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Today was the first day in almost a week without rain. Our yard finally looks like a yard. Most of the water in town has receded; there was concern that they would have to re-route tomorrow's half-marathon due to standing water and downed trees on the trail but the latest update on the track club's webpage reports that both should be gone by tomorrow. Not that I'm running, but I'm glad for the people that are that they will still be able to use the normal, certified course.


This will hopefully be my last unpublished post! This morning we had our first trimester screen, which is also called the Nuchal Translucency Screen. We got to see M5 again, who was both kicking and waving today. We are supposed to get the results in 24-48 hours, and I'm hoping it's more like 24 hours so we don't have to wait over the weekend. Assuming the results are good, we are considering that to be our "all clear" as far as telling people.

I used the elliptical today and Tuesday. Aside from a chest strap malfunction today, I'm really enjoying the elliptical. Whereas I feel awkward and slow and uncomfortable running, I feel really good on the elliptical. I do have to stop at least halfway through to adjust my right hip, but I've always had to do that. It's really tempting for me to just totally bag on running for awhile. What I'm thinking is that I may just run 1 day a week until it starts feeling better (allegedly soon) and I can run more often, or if it gets even crappier then I'll just stop. I'm not enjoying the little running I do now, which makes it really hard to be motivated. So since I'm enjoying my time on the elliptical, I should do that more since staying semi-fit is really important to me.

On a different note, I think I've started gaining some weight this week (last week was a 1/2 pound gain after 10 weeks of no change) but I am still wearing the same pants I've been wearing. I did have to give up one pair of pants about 2 weeks ago, but they were a slightly higher rise. All my really low rise pants fit about the same. I'm curious as to when I will start actually showing and where my weight gain is going to be. I had a 20% coupon for Old Navy last weekend, so I went ahead and ordered some maternity pants and a shirt. They said to order your pre-pregnancy size, which is what I did. But as it turns out, unless I am going to gain a gigantic amount of weight, I should've ordered a size down. And what sucks is that two of things I ordered were online-only, so if I want the smaller size I can't just exchange it at the store.

Rain Rain Go Away

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Minnesotans just can't catch a break this year - first the upper part of the state catches fire, then the 35W bridge collapses, and now it's been raining almost non-stop in SE MN. Other than a few mud slides and some wet basements, there hasn't been too much damage here in town. (We live at the highest point on our street, so our house has been fine - although I think our neighbors that have a lower yard than we do had some water damage to their basement). Some of the surrounding towns haven't been so lucky. One of my co-workers parents live in Rushford, which was pretty devastated by flooding. Her parents were evacuated at 4AM on Sunday, and they've lost basically everything. The paper has been updating fairly frequently, and posting pictures and it's just amazing the amount of damage.

Things could have been really bad here - but they did a major flood-control project after a 1978 flood that put large sections of town underwater. A popular picture shows the K-Mart with water almost to the roof; I just found a picture in a PDF that shows the mall with water at least halfway up the side. But there was still a lot of water this weekend, especially right by the river and lake.

Part of my favorite bike path route:

What it normally looks like (coming from the opposite direction:


Friday, we had our first OB appointment. I like our doctor, which is always a good thing. She probably won't be the one who does the delivery (it depends on who is on call), but that's okay since the doctor doesn't spend a lot of time with you during labor&delivery anyway. She brought out the portable ultrasound at the end of our appointment so we got to take another peek at M5 (our "code name;" the Engineer is M2, I'm M3 and Molly is M4. Cutesy, yes. M5 will NOT be getting a "M" name however. Someone in the family needs their own initials). We're having our first trimester screen on Thursday, which I consider to be the "all clear" as far as telling people.

Yesterday, I was going to run but it was raining really hard. (Parts of our county are underwater and there were roads in an adjacent count that washed away). I didn't want to treadmill, so I used the elliptical instead. I haven't used it in a long time, but I used the same HR program I always use, with the same target I always use. But while going to same speed, the resistance was totally different. Normally, I'm a few bars from the top but yesterday I was only on the 3rd bar (occasionally the 4th). It was interesting to see the increased blood volume at work. I mean, I run slow but since I've never been consistent with the HR training seeing HR while running means nothing, I'm not able to really feel like I'm getting as good of a workout in or compare my efforts.

There was a brief break in the rain this morning, so I was able to get outside. My hip wasn't as achy as it has been running lately, and I wasn't as slow as I have been on some runs. Still slow, but not as bad.


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OK, I like my running skirt just fine and all ... but this is one of the stupidest things aimed at women I've seen in a long time. If you don't want people to be able to see your butt in running tights, put a pair of shorts over them! Or, if you want to spend close to $100, buy a pair of pants! I'd link to my awesome super warm pants, but Running R00m doesn't have all their winter stuff online right now.


