I wanted to bring a snack to work for the morning, but couldn't figure out what. I have a bunch of Sport Beans sitting in my bathroom, so I grabbed a pack. What a great idea! They were just the right size, and easy to chew (a Luna Bar yesterday made me want to gag). Plus, I don't think it looked too weird for me to be snacking on jellybeans.

No exercise today. I was going to at least walk, but am playing it safe. Maybe tomorrow morning before we leave.


Woke up feeling bad again.

Tried to eat, but just felt too nauseous and my stomach was too upset. I asked the Engineer if it would be too wussy to call in. He said to just go in, and if I still felt awful/got worse, then go home. So I did, letting my co-worker know at the start of the day that I was under the weather but would try to stick it out. And I did stick it out, but it was not always very pleasant. I'm not too sensitive to smells yet, but there are a lot of bad smells at my work.

I did talk to the nurse at my doctor's office this morning, who confirmed that my symptoms sounded like I picked up a virus. I'm supposed to call back Wed if it hasn't gotten better. I haven't been able to eat much in the way of solid foods (they make me gag) aside from a bagel, eating mainly watermelon, lemon italian ice and applesauce. I stopped at the store on the way home to get some Boost to add some calories and protein, and some bagels and potato bread (mmm) since that seemed to go OK. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Wasted weekend

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I either picked up the flu or food poisoning yesterday, so all my plans for the day went out the window because I felt like crap. On the plus side, I watched a lot of TV and got a lot of extra sleep :)

Molly and I went for a walk yesterday, and a short run this morning. We didn't go too very far either time, since yesterday I felt like death warmed over (I was hoping fresh air and activity would make me feel better) and while I feel much better today, I'm always a little cautious the day after being sick.

The funniest thing happened with Molly yesterday. The Engineer let her out in the backyard and then watched to make sure she did her business. She was out sniffing and then all of a sudden she looked up and then started running full speed, terrified, back and forth alongside the fence. (If it weren't for the fence, she probably would've gotten miles away). The Engineer then heard other dogs bark, and then noticed a kid in another yard pointing at the sky. So he opened the door, and heard a hot air balloon above our house making a loud "WHOOSH!" noise. He then called me over. Once the fence blocked Molly's view, she darted up the stairs and barreled into the house. I'd never seen her in such a hurry to get in the house. We both cracked up, especially since we had no idea where she ran to in the house. We thought she might have run all the way into her kennel downstairs, but apparently she stopped at the top of the stairs. And thus ends another chapter in the story of the wuss dog.


Oh wow was yesterday a bad day. I posted around 7:30, and things just went downhill from there. I'll spare the details and just leave it at that 2 separate "stomach issue" related incidents followed around 8 and 9. I spent most of the day in bed, napping on and off.