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Today is the last day of NaBloPoMo. I guess since I managed to post something everyday, it was a success. But then considering the lack of content of the majority of my posts, it was also kind of a failure. I just don't really seem able to write much of anything right now; my blog is at it's most "interesting" when I'm training for a specific something and well, that's months away. You'd think being pregnant would make for interesting posts but I don't seem to have a whole lot of new things to talk about there. Maybe posting weekly instead of daily would help me have more interesting things to write about. Guess we'll see. I've got a busy weekend ahead of me (hence, the AM posting) - my mom is flying in today and staying through Monday. She's got a whole list of things planned.

On a different note, we got maybe an inch of snow last night. And it is currently 7 degrees. Brrr!!


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Another 3 mile boring treadmill run this morning. Yawn.

People are starting to be a lot more comfortable asking me when my due date is, meaning I have officially passed from people thinking I'm getting fat to assuming I am pregnant. I've had a lot of people at work this week asking me questions, even though I think it's been common knowledge for awhile. Sometimes it's nice, and other times it's kind of annoying.


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I probably should try to blog at a time other than right before I need to go to bed if I want my entries to have any actual content.

I did have lights in the basement this morning, so I was able to run on the treadmill. The new light switch is very nice. I doubt anyone is interested in dimming lights, so I'll save the description of all the neat things that the switch does.

They said we might get snow today, but so far there hasn't been anything. It's cold again, though. The forecasted high for the weekend is in the low 20s, which sucks. I'm not really looking forward to running outside in that cold of weather.


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I ran on the treadmill this morning. I don't know if I'll get to do so again tomorrow morning, because currently we have no lights in the basement and it's pretty dark at 5-something AM. The Engineer was installing some fancy new light switch and I don't know what all is going on. I think these might be the light switches that can be controlled via computer, but I could also be confused.

It's nice and cold here now - 18 degrees at the moment. I heard we might see snow tomorrow. While I do look forward to chasing Molly around once we have snow on the ground, I'd really like to put snow off as long as possible.


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Cheating and just posting a picture today instead of an entry. Here's my belly at 25 weeks:
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Depending on what I wear, it's starting to be a lot more obvious now. I don't know if that's considered carrying high or low, or if it's still to early to tell that.


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So much for my idea of running 5 days this week. I only ran 3 miles yesterday because I had intended to run 3 miles today, for a 5 day total of 15 miles. But I woke up this morning and it was barely 30 degrees with winds just over 30 MPH (so a windchill below 20) and that was really unappealing. I thought about treadmilling, but that was even less appealing. But maybe after a few weeks of "increasing" my mileage, it's not necessarily a bad idea to cut back a little before adding in that 5th day.

So instead I sorted through papers (and filled 2 gigantic garbage bags) while the Engineer watched Sunday Ticket. He's in a not terrible mood, after the Bears surprise victory. He's also pleased that I'm starting to get football and it's bizarre rules. We're both pleased with LSU's loss and Mizzou's victory (although it pains me to want Mizzou to do anything other than lose in a spectacular fashion - I'm from StL and HATE Mizzou) as it helps increase Illinois's chances of making a good bowl game. When it looked like the Bears were going to lose today, I told the Engineer to console himself with having a not-shitty college football team and that being from Illinois, he can't really expect to have both good NFL and collegiate football. And for having a team that was projected by some people to finish last in the Big 10, the fact that the Rose Bowl is being talked about as an actual possibility is amazing.


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Back home! Molly was very excited to play with her squeakers again; we no longer let her play with her squeaky toys at the Engineer's parents after their dog ate the feet off of her favorite toy. So she chased her monster squeaker (her current favorite) around for awhile and then fell asleep on the floor.

I ran another 3 miles around the park/town this morning. I was still the only one out. My run was pretty good - my last mile was 9:52! I haven't had a sub-10 mile in forever. I didn't feel like I was running faster than I have been so seeing that split was a bit surprising.


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Obligatory post to meet my NaBloPoMo quota. Molly and I walked at the park today; other than a few kids we had the place to ourselves. Molly was very interested in the ducks, and I wondered for a brief second what to do if she tried to dive in the pond for them. Luckily her interest was short-lived (and I doubt she would've gone in the water. I couldn't get her interested in the wading pool at home over the summer).

I've had a rather long week. A lot of "tight belly" feelings, along with feeling hot (or cold), occasionally having some chest pain and nausea ... as well as being even more irritable than usual. I am looking so forward to being back home, and sleeping in my own bed.