As expected, I slept poorly Sunday night due to my nap. The Engineer says if I am going to take a nap, I should set an alarm so I don't sleep so long. And while I see his point, I think if I'm tired enough to sleep for 2 hours then that's what I need to do. At least I didn't wake up dead tired on Monday.

I ran today! I haven't run during the week in what feels like a long time. I had to go to the store after work because I am so in love with lemonade right now. Last week, I picked up some of those packets you add to your water bottle and am addicted now. I don't know if I've mentioned that I can't stand the thought of eating apples now - which is weird since I always eat 5/day and sometimes even eat 7 or 8 - but this is the other weird food aversion-type thing going on. I'm so tired of water! I normally like water just fine, and it's the only thing I drink. But lately the lack of flavor/taste is getting to me. So I thought maybe lemonade would be good .... and it is!

So anyway, I got home and thought about going outside until I saw it was still over 80 and humid. Then I waffled about the treadmill, and decided I would use the elliptical. But as I headed downstairs, I decided to run after all. I kind of hate running right now, since it takes so long. But at least my hips didn't hurt/ache like they did on Sunday.


I feel like a fraud typing a post on my running blog, considering the sorry state of my running right now. I ran not even 30 miles last month, and I'm on track to not even break 20 this month. I meant to run this week, but felt tired after work. It's also been really hot here and I'm hating my treadmill. Yesterday morning, I planned on running but then I felt like crap all day. This morning I decided I should just eat some SportBeans and get outside before the crappy feeling set in. I felt okay while running, but my hips are SO sore while running. I probably should start doing some hip exercises / lower body weight lifting. My plan to get outside before feeling bad was a good one because I did start feeling bad after I'd gotten back and showered. I ended up falling asleep for close to 2 hours this afternoon - I hope I'm able to sleep tonight.

One really strange side effect is that I can't eat as much in one sitting. We went to the local Indian restaurant today for lunch buffet and I only made one trip up. Last summer, when we would go after I'd done a long run in the morning, I could easily make 3 trips up and not feel too stuffed. We went to Green Mill last weekend, and I only ate half my dinner and had no room for dessert (sad). And two Fridays ago, the guys and I went to Dairy Queen for lunch - I ate my yogurt and fruit, and then couldn't finish a small Blizzard. I'm kind of surprised I'm not more interested in sweets - I've had a pint of Haagen Dazs in my freezer for several weeks, and it's maybe half full still.

Our first OB appointment is Friday, but we met with the nurse last Friday (8/10) for our "intake / education" appointment. The nurse seemed to get confused several times when collecting my information. I didn't think "I ovulated on day 18 so the wheel won't be accurate" was odd. I also didn't think explaining the 50 mg of Clomid for 5 days would be weird to a medical professional (especially an OB-GYN nurse), but she seemed to have trouble understanding that and inputting it into my file. She also got confused about inputting my weight on my chart; I don't agree with her putting my baseline weight as 1 kg less than she weighed me today since I told her that I have not gained any weight. Later, I said I was vegetarian and she recorded it on my chart, but when we got to the nutrition education part she started going into detail about preventing Listeria. I kind of interrupted that I was vegetarian, so deli meat and hot dogs are not something I need to worry about. She then seemed really confused that I also don't eat fish - or chicken. ARGH - what part of vegetarian was confusing??? Anyway, she was useless at answering my question about cleaning up the yard from Molly. And I asked about how I've been really cold lately, even getting chills and she didn't seem to think that mattered - when my books say that's worthy of a call. It was also a little obnoxious to me how long they made the Engineer stay in the waiting room. I understand he couldn't be there for the "does your husband beat you?" question and I guess some women might not want their husband there for being questioned if you think you could have a STD, but they made him stay outside for pretty much all of the questions about my medical history - which isn't private information (at least not between us). It just seemed stupid, but at least he'll be allowed to stay for everything from here on out.


The rain stopped so I got to go outside. Unfortunately it was really humid so it wasn't incredibly pleasant. I've been pretty tired and headachey all weekend, and my hips felt sore while running. I stopped around 2 miles to stretch. I think my stride is all messed up with the slower pace, and it's not surprising that my hips are the first thing to complain since I'm prone to having hip-related issues.


This has not been the best week. The feeling okay in the morning went away, and instead has been replaced by feeling like dying between 9-10 AM. I also continue to feel crappy in the evenings (combined with headaches), so weekday exercise has just not been happening here. I did run this morning though - I figured I would get going before the crappy feeling set in. I felt decent while running, and was even slightly less slow on the treadmill. Then I had to lay down for awhile.

I haven't gained any weight at all in the last 9 weeks, which seems weird considering I'm barely exercising and am eating more. I don't think it's cause for concern or anything, as you don't really need to gain much during the first trimester - but it does seem odd.

I was really looking forward to running outside today, since the high is only expected to be 72. But it is raining really hard today, and I don't want to run outside in the rain right now. So I had to settle for the treadmill again.