Wasted weekend

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I either picked up the flu or food poisoning yesterday, so all my plans for the day went out the window because I felt like crap. On the plus side, I watched a lot of TV and got a lot of extra sleep :)

Molly and I went for a walk yesterday, and a short run this morning. We didn't go too very far either time, since yesterday I felt like death warmed over (I was hoping fresh air and activity would make me feel better) and while I feel much better today, I'm always a little cautious the day after being sick.

The funniest thing happened with Molly yesterday. The Engineer let her out in the backyard and then watched to make sure she did her business. She was out sniffing and then all of a sudden she looked up and then started running full speed, terrified, back and forth alongside the fence. (If it weren't for the fence, she probably would've gotten miles away). The Engineer then heard other dogs bark, and then noticed a kid in another yard pointing at the sky. So he opened the door, and heard a hot air balloon above our house making a loud "WHOOSH!" noise. He then called me over. Once the fence blocked Molly's view, she darted up the stairs and barreled into the house. I'd never seen her in such a hurry to get in the house. We both cracked up, especially since we had no idea where she ran to in the house. We thought she might have run all the way into her kennel downstairs, but apparently she stopped at the top of the stairs. And thus ends another chapter in the story of the wuss dog.

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Sounds like my parents dog. He's a Jack Russell and the biggest wimp you ever met. His favorite spot now is under the futon in their spare room, wedged in where no one can find him and stays there even when you call his name. We have no idea why.