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I ran this morning, making it the third day in a row. It's been awhile since I've done that. I had the park and town to myself pretty much - I only saw one person at the park (not that there are many people there anyway) and traffic through town was even lighter than usual.

Here's something I've been thinking about a lot lately. One of the (many) reasons the Engineer thinks I'm weird is that I'll still go running even if it means I'm sore/in pain for the rest of the day. As long as I'm not causing long-lasting damage, I think being able to get a run in is worth it especially now. This means that I'm used to running while uncomfortable and I think I have a weird sense of pain because of that. When I went to the sports medicine people last fall, they wanted me to rate the pain I was experiencing - I think I have a tendency to really underrate things because if I can still run somewhat, it can't be too bad, right? Similarly, when they were moving my leg around to try and find the ouch spot, they kept asking if it hurt - and I kept saying that it didn't feel good, but I wasn't sure I would say it hurt. I can't help but wonder (and hope) if this skewed sense of pain will be helpful in managing a drug-free labor. It does seem like having been able to run through some of the crap I've run through should bode well for my pain tolerance, even if it is questionable as to whether I should've run through some of it.


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3 miles around the park near my in-laws house this morning. I was really grouchy when I left to go run this morning. I think I've mentioned before that my in-laws live "in the country" where it isn't really safe for me to run from their house, so I have to drive "into town" to go run. The Engineer got up to take his mom to visit his grandmother and I asked him if he was taking our car. He didn't know, but since he didn't come back to tell me otherwise (and I reminded him I was wanting our car to go run) I assumed he did take it and waited for him to come back. Apparently he didn't take our car, so I wasted an hour unnecessarily. Then when I wanted to get ready to leave, my sister-in-law was taking a shower and then drying her hair, preventing me from using the bathroom (a necessary step before running!) for another half hour. As I'm finally leaving, the Engineer points out that it has just started raining. Well yippee, especially since I only packed white running shirts. I still left because as I said "a little rain never hurt anyone ... except the dog because it makes her smell." But I was kind of mad because if I had left earlier, there would have been no rain - and I would've liked to have left a lot earlier than I did.

It wasn't really raining by the time I got to the park, and other than it being super humid I didn't get wet at all while running. I was feeling a little uncomfortable towards the end because I usually like to pee at least 3 times before I go run and well, see above about being kept from the bathroom.

Yes, I am self-centered, in case you weren't aware of that fact already.


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The Engineer's grandmother made it through surgery okay. It was a lot longer than expected, but she's awake now and in good spirits.

I had a pretty good run this morning, but have felt kind of cruddy the rest of the day. Taking another 5 hour car trip didn't really help.


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No running today, per usual.

One of my mom's friends had a baby shower for me yesterday. It was a really nice afternoon. We didn't play any games (my request - although I only specifically forbid the belly measuring and candy bar/diaper games), just hung out, had some food and opened presents. There was no belly touching or scary labor stories.

On a different note, the Engineer's grandmother is undergoing surgery Tuesday morning to remove a tumor in her large intestine (and maybe liver). Any good thoughts/vibes/etc for her would be appreciated.


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I offended Molly this morning by taking her outside while wearing my running clothes and then bringing her back inside and putting her in her kennel. I tried to make it not as bad for her by giving her a treat (she is a greedy bastard) but my dad said she did cry a little while I was gone. I don't really feel that bad about not taking her; I'm selfish and I feel like my getting exercise in is more important than getting her exercise.

Flags spotted:
2 Ohio State
1 Illinois
1 Michigan
1 Kansas
1 car with LSU flag and stickers
Many Bears flags
1 Cowboys flag (on the opposite side of the garage from a Bears flag - weird)


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I got in 6 miles of running this morning. It didn't start off as a very good run - I took Molly with me and she was really annoying. She alternated between lagging behind to smell things and pulling ahead to try and chase things. We hadn't even gotten a mile into the run when I decided I couldn't handle running with her any longer and turned back to take her back home. Her inconsistency was jarring and was not helping with the groin pain. After dropping her off (1.6mi) the run dragged for awhile, but then it got better. I stopped feeling like I was running through quicksand and started feeling more normal. So instead of stopping at the 5.5 miles or one hour like I'd planned, I went ahead and ran 6. I had pretty good timing since it started raining not very long after I got inside. I'd felt a few drops occasionally while running, which was worrisome when I was still 2 miles away, but it worked out.


