This has not been the best week. The feeling okay in the morning went away, and instead has been replaced by feeling like dying between 9-10 AM. I also continue to feel crappy in the evenings (combined with headaches), so weekday exercise has just not been happening here. I did run this morning though - I figured I would get going before the crappy feeling set in. I felt decent while running, and was even slightly less slow on the treadmill. Then I had to lay down for awhile.

I haven't gained any weight at all in the last 9 weeks, which seems weird considering I'm barely exercising and am eating more. I don't think it's cause for concern or anything, as you don't really need to gain much during the first trimester - but it does seem odd.

I was really looking forward to running outside today, since the high is only expected to be 72. But it is raining really hard today, and I don't want to run outside in the rain right now. So I had to settle for the treadmill again.