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Does it count as a post if it's only a few lines? Hope so. I'm supposed to have my laptop off right now and the Engineer is going to get mad. Molly is freaking out because the last time bags showed up in the living room and we tried to make her go in the car, she had to go to the kennel. I wonder how long it will take before she realizes she isn't going there?


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Another 3 mile run on the treadmill this morning.

I'm starting to feel anxious, for lack of a better word, about going to see the families for the holidays. One nice thing about not looking pregnant is that I haven't gotten the unwelcome attention that I've heard comes along with pregnancy. Things like people touching your belly or commenting on your size. Apparently by this time in her pregnancy, the girl at work already had people telling her how much bigger her butt was and/or how much bigger she was in general. So I'm pleased to not have that happen, but who knows what's going to happen when we see people we haven't seen in months. I'm not a big of fan of people paying attention to my body, much less commenting on it.


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No running this morning - just elliptical. With this weird groin pain thing, I don't think this would be a good week to try for 5 days of running. And while I think running this morning would've been fine, if I'm only going to run 4 days I think I like having an elliptical day in between two of my running days.

Today is a really boring post day.


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I was able to run this morning. I walked for a few minutes and then decided to run. I had some pain/discomfort but it wasn't that bad. I've been a little sore today, but nothing like Sunday.

I had a grouchy afternoon. I went to the mall because I thought I had seen a grey cardigan on sale on the maternity store's webpage. I also thought maybe I could find something cute to wear to the shower my mom's friend is throwing me on Sunday. I found the sweater, but it wasn't on sale and I'm not wanting to spend $40 on one. (It turns out the ugly yellow sweater was the one on sale). And I hated every single shirt I tried on. While they did help make me look more pregnant than fat, they also made me feel like I looked as big as a house. Not flattering, in other words. Despite my thinking so last week, I don't feel like I look pregnant - just chunky. And I don't think I need to explain why that makes me unhappy. One of my work friends and I had a funny (to me at least) conversation yesterday. I was telling him that I'd actually gone and run around the lake and I even ran up the "hill." (We've argued about whether it is or is not a hill for at least 2 years, with me saying it isn't). He asked if I had people "looking at the pregnant girl funny" and I replied that I think people that see me running just think I'm chunky. So he told me I should get a shirt that says "baby" on it and draw an arrow to my belly. Ha! Then I would get funny looks!


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I had an OB appointment today, and it was not very exciting. The doctor measured my belly (no idea what the measurement was) and we heard the heartbeat. And that's about it. I did get to set up my glucose tolerance test (yuck) for next month and I am not looking forward to that.

She didn't have anything useful to say about the groin pain. Yesterday was pretty bad, although it got a little better by the end of the day. I was able to chase Molly around the living room for awhile. It's so funny because after awhile she starts barking and growling - but with a big smile and a happy tail. It still hurts some today. I'm not sure if I'm going to try running tomorrow morning or not. I may get up a few minutes earlier than usual and start out walking. If I feel okay, I can run and if I am still sore then I'll just walk. I'm probably getting to the point where I should start walking at the beginning of my runs to warm up again. I just hate having to do that because I'll have to get up earlier to get everything in before work.


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OK, so that's twice this week now that I cannot read and have been a week off. I got an e-mail a week or so ago about a conference call training thing I had to do. It was scheduled for Wednesday between 11 and 12, which made me grouchy because I go to lunch around 11. So Wednesday morning, I packed a lunch to take so that I could eat while on the phone (and then leave work early since I wouldn't have technically had a lunch that day). At 10:58 I logged into the website and then called in. Surprisingly, the "host" hadn't arrived. Then I noticed something kind of important: the training was scheduled for Nov 14, not Nov 7. Oops.

And I just found out from Jeff that despite reading about the Ryan Shay run on his page and on Complete Running (and maybe a few other places) I totally missed the Nov 17 part. I saw Saturday and just assumed it meant this Saturday. I would blame "pregnancy brain" but unfortunately I think this type of error is probably not really out of the ordinary for me. I can be very detail-oriented sometimes, but I can also be a total scatter brain.

Anyway, saving my "longer" run of the week for the day turned out to be an awesome decision. Whereas yesterday it was in the 30s (20s with windchill) and windy, today it is in the 50s, sunny and not very windy. I decided to go out to the lake and run from there because I am pretty tired of running in my neighborhood. I haven't been out there in forever, either. I had an okay run, but I'm now having groin issues (or Crotch Pain of Doom - CPD - as they call it on one of my boards). It wasn't too terrible while running, but it's bothering me a lot post-run. It's always something. I ran for an hour; the last time I ran for over an hour was June 7 so it's been quite a long time. I was at 5.58 miles when I stopped and I was tempted to go for an even 6 miles. But I decided hitting an hour was good enough, especially since I was already at my car. Maybe next week if the CPD doesn't get any worse.


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I planned on running 5.5 miles this morning, per Jeff's Ryan Shay Memorial, but that didn't work out. I admit to being a wimp about running outside when the windchill was 26, but I was about to suck it up when I discovered that my Garmin wasn't charged. So I went downstairs to treadmill. I might have been able to stretch my run to 5.5, but stopped at 3 because I hate being on the treadmill. Well, that and I was afraid of having a chafing problem if I ran any farther.

The Engineer and I are pretty pleased this afternoon. Why?


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This NaBloPoMo thing is a lot harder than I thought. We're only 9 days in, and I just really don't have a lot to post about today. Well, nothing I want to post about ... I did get pretty peeved about something work-related today, but I try to make a point of not discussing things like that online. You never know who's reading. We did have our benefits meeting today, and that was an hour and a half of my life I'll never get back. I only needed about 2 minutes worth of the information that was shared, as the Engineer and I only enroll in my company's vision plan, we are both on his medical and dental. It only costs us $5.00/mo for both of us to have my vision plan, so it's a very good deal. The medical/dental? Not so much.

Our crib mattress arrived today. The Engineer brought it inside, where it is now blocking the front door. We're going to have to find somewhere to store it until the crib comes; I would like to get started on the "airing out" process though.


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I had a pretty decent treadmill run this morning. For the first time in awhile, I ran the whole time. For the past couple of weeks, I've either stopped to use the bathroom (treadmill) or to stretch (outside). I stopped at Babies R Us yesterday to buy a maternity belt, but it's kind of scary looking. I haven't been brave enough to take it out of the box. What I did do, though, was use my Bella Band. I bought the Bella Band back in July, thinking I could use it to wear my regular pants a little longer. But I found it really annoying so I never really used it. I decided this morning I would try it out instead the scary belt. And since I didn't feel like I needed to take a break while running, I think it helped. I usually hate having my pants anywhere near my belly button, but I think I'm getting to the stage where that isn't as annoying as it would normally be. We'll see how things go over the weekend.

I got to have cake at work today - apparently my favorite bakery now has a cake that is regular carrot cake on the bottom and chocolate carrot cake on the top, divided by their really yummy frosting. One of the managers is leaving tomorrow for Poland tomorrow to adopt 2 brothers. She (and her family) might be gone for as long as two months. Pretty exciting for them.


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I did get up to run this morning. Running on the treadmill is pretty not exciting.

Last month, the Engineer decided he needed yet another TV. He claimed it would help give him incentive to finish the basement (a necessary step for our being able to turn our crap room/office into the baby's room). While I'm not as impressed with the new TV as he is, he started rearranging our living room this week and it's going to be great. The new TV is wall-mounted, and by flipping the room around we gained a TON of space. Molly's a little confused by all the free space, but I think she likes having more room to chase her toys around. She also has more places to flop down and make sad faces:


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They posted the results from Saturday's race and I didn't do that bad! I was 40 seconds off, and I placed 13th. As a comparison, when I raced three years ago I was 14th place and 19 seconds off. Considering that I stopped and stretched a few times, 40 seconds isn't that bad. I'd built in a 30 second cushion, but didn't end up starting at my original guess so the cushion got eliminated (the clock inside that told you when to go outside was different from the outside, official timer so when I got to the start line my time had already gone by so I had to start at a faster finish time than expected. That probably made no sense to anyone that wasn't there). Anyway, maybe if I'd started at the time I wanted I would have been close.

I got up this morning to run, but ended up just using the elliptical. I didn't go to bed as early as I should have, so I was a little on the tired side. I woke up fairly quickly, but my stomach was kind of grumpy this morning. I probably would've used the elliptical tomorrow, so I just did it today.

So I mentioned that it's gotten kind of cold here. Yesterday it was in the 30s but it was super windy so it felt colder. So of course, as I'm leaving work the check tire warning light came on - one of my tires was at 25psi when it's supposed to be 32 or 33. I hadn't counted on it being so cold, so I hadn't worn a coat - just a zip-up sweatshirt. And while I normally keep a pair of gloves in the car, I didn't have any. Trying to add air to a tire when your hands are cold is not very fun - and I managed to drop the cap 3 times. I got a lot smarter today and pulled out my winter coat. I think I might be able to wear it for at least a few more weeks, which is a relief. I'm going to be sad when I have to resort to the Engineer's not-as-warm coat.

In other excitement, I think my belly has finally popped over the last week. I've felt like it hasn't been very obvious that I'm pregnant when I'm clothed, but today it was. When we were at the baby furniture store on Saturday, I was the least pregnant-looking woman there. It was kind of funny, because the parents have made us feel like we are such huge slackers for not doing any shopping before now ... but then we go to the store and there were tons of more-pregnant women than me picking out cribs. So obviously we aren't that far behind. (Disclaimer: I really don't see anything wrong with the Engineer and my time frame for doing stuff).


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Really lame post today ... almost forgot. This afternoon was full of things that are annoying: high winds, temps in the 30s, stupid rear tire being 25 psi requiring me to go fill it with air when it was cold and windy, not having gloves in the car, not having worn a real coat today, snow flurries (ugh!).

Hopefully I will post something of substance tomorrow.


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I let Molly run with me this morning in an effort to be nice to her after we were gone almost all day yesterday. She wasn't as big of a pain as she can be, but it was still annoying to run with her. She didn't tug as much today, but she does occasionally pull and I don't like being jarred. I'm kind of annoyed today that just as I get back to running 4 times a week, running is starting to become kind of uncomfortable again. I'd really like to at least finish out the rest of the year before having to quit, well I really want to be able to run at least once or twice a week up until the end but we'll have to see. But the combination of pressure on my bladder and round ligament stretching is not very enjoyable.

Results from yesterday are still not posted so I don't know exactly how slow I was. Maybe tomorrow.


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Real quick, as the Illinois game is about to start.

I ran the race this morning. Time prediction races are hard since when people start catching you, it's hard to tell if that means you are running too slow or if they are running too fast. (This race starts the clock at 70 minutes and then counts down, with runners starting at their predicted finish time. The goal is to get as close to zero without going too fast). I ended up running with the eventual winner for awhile, and it appears I should've tried to stick with her if I'd wanted to place. But I've been having what I think are round ligament pains while running, so going any faster didn't seem like a great idea. Results haven't been posted yet, but I was probably about a minute off so I should've started earlier than I did. Oh well. Kind of a chilly morning - it was 30 degrees when I left the house.

We ordered our crib today, but couldn't decide on a glider rocker chair. I had the bad idea to check out the Gap Maternity store at the Mall of America on our way back home, hoping to find some stuff on clearance. First, I always forget how much MOA sucks. Next, the Gap store there has a very pitiful maternity section, with an even worse clearance section. Total waste of time!


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I have realized the big flaw in this whole NaBloPoMo thing ... I don't really have much to say today. I didn't run this morning, because I've been taking Fridays off. I haven't decided about tomorrow yet ... it might depend on how cold it is tomorrow morning. My cold weather running clothing options are a tad limited at the moment. But I don't want to treadmill for 5 miles either, so we'll see.

The Engineer and I are going order our crib tomorrow and look at chairs for the "nursery." I hate that we have to drive an hour to find nice furniture - you'd really think a city with close to 100,000 people would have some options. I still feel like it's too early to be buying baby stuff, but the crib could take 12 weeks to come in. Plus the store only delivers down here once a month, so depending on when the crib comes in, we could have to wait an additional month to get it here. An annoyance about having to drive to buy the crib: people that live near the store get free set-up with their delivery. For us, they'll basically throw it off the truck and drive off. But anyway, considering that we're looking at possibly 16 weeks to get the crib and my due date is 18 weeks away (and I've heard you want to have your crib set up and ready 2 months early) ... it's time to start buying some stuff.


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Um, hi. So much for that whole "now that I don't have a secret, I'll post more thing". Thank you to everyone for the congratulations/well wishes. I've been meaning to post, but as usual, the longer I go without posting, the harder it is to start back up. Anyway, I'm going to try something new this month:

We'll see if can actually manage daily posting.